Person:Alexander Carpenter (1)

Alexander Carpenter
m. Abt 1545
  1. James Carpenter1538 - Aft 1588
  2. John Carpenter, The ElderAbt 1538 - Aft 1572
  3. William Carpenter1540 - 1659
  4. John Carpenter, The YoungerAbt 1546 - 1587
  5. Alexander Carpenter1546 - Aft 1613
m. 1583
  1. William CarpenterBef 1584 -
  2. Agnes CarpenterEst 1584 - 1615
  3. Juliana Carpenter1584/85 - 1664/65
  4. Alice Carpenter1590 - 1670
  5. Mary Carpenter1595 - 1687
  6. Priscilla Carpenter1598 - 1689
Facts and Events
Name[1] Alexander Carpenter
Gender Male
Alt Birth? Bet 1530 and 1560 Wrington, Somerset, EnglandNear Bath
Birth[1] 1546 Wrington, Somerset, England
Alt Birth? Abt 1560
Christening? 1567 Wrington, Somerset, England
Marriage 1583 Bath, Somerset, EnglandSt James?
to Priscilla Dillon
Alt Marriage Bef 1584 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto Priscilla Dillon
Emigration[1] Bef 1600 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Emigration[1] Bef 1611 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Occupation[1] Wrington, Somerset, EnglandMerchant
Occupation[1] Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsMerchant
Alt Death? 1612
Alt Death? 1611/12 Wrington, Somerset, England
Burial? Abt 1612 England
Death[1] Aft 23 Apr 1613 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Ancestral File Number 8N0X-46

From "Bradford of Plymouth" by Bradford Smith 1951, pg 89 " Another wife-providing family was that of Alexander Carpenter who had come over first with the Ancient Brethren. Alice, who was later to marry Gov Bradford, had become Mrs Edward Southworth, and Agnes had married Samuel Fuller the same year Bradford married Dorothy. Julia Ann (or Juliana) had married George Morton the year before, Priscilla was to marry William Wright in 1619, while Mary remained a spinster and ultimately became a member of Bradford`s household in Plymouth."

Alexander married Priscilla Dillen in 1581 and had six children : William of Cobham, Mary, Juliana, Agnes, Alice, and Priscilla. Alexander, on account of relegious persecution, removed his family to Amsterdam or Leyden, Holland. One daughter, Mary, never married and apparently returned with her father and brother to England after one sister died in childbirth, others married, had children and sailed to N.E. Alexander`s only son became a squire and gentleman, receiving the "Carpenter Greyhound Coat of Arms (which went to his cousin, John of Jamaica Island N.Y., eldest son of Alexander`s brother William) Mary finally went to N.E. at the invitation of her sister Alice, arriving there in 1647. Alice (1590-1670) m. Edward Southworth 1610, 2 sons: Thomas and Constant , to Plymouth via Ann 1623; married Gov William Bradford 1624, 3 children: William, Joseph and Mercy. (Step-son was John Bradford, son of Gov William and Dorothy May) Refrences: CARPENTER & RELATED FAMILIES by Annie I. Carpenter SAINTS AND STRANGERS by George Willison, 1945 FAMILY HISTORY NEWS "Line of Tyrconnel Carpenters" CARPENTER COAT OF ARMS, misc information

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    "It was during these troubled last years of the 16th centuary that Alexander Carpenter, a merchant from Wrington - a small town in southwest England ten miles south of the city of Bristol - decided to leave England and move to Holland.
    We will probably never know exactly when or why Alexander Carpenter decided to leave his home, traveling across the full southern width of England and eventually crossing the Channel to settle in a foreign land. But it must have been a motive of weight and consequence, because Alexander did not travel alone - he was accompanied by his wife Priscilla dn their five girls - Juliann, Agnes, Alice, Mary and Priscilla - the oldest in her early teens, and youngest only a toddler."

    Page 332: "On April 23, 1613, the second Carpenter girl married in Leiden. Agnes Carpenter, aged perhaps 24, married 'Samuel Fuller of London in England, widower of Alice Glascock.' Alice Carpenter for the third time served as witness, AS DID FATHER ALEXANDER and the gentleman who had appeared in 1611, Edward Southworth. THIS IS THE LAST TIME THAT ALEXANDER CARPENTER'S NAME APPEARED IN THE RECORDS OF LEIDEN; IT IS ASSUMED THAT HE DIED ABOUT THIS TIME OR SHORTLY THEREAFTER."