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MySource Presidents of Calvin College
Place Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Year range 1919 -
Presidents of Calvin College.

The head of what would become Calvin College was given the title President in 1918.

Presidents of Calvin College
Date Person
1919-1925 John Hiemenga
1925-1930 Johannes Broene
1930-1933 Rienk Kuiper
1933-1939 Ralph Stob
1939-1940 Johannes Broene
1940-1951 Henry Schultze
1951-1976 William Spoelhof
1976-1995 Anthony J. Diekema
1995-2012 Gaylen James Byker
2012- Michael K. Le Roy

See also the list of namesakes for Calvin College dormitories. That list includes the two heads of what would become Calvin College who did not have the title President.