Person:Abraham Van Deursen (9)

Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen
m. 15 Jan 1590/91
  1. Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen1605 - Bef 1672
  • HAbraham Pietersen Van Deursen1605 - Bef 1672
  • WTryntje MelchiorEst 1609 - 1672
m. 9 Dec 1629
  1. Teuwis Abrahamsen Van Deursen1631 -
  2. Isaac Van Deusen1632 -
  3. Marritje Van Deusen1634 -
  4. Jacob Melchior Van Deusen1640 -
  5. Pieter Van Deusen1642 -
  6. Melchior Van Deusen1644 - 1742
Facts and Events
Name Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen
Gender Male
Birth? 1605 Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Christening? 11 Nov 1607 Haarlem, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Marriage Banns 25 Nov 1629 Haarlem, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsGrote Houtstraat (the street address)
to Tryntje Melchior
Marriage 9 Dec 1629 Haarlem, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsSt. Bavo (Groote Kerk)
to Tryntje Melchior
Immigration? Est 1636 New Amsterdam, New York, United States
Death[1] Bef 28 Jul 1672 New York City, New York, United States

The Pedigree Forest website shows his birth date as 3 Sep 1599 in Haarlem, The Netherlands, and his marriage as 9 Dec 1629. Angeline Gale shows his birth as 1605 in New Amsterdam. Captain Albert Van Deusen shows his baptism as 11 Nov 1607 in Haarlem. All his children were born in New Amsterdam or in Albany, New York. He may have decided to emigrate because of the church conflicts between Remonstrants and Contra-remonstrants. After the coup d'etat by Prince Maurice of Orange, many of the Remonstrant Magistrates, including the Van Deusens, were excluded from Government, which they may have found humiliating. In 1636, he took possession of the island of Quetenesse, off the coast of Narragansett, for the Dutch West India Company, in which he held the important position of "Molenaar," or miller. He was also an innkeeper and traded in land and cattle. He lived on Heerewegh Straat (now Broadway) near "Wall Street." He was not one of the ninety-four signers of the petition to Gov. Stuyvesant, advising him to surrender to the English on 5 Sep 1664, but on October 21st (or shortly thereafter) he took an oath of allegiance to Charles II of England.

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