Person:Agatha Barnett (1)

Agatha Barnett
b.Abt 1738 Virginia
m. 13 Nov 1728
  1. Sarah BarnettAbt 1728 -
  2. Ann BarnettEst 1729 to 1744 -
  3. Frances BarnettEst 1729 to 1744 -
  4. John BarnettEst 1729 to 1744 -
  5. Ambrose Barnett1730 - 1808
  6. James Barnett1735 - Bef 1782
  7. Agatha BarnettAbt 1738 -
m. 30 Oct 1756
  1. Elizabeth ChristyAbt 1758 - Abt 1829
  2. Mildred Christy1759 - 1829
  3. George ChristyAbt 1760 -
  4. Samuel ChristyAbt 1760 -
  5. Ann ChristyAbt 1760 -
  6. Frances ChristyAbt 1764 -
  7. Sarah ChristyAbt 1765 -
  8. Agatha ChristyAbt 1765 -
  9. James ChristyAbt 1766 - Aft 1847
  10. Ambrose C Christy1768 - 1839
  11. John H Christy1769 - 1848
Facts and Events
Name Agatha Barnett
Married Name _____ Christy
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1738 Virginia[based upon marriage date in 1756]
Marriage 30 Oct 1756 Orange County, Virginiato Julius (twin) Christy
Death? pos Clark County, Kentucky
Other[2] 5 Dec 1805 Clark, Kentucky, United StatesNOT named in Will of Julius Christy, husband
  1.   Family Notes, in Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable primary source).

    Agatha Barnett, the daughter of John Barnett, and Marran Gibbs, was born in Virginia. She was later married, probably in Culpeper County, Virginia, to a man named Julius Christy. Julius, who was a twin cjild, is thought to have been born in about 1730 near the mouth of the York River in Gloucherter County, Virginia. He was the son of Samuel Christy..

    On 15 August 1754, Julius and Agatha purchased 100 acres of land from a man named Charles Walker which was situated along the Rapidan River in both Culpeper and Orange counties. Julius later buitl a gristmill. This property, which operated for nearly 20 years. This mill was eventually destroyed by a flood, however, and even though Julius had it rebuilt, it was not long afterwards that he and Agatha sold this property and moved with their children to western Virginia..

    In about 1776/77 Julius and Agatha settled in that part of Botetourt County, Virginia, that is now within Greenbrair County, West Virginia. They apparently stayed there for about nine years, during which time Julius served in the Revolutionary War. In the record of land entitlements for Greenbriar County dated 11 Jan 1760, Julius recieved title to a 400 acre tract of land for having settled prior to 1 Jan 1778..

    On Dec 1780, Julius Christy was listed as being one of the Greenbrair residents who signed a petition to raise "twenty tonns of hemp off the tithable persons in this county ", for the purpose of making a marked road from this place to Richmond. In about 1785/86, Julius and Agatha moved further west into the state of Kentucky, where they settled in Clark County. Julius died in 1806. Although Agatha also passed away in Kentucky, the date of her death has not been determined. Possible around 1820..

  2. Will Abstract of Julius Christy, in Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather. Will records of Clark County, Kentucky. (Chillicothe, Missouri: E.P. Ellsberry, 198-?)
    WB 2.

    Julius Christy
    My sons: John, Ambrose, George, James, and Samuel
    My daughters: Elizabeth Glass, Ann Lindsey, Frances Carr, Sarah Davis, and Agatha Keterly.
    Ambrose, my son, Exe.
    Written: 5 Dec 1805
    Witnesses: N. Murphy, Mary Murphy, and Sarah Day.
    Probated: 25 Jul 1808