Person:Alonzo Pearce (1)

Alonzo Pearce
  1. Alonzo Pearce1813 - 1898
  2. Nathan PierceAbt 1827 -
m. 5 Mar 1837
  1. William Alonzo Pearce1837 - 1876
  2. John Angel Pearce1839 -
  3. Walter Amos Pearce1841 - 1845
  4. Sylvester Henry Pearce1843 - 1927
  5. Perry Pearce1846 - 1846
m. 30 Jan 1848
m. Abt 1896
Facts and Events
Name Alonzo Pearce
Gender Male
Birth? 20 Oct 1813 Beekmantown, Clinton, New York
Marriage 5 Mar 1837 Riga, New Yorkto Esther Angell, Pearce
Marriage 30 Jan 1848 <Beekmantown, Clinton, New York>to Mary Ann Gardner
Marriage Abt 1896 Of, Provo, Utah, Utahto Nancy Painter
Death? 23 Feb 1898 Provo City, Utah County, Utah
Burial[1] 24 Feb 1898 Provo City Cemetery, Utah

He may have been sealed to Angel, Esther 7 Feb 1846 Materials in possession of Josep Pearce 3956 Alberly Way, SLC UT Other wifes: (2) 30 Jan 1848 Gardner, May Ann and (3) abt 1896 Painter, Nancy

!Other temple ordinance dates: Baptized 16 Sep1971 AZ, Endowed 16 Dec 1971 AZ, Batch & Sheet: 7034335 97 Source Call number: 538727 Type: film

Notes from back of group sheet:

Alonzo Pearce was ordained deacon in 1843 at Redfield N.Y.

Alonzo Pearce and Esther Angel Pearce stopped at Burlington Des Moines Co Iowa on their way to Utah. There a child Perry Pearce was born 13 Dec 1846 and died 26 Dec. 1846.

Esther Angell Pearce died 30 Dec. 1846 at Burlington. The family stayed in Iowa for some time, coming to Utah, settling in Provo in 1852.

During this time after the death of the mother, the father Alonzo let the boy (John?), then in his 13th year, go to live with a family, whether friends or relatives I do not know and as far as I ever know he was never heard from again.

Alonzo was md 2nd to Mary Ann Gardner 30 Jan 1846.

From brief history recorded in the Quorum Record:

Alonzo Pearce son of Perry and Betsey Pearce was born in Beckmantown, Clinton Co N.Y. 20 Oct 1813. Left Beckmantown 16 Nov. 1833 and went to Clarkston, (Clarkson?), Monroe County, New York. Left Clarkson and went to Riga 1856 (probably meant 1836), married 5 Mar 1837 to Esther Angel. Moved to town of Porter, Niagra County, New York. From there to Alleganie County New York 1841. Baptized 21 Nov. 1843 by D.P., moved to Nauvoo May 1844, ordained Elder, in the seventeenth quorum of seventies 19 Jan 1945.

Spouse: Nancy Buchanan

Spouse: Lydia Gardner

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