Person:Amos Lester (4)

m. 22 Sep 1724
  1. Amos LesterABT 1728 - 1808
  2. Thomas Lester1728 - 1788
  • HAmos LesterABT 1728 - 1808
  • WAnna Lester1736 - 1807
  1. Amos Lester1776 - 1842
Facts and Events
Name Amos Lester
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1728 Groton, New London, Connecticut, United States
Marriage Groton, New London, Connecticut, USAto Anna Lester
Death? 5 May 1808 Groton, New London, Connecticut, United States
Occupation? Farmer in present Ledyard CT
Burial? Ledyard Center Cemetery, Ledyard Center, New London, Connecticut, USA

Amos Lester answered the alarm for the British attack on New London Ct on 6 September 1781. He took part in the defense of Fort Griswold and was struck in the hip by a musket ball. After the British captured the fort the wounded were rolled down the hill in an artillery cart by the British soldiers. The cart ran away further injuring the wounded men. Amos was permanently crippled and received a veteran's pension. His cousins, John and Jonas Lester, died from bayonet wounds in the battle.

The raid on New London was planned and led by Benedict Arnold. Amos and John had been personal friends of Arnold when he was growing up in Norwich CT. Arnold suggested the raid on New London because it was a haven for American privateers and he was intimately familiar with the town and its defenses. The garrison of the fort were massacred and the town was burned. Arnold was long remembered by the people of the area.

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