Person:Alexander Wilkins (1)

Alexander Wilkins, Jr.
b.25 Sep 1854 Provo, Utah, Utah
m. 11 Dec 1853
  1. Alexander Wilkins, Jr.1854 - 1893
  2. Alice Malena Wilkins1857 - 1885
  3. Laura Minerva Wilkins1859 - 1946
  4. Edson Buriah Wilkins1861 - 1955
  5. Harriet Emily Wilkins1864 - 1926
  6. Elroy Barney Wilkins1866/67 - 1941
  7. Lorenzo Ballou Wilkins1868 - 1934
  8. Susan Ann Wilkins1873 - 1939
  9. John Gandsworth Wilkins1876 - 1940
m. 8 Oct 1873
  1. Gustella Arminta Wilkins1874 - 1970
  2. Alroy Alexander Wilkins1876 - 1939
  3. Edwin Grandville Wilkins1879 - 1943
  4. William Edson Wilkins1881 - 1942
  5. Parley Pratt Wilkins1883 - 1928
  6. Sarah Melena Wilkins1886 - 1968
  7. Christa Lillis Wilkins1888 - 1969
  8. Lottie Wilkins1892 - 1973
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Wilkins, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 25 Sep 1854 Provo, Utah, Utah
Marriage 8 Oct 1873 Mona, Juab, Utahto Charlotte York Carter
Death? 8 Sep 1893 Eden, Graham, Arizona
Burial? 9 Sep 1893 Glenbar, Graham, Arizona
Other? Notes

!BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Wilkins Family Bible in Possession of Robert Givens. Written records of Charlotte Y. Wilkins in possession of Robert Givens. Church and temple records in possession of Mrs. Monroe Claridge, Box 708 Safford, AZ Arthur Coleman, Carter Pioneers of Provo, UT. ANCESTRAL FILE: #1DHR-KH. OCCUPATION: Farmer. SOURCE: Andrew Jensen, Encyclopedic History of the Church p. 215 - Eden Ward, St. Joseph Stake, Graham Co., AZ, consists of the Latter-day Saints residing in that part of Gila Valley which ties on the north side of the Gila River, northwest of Pima. The Eden, or Curtis, townsite is about 14 miles northwest of Thatcher and six miles southwest of Fort Thomas. Most of the people live in scattered condition on their respective farms which are irrigated from the Gila River.

    The settlement of Curtis, or Eden, was founded in 1881 and the first ecclesiastical organization there was formed in the beginning of 1882 when Moses Curtis (Known as Father Curtis) was placed in charge of the settlement.  A townsite was surveyed and a ward organization effected in June, 1883, with Moses Curtis as Bishop.  He was succeeded in 1891 by Lachoneus N Colvin, who later in the same year was succeeded by Alexander Wilkins, who in 1893 was succeeded by Lachoneus N Colvin as presiding elder....Total population of Eden Precinct was 231 in 1930.

SOURCE: Wilkins Family Temple Book - in possession of Robert E Givens, 1032 N Filbert, Clovis, CA - Priesthood Ordinations: Seventy 21 Mar 1886 by John Moody, H. Priest 7 Jan 1888 by Wm D Johnson, Bishop 2 Sep 1892 by John Henry Smith. He and Charlotte York Carter were married by Elias Williams, JP, in Mona, Joab, Utah on 8 Oct 1873 and sealed by Daniel H Wells in SLC on 4 Jan 1882. He and his wife were given patriarchial blessings on 20 Oct 1885. He died of typhoid fever on 8 Sep 1893 in Matthews, Graham, AZ.