Person:Alexander McGaughey (1)

m. Bef 1715
  1. John McGaugheyBet 1711 & 1715 - 1777
  2. James McGaugheyBet 1724 & 1728 - 1798
  3. Isabella McGaugheyAbt 1730 -
  4. William McGaugheyAbt 1738 - 1812
  5. Alexander McGaugheyEst 1740 - 1802
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McGaughey
Gender Male
Birth? Est 1740 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage to Rachel Thompson
Death? 1802 Rutherford County, North Carolina

Alexander and Rachel (Thompson) McGaughey Alexander McGAUGHEY - b. say 1740-1745, Lancaster Co., PA; d. late 1802, Rutherford Co., NC. Alexander McGAUGHEY of Rutherford Co., NC was the son of William McGAUGHEY and Margaret, but that he was the father of Daniel is unproved. Alexander was in the Catheys Creek area of Tryon Co. (now Rutherford Co.), NC by 1772, when he and wife Rachel purchased and sold land. Alexander is found in Rutherford Co. on the 1782 tax (330 acres), in the 1790 census (3-2-5), and in the 1800 census (00201-001001). He was appointed public register by the April Court 1780, and served as such until his death in late 1802. A marker in the vicinity of the Brittain Presbyterian Church reads, "Near this site stood Fort McGaughey which was constructed during the American Revolutionary War period, and named for Alexander McGaughey." Married before 1764, probably in Rowan Co., NC.

Rachel THOMPSON - b. Rowan Co., NC. Named as Rachel McGAUCHEY in her father's 1764 will. From The Heritage of Rutherford County we learn that James THOMPSON and Seth THOMPSON, both of about the same age as Rachel, were probably born in Brunswick Co., NC, lived in Rowan Co., and moved to Rutherford Co. around 1780. It is possible that James and Seth were close kin of Rachel. Daughter of John THOMPSON and Martha.

NOTE: The known, probable and possible children of Alexander and Rachel are listed here in alphabetical order, sons first. The names of known children are Alexander, James, John, William, Agnes, and Mary, but some data presented here may not be for their children. Both census and other records indicate they had at least four sons living at home in 1790, and four daughters. Note that Alexander had been married at least 26 years by 1790, so could have had at least five sons over age 16 (one shown in census).

Probable and Possible Children of Alexander and Rachel McGaughey Alexander - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. Daniel - b. 1755-63; d. 1803, Rutherford Co., NC. Probable son. James - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. A James McGAUGHEY appears in the 1800 Rutherford Co., NC census: 23301-11010. Jeremiah - Possible son. On Nov. 10, 1800 (Rutherford Co., NC Deed Book 15, page 12), a Deed from 1795 was recorded, witnessed by Jeremiah, for the sale of 200 acres on Duncan Creek, Rutherford Co., NC, to Daniel McGAUGHEY. Census of 1800: 20010-00010. Married Sep. 15, 1795 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Jane SMITH, with Daniel McGAUGHEY as bondsman. John - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. Tax list of 1782: 100 acres. Census of 1810: 12001-11001. Possibly married Elizabeth WELCH, daughter of Thomas and Agnes (ALEXANDER) WELCH. Possible children include Joseph McGAUGHEY, who married Martha DUNLAP, and became the father of Elizabeth Welch McGAUGHEY, wife of Jesse R. GUFFEY. Marvin - Possible son. Witnessed a will in 1786 in Rutherford Co., NC. Robert - Named as son by a correspondent. Married Jan. 23, 1797 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Ruth BURNETT, with Lewis BURNETT (her brother) as bondsman. Ruth was the daughter of Jesse BURNETT and Judith PRINCE. Son: Samuel Francis married Florah BAREFIELD. William - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. Census of 1800: 10010-00110. Married Aug. 3, 1792 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Mimy PATTERSON, with George Watson as bondsman. Agnes - Married Aug. 10, 1792 (bond), Rutherford Co., NC, Gavin ERVIN (or IRVINE), with Robert FINLEY as bondsman. She is the only known child of Alexander and Rachel. Mary - Named in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN. Two other daughters - Based on 1790 census and mentioned, but unnamed in the will and estate papers of Aunt Margaret (THOMPSON) BROWN.