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MySource Judy Cassidy posts Rootsweb VanArsdale List
Place Mississippi, United States
Louisiana, United States
Year range -
Surname VanArsdale
Judy Cassidy posts Rootsweb VanArsdale List.


24 Jan 2011

This information was posted on Rootsweb Boards by L. Swinney, and I figured everyone would find it of interest. While I did post a reply, unfortunately since these were the last postings in 2004, and most likely these ladies addresses probably have changed, Nothing more was posted after those dates. Is anyone on this list related to Luke of his children, etc.

Judy Re: Currie L. Swinney (View posts) Posted: 20 Jan 2004 11:44AM Lucas Cornelius VanArsdale, 1807-1872, was b. Mercer County, KY and my information says that Catherine Jackson Currie was b. in Natchez, MS. I have not heard any family stories regarding Lucas & Catherine originating in the same place but it could be. I have no information on Lucas between 1807 and 1850. Where he was is a mystery. Neither do I know his or Catherine's burial place. Many family members over the years have researched this family and have no burial place as of yet. Some think that Lucas and Catherine were buried in a family plot on their place near the Nathez Trace and that when the new Natchez Trace was built, perhaps their graves/monuments were destroyed via construction. Catherine was living with her son, Lucas in 1880, did a lot of land buying & selling, (they owned property in Leake, Madison, Attla, & Montgomery Counties). But as of 1900, the trail goes cold. I am descended from Lucas Cornelius' daugher, Katie (my gr-grandmother). One other thing I just remembered is that a Jane Evans, age 71, b. TN. was living with Catherine & Lucas on the 1860 Carthage, Mississippi Federal Census. Might this be either Lucas or Catherin'e mother? In both cases, she would have re-married as she has a different surname than VanArsdale or Morrison. Sorry, I can't help you further. Thanks for writing. Lucy Swinney

Inez Edwards posted, 9 Jan. 20004, that Joseph B. Currie was a brother to her line Robert Morrison and they were brothers to Catharine Jackson. My information is the mother of the above who married Jesse Evans lives with Catherine after her second husband died. I have a listing of Catherine and Lucas children but that is all the info. Any info on Catherine or Lucas or where he was born in KY would be helpful. I don't know where the Curries were originally from . Since Jane lived with this family, census shows she was with them in 1860 in Leake Co MS.

26 Jan 2011

Hello, You didn't give your name which would really help as I am very interested in what you have to say. How do you descend from Lucas/

Yesterday, I traced out William D or William O. Vanarsdale, Lucas brother, I believe. While he purchased land in Mississippi at the same date and location as did Lucas, by 1 Sept, 1846, William was buying land in Bossier, Louisanna through the Natchitoches land office where he purchased four different sections one for 79.82 acres, two for 80 acres, and one for 40 all in Bossier, LA. The question then becomes, did he sell his Mississippi land to his brotherI cannot seem to find a family for him, William is listed in the 1850 slave census, with about 50 slaves, and in the regular census, he is shown with

Sorry, I hit send vs save. To continue in the 1850 census for Twp, 18, Ward 5, Bossier, William O or D. is listed as age 30, Planter, value of Real Estate 4,000 from Kentucky living with James Dunnard or Dennard age 14 born in Alabama. By 1860 slave census, William ownes about 38 slaves, and in the 1860 census, he is listed as age 48, so there is an error in age, planter, Real Estate value $8,000, Personal Estate $41, 243. born in Ky, living with his overseer, J.S. Austin age 35 and their post office is Minden. If he were married, and had a house in town with a family, I can't find it, so it appears at this time, that Willilam D or O. is a single man. Most of the Louisana census pages are extremely faded and difficult to read. Does anyone know who if he married and had a family?

The last time I found on William was that in the US IRS Tax Assessments, that in 1865, he was taxed on a carriage.

I have sent out several queries on both these men, however, have yet to hear back. They lived in extremely rural areas, still seem to be small towns today.

The family of Lucas is as follows:

Lucas Cornelius, son of Cornelius and Polly Burton Vanarsdale, was born 1807, Kentucky, died 9 Nov. 1871. His wife Catherine Jackson Currie, born 5 March 1814, Jefferson MS, married 27 June 1834 in Hinds, MS, died 1880 in Attala, MS. Children:

1. Baby Vanarsdale 2. Katie No date 3.Mary Jane 1835 4. Robert Cornelius 8/21/1837 Madison, MS, died at Shiloh d. 4/6/1862, body missing, however a Memorial Stone installed Yackanookay Bapt. Church, Attala Co, MS. 5. Isadora L. 17 April 1839 6.Evelina 1840 7. Littit Martha 1840 8. Amanda Melvina 16 Aug. 1844 9. William Dewitt 12 May 1847 10. Alasurus Burton1848 11. Martha Emma 26 FEb. 1850 in Leake, MS 12. Roxanna C. 1856 13. Lucas Currie 1858 Amanda Melvina 16 Aug. 1894, must be an error in year. but t his is how it was given.

a Lucas Vanarsdale, was a private in Capt. Nash's Co. of Leake Rangers, and that a Lucas C. Vanarsdale, Pvt. was buriend in Thomastown Baptist Church Cem. The question is, who is this Lucas C. When I checked the Thomastown Baptist Church cemetery inscriptions, there were no Vanarsdale burials. The Swinney ladies felt that the members of this family were buried on their plantation but that perhaps the graves and stones have been destroyed when the new Trace was built.

I cannot find Catherine and her son Lucas in the 1880 census, so if anyone knows the spelling that was used, would you let me know.

29 Jan 2011

Nara's Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System has the following entries:

R. C. Vanarsdell, Confederate, Co., C, Rank Sergeant, in and out, Film # M232, Roll 41. (This is Robert Cornelius Vanarsdell, son of Lucas and Catherine Currie Vanarsdale, Leake Co, MS).

Lucas Vanarsdale, Confederate, Capt. Nash's Co, (Leake Rangers), Mississippi, Calvary 36, Private in and out, He was also known by an alternatee name, Film # M232, Roll 41. Capt. Nash's Co. may have been a local militia group. This is the father.

I also want to remind everyone, that southern men, often took along one or their slaves as their wait staff, so to speak, and so when the master was killed or injured, often the slave was also. So if you are missing someone, it is possible that this may be what occured.

In addition, keep in mind that these families were intertwined until after the civil war, joined at the hip so to speak. Thus you can't do one family with out the other's.

7 Feb 2011

As you probably know I am doing a research project on the son of Cornelius Vanarsdale, son of Capt. Luke of Kentucky. Two of the sons, Lucas and William D. went to Mississippi in the 1830's, purchasing land there. In 1846, Wm. apparenently sold his and repurchased over in Bossier Co., La. Each man established a plantation with about 38-50 slaves. In 1869, William was murdered by three men from Texas for his money and it appears the murder took place at his plantation where he had about $22,000. on hand. The murderers were not able to steal the money but managed to escape. When William's head stone was erected it was done so by LV and AV. LV was Lucas Vanarsdale, one brother, but I need to know who A.Vanarsdale was, another brother?

Several newspaper articles appeared int he Bossier-Press Tribune Newspapers, and articles are on line,, Bossier Co., LA, submitted by Clifton D. Cardin, Official Bossier Parish Historian, if interested.

Meanwhile, information about Cornelius, his wife, and their family would be appreciated.

10 Feb 2011

Actually I am researching a specific line, two brothers, Lucas 1807-1871 and William 1814-1867, sons of Cornelius and Mary Polly Burton or Brouer/Brower. The apparently left Kentucky together, went to MS where they purchased land through the Land Office in Columbia, in Leake Co., MS in 1841, however, William must have sold his to Lucas and then he moved over to Bossier Co., MS, almost directly west as the crow flies. Both had large plantation with about 38 slaves each. William never married, keep large sums of money either on him or on the plantation, but I suspect on him, because somewhere or another, perhaps on a trip to New Orleans or Natchez he must have been gambling or flashing it around, or simply had that reputation. At some point, three criminals from Texas approached him at his plantation, he asked if they planned to rob him, they shot him in the head etc., three times, the crime witnessed by his cook and mother of his sons, Gronison/Grandison and Canada who la!

ter testified to what occured and he died.  There was a trial.  Shortly after his death his brothers, Lucas from MS and Ahasnerus from Jefferson Co., KY came, ordered a tombstone from New Orleans, sold the plantation, divided the estate between them and returned to their respective homes.  When Gronison was an adult, he purchased the plantation or land the plantation was on, now the LA Army Ammunition Plant near Shreveport, LA. The Vanorsdel burial ground still exists, and several of the descendants of Gronison and their family are buried there.  William is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery near Haughten, LA.

Lukes story is some different, He married Catherine Currie, had many children, lived in Leake Co., I am trying to find the location of his plantation there, if it had a name, information is not as easily obtained in that part of MS as in LA, however, with all the books etc. very seldom are the Vanarsdales mentioned, for what ever reason. After his death his wife and son Lucas sold off sections of land in four counties over about a 10 year period and Lucas drops out of the picture as does Catherine.

There is also a slave family connected with Lucas, Rufus and Sally/Sarah although their relationship seems to be a diffferent story than that of William. Rufus and Sally kept the surname Vanarsdale, and they and their children remained in the area for several generations. I don't see, at this time, a family or blood connection. It would be nice to know what their positions on the plantation were, and there must have been some connection other than master and slave, because they retained the name, remained in the area, farmed an area valued at $500., and their personal property was valued at $400.

So that is the mystery I am chasing at the moment. I do see another white family in MS but not until 1900.

25 February 2011

I have been discussing Lucas Vanarsdale, son of Cornelius of Kentucky for some time now. But I am seeking information on some of their children.

Mississippi Information to date:

1. Mary Jane, b. 1835, married Harrison Howard, 16 Sept. 1853.

2. Isadora/Dora b. 17 April 1838, supp. m. (1) Oliver Price, (2), Mr. Shivers

3. Alasurus Burton or Burton, b 1848, last info, appears age 21 in the 1870 Leake Co., census with parents, farm laborer

4. Roxanna, Roxy b. 1856, married C. W. Butt 2 Nov 1871, daughter Belenda, lived in LeFlore Co.

5. Lucas Currie Lived mother Catherine after Lucas Death, listed in the Attala Co. 1880 census and then they both drop out of site.