Person:Alexander Kincaid (4)

Alexander Kincaid
b.ABT 1670
  • HAlexander KincaidABT 1670 -
  1. Samuel Kincaid1707 - 1780
  2. George Kincaid1709 - 1756
  3. James KincaidABT 1711 -
  4. Robert KincaidABT 1713 - abt 1799
  5. Alexander KincaidABT 1715 -
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Kincaid
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1670

Alexander Kincaid

  1. 16685, b. circa 1670

Alexander Kincaid|b. c 1670|p242.htm#i16685|James Kincaid|b. c 1640\nd. c 1700|p244.htm#i16642|Marion Boyd|b. c 1654|p97.htm#i39125|James Kincaid|b. 1612|p245.htm#i39135|Jeane Somervell|b. c 1616|p365.htm#i39136||||||| Parent James Kincaid b. circa 1640, d. circa 1700 Parent Marion Boyd b. circa 1654 Relationship 6th great-granduncle of Paul Edward Lawrence. Relationship 24th great-grandson of Aykfrith. Relationship Brother of David Kincaid.

    Alexander Kincaid was born circa 1670 in Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland.2 
    Alexander was a pharmacist in Edinburgh. When Charles Stuart attempted to retake the throne in 1745 and was defeated four sons of Alexander Kincaid fought in ther rear guard following Stuart's retreat and were captured in the vincinity of Kincaid. They were soon rescued and put aboard a ship at Glasgow where the wives of Samuel and George were waiting. They came to America in early 1746 and went to August Co., Virginia.3 

Family Children Samuel Kincaid b. c 1707, d. 17803 George Kincaid b. c 1709, d. 17563 James Kincaid b. c 17113 Robert Kincaid b. c 17133 Alexander Kincaid b. c 17153

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