Person:Agnes Riddell (3)

Agnes Riddell
Facts and Events
Name Agnes Riddell
Gender Female
Marriage 8 Feb 1659 to James Scott, 1st of Thirlestane
  1.   Agnes Riddell, in Lundy, Darryl. The Peerage: A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe.

    Agnes Riddell is the daughter of Sir Walter Riddell of that Ilk.1 A contract for the marriage of Agnes Riddell and James Scott, 1st of Thirlestane was signed on 8 February 1659.1,2
    From 8 February 1659, her married name became Scott.1,2
    Child of Agnes Riddell and James Scott, 1st of Thirlestane
    William Scott, 2nd of Thirlestane+1 b. 17 Feb 1663

  2.   Carre, Walter Riddel. Border memories, or, Sketches of prominent men and women of the Border. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1961)
    Page 189.

    Sir Walter Riddell, who was knighted, like one of his younger brothers, in his father’s lifetime. He married a very pious woman, Janet Rigg, the daughter of a worthy and godly man, William Rigg of Aithernie, Fife, by whom he had five sons and two daughters. Janet Rigg, Lady Riddell, was not only pious but accomplished, and her father was a man of high principle and character, and moreover, extremely wealthy. Mr. Rigg was fined £50,000 Scots for opposing the introduction of the five articles at Perth, by James VI., and also suffered imprisonment in Blackness Castle. His sister, the aunt of Lady Riddell, Miss Catherine Rigg, who married Douglas of Cavers, was the celebrated Covenanter, and the ladies were descendants of Dr. John Row of Perth, John Knox’s coadjutor.
    Two of Sir Walter’s younger sons were ancestors of the Riddells of Glenriddell and Granton severally, respecting whom I shall have a good deal to say – especially about the latter – afterwards.
    His daughters married respectively a brother of Sir William Scott of Mertoun, and son of Auld Wat, the Freebooter of Harden, and the Rev. Gabriel Semple of Jedburgh, a zealous Covenanter and field preacher at one time. His eldest son, JOHN RIDDELL, succeeded as third Baronet. He is called in the family Sir John Bluebeard, because he had four wives, not of course at once . . .

  3.   Geschichte und Landesbeschreibung des Herzogthums Lauenburg, vol. II, von Kobbe, P. (1836), (Altona: Johann Friedrich Hammerich), p. 79. James, married (contract dated 8 February 1659) Agnes, second daughter of Sir Walter Riddell of that Ilk. - See more at: