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Surname Scott
Scott Family Probate.

William Covington Scott

Missouri, Putnam County, Wills, Vol. C, 1914-1921; FHL #1010799
p. 63 - William C. Scott of Putnam County, Missouri: to my daughter Orah E. Scott, all my household and kitchen furniture, including organ and other musical instruments; to my children Fred A. Scott, Orrin H. Scott, Myrtis B. Scott, Orah E. Scott, all my estate, share and share alike; all real estate to be sold and funds distributed to my children. Executors: Fred A. Scott and Orah E. Scott.
Signed 10 September 1914, entered in probate court on 3 Jan 1917

Putnam County Testamentary Letters, Administrator's Letters, Executors bonds, 1876-1940; FHL #1010800
Letters Testamentary
p. 104 - The Last Will and Testament of William C. Scott named Fred A. Scott and Orah E. Scott as executors: 3 January 1917
Executors Bonds
p. 170 - Fred A. Scott and Orah E. Scott, for William C. Scott, 3 January 1917, Unionville

William Covington Scott, son of James T. Scott

Putnam County, Missouri Probate Court Records, Vol. D-E, 1879-1889; FHL #1010797
Volume D - p. 552, August adjd term, October 2, 1883
Lucy M. Scott, plaintiff against James T. Scott, defendant
In estate of Wm. C. Scott, deceased
Now at this day comes plaintiff by her attorney, and files her complaint under oath alleging that the defendant has converted to his own use the personal estate of Wm. C. Scott, deceased, upon which a citation is ordered and issued to said defendant returnable to the next term of this court.
Volume D - p. 561, November term, 1st day, November 12, 1883
Estate of William C. Scott, deceased
Now at this day comes Lucy M. Scott, and shows to the Court that she is the widow of William C. Scott, late of the county of Putnam, deceased, who died having at the time of his death personal property in this State not greater in amount than is allowed by law as the absolute property of the widow. To the end therefore that the said Lucy M. Scott as such widow may be authorized and empowered to collect sue for and retain said property, as her absolute property, as provided by law, it is ordered that letters of administration on said estate be inforced unless on the application of creditors or other parties [interests] the existence of other ther [sic] property be shown.
Volume D - p. 562, November term, 2nd day, November 13, 1883
Lucy M. Scott against James T. Scott
Now at this day comes the defendant by his attorney and files his motion to dismiss the complaints in this cause.
Volume D - p. 571, November term, 3rd day, November 14, 1883
Lucy M. Scott, plaintiff against James T. Scott defendant
Now come the said parties by their attorneys and defendant files his motion to dismiss this suit, and by consent of parties the same is taken up for hearing and the court having been fully advised of the same doth sustain said motion. It is therefore considered by the court that said cause be dismissed, and that the defendant have and recover of plaintiff his costs in this suit expended and have execution therefor.