MySource:Amelia.Gerlicher/Elizabeth Shaw Morrow Pension Application

MySource Elizabeth Shaw Morrow Pension Application
Place Guilford County, North Carolina
Warren, Tennessee, United States
Year range 1760 - 1848
Surname Morrow
Elizabeth Shaw Morrow Pension Application.

These documents are in the National Archives Revolutionary War Records for North Carolina under R7431.

The first is the sworn affidavit of Elizabeth Morrow, dated the sixteenth of July 1840.

It declares that Elizabeth Morrow "personally appeared before Edward Koge one of the Justices of the Court of Warren County, State above and Elizabeth Morrow of said county and State aged eighty years and after having been duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision of the act of Congress passed the fourth of July 1836 entitled "An act Supplementary to an act for the relief of certain surviving officers and soldiers of the revolution" that she is the widow of Robert Morrow who was a soldier in the North Carolina line of the Army of the revolution in the Regiment Commanded by Alexander Martin that after the termination of that Service he was a volunteer in the Army Commanded by Gen Green and was employed by him to carry dispatches for some time previous to the battle of Gifford Court House and was in that battle as a volunteer.

"She further declares that she was married to said Morrow on the 4th day of Nov 1779 and when her husband said Robert Morrow was last in the Service at the battle of Gifford her first child was about one year old: and that her husband aforesaid Robert Morrow died on the 18th day of March 1824 and that she has never married since."

Elizabeth placed her mark on the document.

The second document is dated twelve years later on the eighteenth of October 1852, when Hugh Morrow attempted to collect the pension money his mother had been denied.

That document states, Hugh Morrow "appeared before the undersigned, an acting Justice of the Peace in the afor said County and State. Hugh Morrow, aged 66 years with whom I am well acquainted, and who I certify is a man of veracity & good repute, and made oath in due form of the law that he is one of the children of Elizabeth Morrow deceased, who was the widow of Robert Morrow of Warren County, a Revolutionary Soldier from the State of North Carolina, that she made application for the Pension during her life time. Under Act of July 4th 1836, and that she died in Warren County Tennesee on the 23d day of October in the year 1848, and left the following children to wit; Hugh Morrow (Declarant), Robert Morrow, Mary Martin, Alexander M Morrow and Jane Stiles, that his mother was for some reason rejected or the suspended, and that he has in his possession no record or document proof in support the claim, other than that annexed, which is the original family record of the birth of the children of said Robert & Elizabeth Morrow, as kept by declarants father during his life time, and which is genuine, Declarant therefor prays that the amount of Pension due be allowed, and made payable to him as Administrator of his mother as it is his intention to qualify as such at the next County Court"

Robert Morrow's own record, apparently two sheets from his bible, lists George Morrow born August 30, 1780; Margerot Morrow born August 16, 1782; Elizabeth Morrow born November 18, 1784; Hugh Morrow born November 7, 1786; Elizabeth Morrow born November 23, 1788; Mary Morrow born October 18, 1790; John Morrow born February 25, 1793; Robert Morrow born February 12, 1795; Jean Morrow born November 4, 1797, Alexander Martin Morrow March 18, 1801.