Person:Abraham Venable (1)

Captain Abraham Venable, II
m. 1699
  1. Captain Abraham Venable, II1700 - 1768
  • HCaptain Abraham Venable, II1700 - 1768
  • WMartha Davis1703 - 1765
m. 1723
  1. Abraham Bedford Venable, III1725 - 1778
  2. Hugh Lewis Venable1727 - 1781
  3. Charles Venable1730 - 1815
  4. William VenableAbt 1736 - 1772
  5. Mary Venable1739 - 1807
  6. Elizabeth Jane Venable1739 - 1778
  7. John Venable1740 - 1811
Facts and Events
Name Captain Abraham Venable, II
Gender Male
Birth? 22 Mar 1700 New Kent, Virginia, United States
Marriage 1723 Hanover, Virginia, United Statesto Martha Davis
Death? 16 Dec 1768 Louisa, Virginia, United States


"Abraham Venables II, only surviving son of Abraham Venables I of New Kent Co., Va., was born on March 22, 1700, O.S. baptized . . . April 27, 1701, in St. Peters Parrish, New Kent Co., Va. 'He lived first on the Pamunky River in what was then New Kent Co., Va., afterwards King and Queen, which was cut off from New Kent in 1691, and later and at present, King William County, which was cut off from King and Queen County in 1701. Abraham Venables II moved from the Pamunky region and settled in what was then Goochland County, in the fork between the Rivanna and James Rivers. This region was cut off into Albemarle County in 1744 and in 1777 that end of Albemarle was formed into the present county of Fluvanna. The land on which the village of Columbia is situated is a portion of the original home tract of Abraham Venables II.' This is taken from the records of Abram B. Venable of 'Scott-Greene,' Price Edward County, Virginia, written about 1870. Abraham Venables II owned immense tracts of land in Hanover, Louisa, Goochland and Albemarle counties, on the Hardware River in South Garden and on 'Ye Byrd Creek.' He was prominent in the affairs of his country and church; justice of the peace of Hanover County before 1742; one of the first justices of Louisa County, December 24, 1742; after 1742, County Lieutenant of Louisa; Captain of the Colonial Militia, Louisa; Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from Louisa for over twenty years, 1742-1751-1753-1755-1762, and other years. He was a vestryman of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Va., prior to 1742, of Trinity Parish 1762-68, and of Fredericksville Parish 1742-1761. He was the friend, legal client, and political supporter of Patrick Henry. His son, William Venable, nominated Patrick Henry in the county meeting as a candidate for the House of Burgesses of 1765. Abraham is said to have been the most influ­ential man of his name that ever lived in Virginia, and from him all the Virginia Venables descend." His will is dated April 11, 1768. He died December 16, 1768, and his will was probated January 9 following. He appointed "my friend, Patrick Henry, trustee."

"Will of Abraham Venables of Louisa Co., Va. -- recorded Jan. 9, 1769.

     " 'In the name of God Amen:       " 'Abraham Venable of Trinity Parish in Louisa County being in health of Body & of Perfect Mind & memory thanks be given to Almighty God & calling to mind the Mortallity and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, Do make & ordain this my Last Will & Testament that is to say, Principally & first of all I recommend my soul unto the Hands of God that gave it & my Body first of all I Recommond to the earth to be Decently Buried at the Discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting But that at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God & Touching such Worldy Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, I give & dispose of the same in the following manner & form: First I will that all my Lawful Debts & Funeral Expenses be paid & Discharged, & that each of my children to whom any part of my estate is now given do pay their respective parts of my Debts & legacies left to be paid in money in proportion to what they receive of my estate after my decease (Land only excepted) and that their respective parts be subject to pay each of their proportionate parts of debts & legacies aforesaid. ITEM: I give & Bequeath unto my son John Venable my seven hundred & Eighty three acres of land with the plantation whereon I now live situate lying & being on both sides the South Anna river in Louisa County, the s'd dividend of land, be the same more or less, to him the s'd Jno. Venable & to his Heirs & assigns forever & I also give & bequeath unto my s'd son Jno. Venable my four negroes (viz) Jack, David, Daniel & my negro girl Joyce & their increase, f'rever, & I also give to my son John one feather bed, bedstead & furniture which of my beds he shall chuse, my young bay miar & grey horse colt & that he keep the sorrel horse Cedall heretofore verbially given him & I likewise give to my s'd son John, Three cows & calves, his choice out of my stock & six young cattle all not under two years old, Ten sheep, my copper still & brass kettle all my books both stitcht & bound, all my Kitchen Lumber & Cider casks & it is my will that he my s'd son John doth not pay above Twenty pounds current money of my debts or less than that sum if his portion doth not amount to so much, anything above mentioned to the contrary Notwithstanding. ITEM, I give & bequeath unto my Daughter, Mary Moreman, wife to Charles Moreman Jr. &, to her Heirs & assigns forever, my negro Boy Ben. ITEM, I give & bequeath unto my son Nathaniel Venable & to his Heirs & assigns forever my four negros, Isaac, Phillis, & two children Milly & Isham, children of Phillis, he paying fifteen Pounds current money to my daughter Mary Moreman besides her proportion of the remaining value towards my debts as above mentioned but if any of the s'd negro shall die before he is possessed of them, then & in that case, he to be exemted from paying the s'd fifteen pounds. ITEM, I give & bequeath unto my son Jas. Venable & my daughter Ann King, wife to Phillip King & to their respective heirs & assigns forever, my Three negros, Peter, Sarah & Sam, child of Sarah & their increase to be divided between them in the following manner, that is to say, my s'd son James to have one third part & my s'd daughter Ann to have two third parts & being unwilling to part the said Negros, I am desirus if it should suit my s'd son & Daughter, but not to compel them, that my s'd son Jas. do take all the s'd three negroes & pay to my s'd daughter Ann two third part of the value of the three negroes according to appraisement as they can agree, & whereas I have undertaken to bring up Sarah Tucker, an orphan child, it is my, request that my sons Nathl. & Jas. do take care of her as far as necessary. ITEM. I acquit my son in law Phillip King the ballance of his old account being fifty six shillings & four pence half penny.       " 'ITEM. I give unto my daughter Elisabeth Morton wife of Josiah Morton & to her Heirs and assigns forever my negroe girl Judith & her increase. I will that my negro woman Hannah may go to which of my children she shall chuse I will that my negro man Tom may go to which of my children legasees he shall chuse or to be sold at the s'd negro Election, if he can be sold for his value in the judgm't of my exect'rs (or one of them).       " 'ITEM. I give & bequeath unto my son William Venable my surveyors Instrument now in his possession. ITEM. I give to Sarah Tucker Ten pounds current money. I will that my crop of Tobc. on hand at my death after cloathing my negroes according to the season the remainder may be applyed as far as necessary towards paying my debts & the Legasie left to be paid in money & at the division of my negros may be left on the plantation for the support of my son, John, & his negroes & stock apportionable part of the corn wheat & oats then remaining. All the rest of my estate of what nature soever I give & bequeath to my son Jn. Venable & my three daughters Ann King, Elizabeth Morton, & Mary Moreman, to be equally divided among them, in such manner as they shall agree, or on their disagreement, the same to be done according to the Rules of Law & I do constitute appoint my friend Mr. Waddi Thomson & my sons Abraham Venable, Nathaniel Venable, Hugh Lewis Venable & Jn. Venable, Exors. of this my last will & Testament & I do appoint my friend Mr. Patrick Henry, my trustee & I do hereby revoke all former wills by heretofore made ratifying and confirming this my last will & testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Eleventh Day of April one thousand seven Hundred & Sixty eight. Signed, sealed & Published.
                             Abraham Venable (Seal)
" 'Declared
In the presence of
James Tate
Love Statham
James Arnet
Jns. Byars
Jns. Lea
" 'At a Court held for Louisa County Jan'y 9th, 1769.       " 'This will and testament was this day in open Court proved by the oaths of three witnesses thereto and by the Court O. to be recorded.
                             Teste:---John Nelson, C.L.C.
                       A Copy:---
                             Teste:---P. B. Porter, Clerk' "

More About Capt. Abraham Venables II: Baptism: April 27, 1701, in St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia891 Church Service: Bef. 1742, Vestryman, St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County891 Church Service #2: Bet. 1742 - 1761, Vestryman, Fredericksville Parish, Louisa County892 Church Service #3: Bet. 1762 - 1768, Vestryman, Trinity Parish, Louisa County893

Occupation: Planter894
Public Service: Bef. 1742, Justice of the Peace of Hanover County895 Public Service #2: 1742, One of the first justices of Louisa County896 Public Service #3: Bet. 1742 - 1762, Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses from Louisa County896
Religion: Church of England/Episcopalian896

Children of Abraham Venables and Martha Davis are:

   i.   Abraham B. Venable, born January 09, 1724/25898; died March 20, 1778898; married Elizabeth Michaux 1751898; born June 18, 1731 in Goochland County, Virginia898; died 1801 in Prince Edward County, Virginia898.
 More About Abraham B. Venable: Observation: "Tradition informs us that Abrahan B. Venable was a man of broad understanding and enlarged public spirit"899
Observation #2: Numerous and distinguished descendants899 Residence: Settled Prince Edward County with Nathaniel and Charles, his brothers899    ii.   Hugh Lewis Venable, born Abt. 1728900; married Mary Martin; born in of Albemarle County, Virginia901.    iii.   Charles Venable, born 1730 in Louisa County, Virginia901; died November 1815901; married Elizabeth Smith; born in of Port Royal, Virginia902.
 More About Charles Venable:
Observation: Numerous and distinguished descendants903 Residence: He settled Prince Edward County with his brothers Nathaniel and Abraham904    iv.   William Venable, born Abt. 1732905; died March 12, 1792; married Ann Clark; born in of Louisa County, Virginia905.   252 v.   Col. Nathaniel Venable, born November 01, 1733 in Hanover County, Virginia; died December 27, 1804 in Prince Edward County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Woodson March 29, 1755 in "Poplar Hill", Prince Edward County, Virginia.    vi.   James Venable, born 1734 in Hanover County, Virginia905; died 1814 in Shelby County, Kentucky905; married Judith Morton Abt. 1757; born December 27, 1739 in Charlotte County, Virginia905; died 1826 in Shelby County, Kentucky905.
 More About James Venable: Church Service: He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church for many years in Virginia and Kentucky906
Observation: Numerous and distinguished descendants907
Public Service: Justice of the Peace, Charlotte County, Virginia908
Public Service #2: Founder and Trustee of Hampden-Sidney Academy908
Religion: Presbyterian908
Residence: He moved to Kentucky in 1796909
  vii.   Anne Venable, born Abt. 1737909; married Philip King.
 More About Anne Venable:
Observation: Numerous and distinguished descendants909
  viii.   Mary Venable, born 1739 in Louisa County, Virginia909; died Aft. 1815 in Breckenridge County, Kentucky910; married (1) Charles Moorman; born 1737911; died Bef. June 11, 1798911; married (2) Robert Strange Aft. 1798.
 More About Mary Venable:
Observation: Numerous and distinguished descendants912
 More About Charles Moorman: Observation: A Quaker, he was disowned by his sect for taking military training in 1765913
Religion: Quaker913
  ix.   Elizabeth Venable, born May 22, 1739914    x.   Capt. John Venable, born 1740 in Louisa County, Virginia914; died 1811 in Jackson County, Georgia915; married Agnes Moorman; born February 26, 1742/43916.
 More About Capt. John Venable:
Military service: He fought in the battle of Guilford Court House917 Observation: Captain John Venable was prominent during and after the Revolutionary War917
Observation #2: Numerous and distinguished descendants917


    • "Venables of Virginia," by Elizabeth Marshall Venable,