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Alexander McSpadden
m. Abt. 1743
  1. Sarah McSpaddenabt 1745 - bet 1818-1820
  2. Alexander McSpaddenabt 1746 - 1787
  3. Thomas McSpadden1748 - 1833
  4. Archibald Edmiston McSpadden1749/50 - 1840
  5. Isabel McSpaddenabt 1752 - bef 1820
  6. Moses McSpaddenabt 1753 - 1827
  7. Samuel McSpadden, "Gun Powder Sam"1758 - 1844
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McSpadden
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1746 Lexington, Augusta County, Virginia
Death? September 1787 Turkey Creek, York County, South Carolina

Alexander McSpadden was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia

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Alexander McSpadden


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Alexander McSpadden appears briefly in Southwest Virginia records when he is mentioned along with his brother Samuel McSpadden:

Washington County 16 Dec 1783 Ordered that William Duff be appraiser on behalf of Alex. and Saml. McSpeddan Source:Summers,1929:1168

There is an Alexander McSpadden, identified as the son of Thomas of Borden's Grant, who died in York County, SC in 1784, leaving four orphaned daughters, and who was in York County as early as 1774. According to one ephemeral source citing York Co. Probate Box 61, pk 2781, "Isabella and Alexander Malcomson" were identified among the estate admibnstrators, an Isabella was thought to be Alexander's sister. There seems to be no information that directly connects this Alexander to Thomas of Rockbridge. This same source also cites a record for an Alexander McSpadden in Greene County TN:

Tax List 1785 Captain George Doughtery's Company, Greene Co., Tennessee, 100 acres, 1 poll

This record may be questioned, as a surviving 1785 tax list for Greene County is not listed at the TSLA[1]

Reels Available for Interlibrary Loan: Early TN Tax Lists > Reel 4 (Greene County 1805, 1836); Reel 11 (Greene County 1783, 1805)

Possibly "1783" was meant; the tax list for Captain George Doughtery's Company does exist for that year, but does not include an Alexander McSpadden (or variant spelling) See: Genealogy For You

It seems unlikely that this could be the same Alexander McSpadden who died in SC in 1784, but Greene County is close to Southwest Virginia, and it may be that the later record is indeed for the son of Thomas of Borden's Grant.

Alternatively, the Alexander mentioned in the above record could be a son of one of the other McSpadden's in SW VA.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 17, 1773. - (151) Joseph Alexander, vice Archibald McSpadden--Constable.

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