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MySource Vincents enjoy anniversary
Place Hackberry, Cameron, Louisiana, United States
Lake Charles, Calcasieu, Louisiana, United States
Year range - 1944
Surname Vincent
Vincents enjoy anniversary.

From the Lake Charles American Press of Dec. 14, 1944

AN OUTSTANDING social event of the season was the celebration of the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Vincent at their home on Seventh Street when 300 relatives and friends, representing four generations of the Vincent family, came from all sections of Southwest Louisiana to offer congratulations to the honorees.

Mrs. E.C. Reeds, the former Miss Flavia Vincent, was at the door, and Mr. and Mrs. Vincent were assisted in receiving by members of their family. Miss Flavia Martha Reeds had charge of registration.

When Mr. and Mrs. Vincent were married 50 years ago at the home of Mrs. Vincent's parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Clarville Duhon at Hackberry, the event was one of interest to the whole community. Relatives and friends came from all the adjoining towns and countryside.

The bride and groom moved to their new home and lived in the country until 1913 when they came to Lake Charles. They have moved but once since coming here and have lived at 604 Seventh St. for many years.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Vincent are members of large families: Mr. Vincent's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vincent of Vincent's Settlement had 15 children, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarville Duhon had 14. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Vincent have one child, Mrs. E.C. Reeds, the former Miss Flavia Vincent, who lives next door to her parents. Mrs. Reeds has three children, Raymond, Flavia Martha and Ammye.

The scene is entirely different today from what it was when young Raymond drove cattle to market in Lake Charles. Horseback riding and buggies have been discarded for motor vehicles, oil development has made this section rich and prominent, business enterprises have come, saw mills have gone and plants like the Mathieson Alkali Works, Firestone and Cities Service have come to stay. Deep water has made Lake Charles a leading port, and life is not as leisurely as it was in those days. The community has grown up since Raymond Vincent was a youth , but he continues to raise cattle and is one of the prominent stockmen of this section.

Mrs. Vincent's grandfather, Cyprien Duhon, settled in this community in the early days, and Prien Lake is named for him, the "Cy" being omitted. Her father, Clarville Duhon, settled in the Hackberry community and long before there was a Catholic Church there his home was used on Sundays for service, the priest coming up from Cameron or from Lake Charles.

Mrs. Vincent has seen changes come to the community, from horse drawn vehicles to cars, from long skirts, high-necked long-sleeved dresses to the ones of today with makeup worn by everybody and slacks and ear rings by quite a number. She has taken it all with calmness, letting nothing disturb her serenity and happiness. Her sister, Mrs. Amar Vincent, lives within the block and her only brother, Ludgore Duhon, lives in Sulphur.

The following were in the house party: Mrs. E.H. Wilson, Mrs. Amar Vincent, Mrs. Lee Devaney, Mrs. Eldon Lasserre, Mrs. J.L. Vincent, Mrs. R.J. Richard, Mrs. Floyd Vincent, Mrs. Maurice Vincent, Mrs. N.E. Vincent, Mrs. J.X. Rawley, Mrs. John C. Winter, Mrs. Lawrence Vincent, Mrs. L. Dillon, Mrs. Soney Vincent, Mrs. Columbus Moss, Mrs. Tony Gayle, Mrs. Dave Dugas, Mrs. Herbert Sudwicher, Mrs. Helen Sudwicher, Mrs. Ralph Moreau, Mrs. Myrtle Vincent and Mrs. Whitney Guidry.