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MySource Namesakes of Calvin College Dormitories
Place Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, United States
Year range 1811 - 1978
Namesakes of Calvin College Dormitories.

Dormitories at Calvin College are named for noted figures (or in one case, families) in the history of the Christian Reformed Church and Calvin College.



  • Henry Beets (1869-1947): Editor of "The Banner" (the magazine of the Christian Reformed Church) for 25 years.
  • Johanna Veenstra (1894-1933): Served as a Christian Reformed missionary in Nigeria for thirteen years.


  • Geert Boer (1832-1904): Became the college's first professor in 1867.
  • B.J. Bennink (1864-1947): Served as principal, superintendent or teacher at six Christian schools in the Midwest.


  • Jacob Bolt (1875-1967), Christina Bolt (1876-1959): Served as Christian Reformed missionaries to the Navaho people in Crown Point, New Mexico, for 25 years.
  • Garrett Heyns (1891-1969): Gained national recognition for his dedication to improving prisons in Michigan and Washington. He received Calvin's first distinguished alumni award in 1966.
  • Johanna Timmer (1901-1978): In 1927, she became the first woman to join Calvin's faculty, serving as Dean of Women and as an English teacher.


  • Wilhelmina Kalsbeek (1894-1955): Served as one of the first Christian Reformed missionaries in China.
  • Lee Huizenga (1881-1945): Served as a missionary and medical doctor in China.
  • vanReken: A family deeply committed to missions around the world, including a special connection to China, and to supporting scholarships at Calvin for children of missionaries.


  • Jacob Noordewier (1839-1938): This early Christian Reformed pastor was a leader in the young denomination; he also helped raise funds for the church's Theological School (now Calvin Seminary).
  • Douwe Vander Werp (1811-1875): The forerunner of all Calvin faculty, he informally educated young men to be Christian Reformed ministers. Several of his students became the first graduates of the CRC's Theological School (which became Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary).


  • Albertus Rooks (1869-1958): Appointed first dean of Calvin College in 1919, a position which he held for 25 years.
  • Idzerd Van Dellen (1871-1965): A minister in the Christian Reformed Church, he helped start a tuberculosis hospital in Denver, Colorado. For 26 years he served as a spiritual advisor to patients in this hospital.


  • Henry Schultze (1893-1959): Taught at Calvin Seminary for fourteen years, served as President of Calvin College for eleven years.
  • Peter Eldersveld (1911-1965): First full time radio minister for the Back to God Hour. Each week his sermons were broadcast to over three million people in 75 countries.

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