Person:Agnes Gainsford (2)

Agnes Gainsford
Facts and Events
Name Agnes Gainsford
Gender Female
Alt Birth? 1426 Crowhurst, Godstone, Surrey, Eng
Birth? 1427 Crowhurst, Surrey, England
Marriage to Richard Wakehurst
Marriage bef 1460 to Sir John Culpepper
Death? England
  1.   Col. F.W.T. Attree R.E./F.S.A. & Rev. J.H.L. Booker M.A., "The Sussex Colepepers, Part I", in Sussex archaeological collections: illustrating history and antiquities of the county. (Haywards Heath: Sussex Archaeological Society, 1848-), Volume 47 page 58.

    "...the undoubted fact that some time before 1460 [Sir John Culpepper] was the husband of Agnes Gainsford, which is clearly proved by the Proceedings in Chancery relating to the abduction of the two Wakehurst heiresses by Sir John's brothers, Richard and Nicholas [Early Chanc. Pro., Bundle 26, No. 304], where it is expressly stated that a sister of John and William Gainsford was wedded to John Cupepyr, and later on in the same suit mention is made of John Culpepper and Agnes, his wife. The marriage is also alluded to in the De Banco Roll, Trin., 5 Edward IV., m. 118d, and it explains the mention of Ottewell and George Gainsford (grandsons of the above John Gainsford, who married Anne Wakehurst, aunt of the co-heiresses, and sons of Sir John Gainsford, by Anne, daughter of Ottewell Worsley), as cousins in the will Walter Colepeper, of Calais, 1514-1516."