List of Genealogy Services

Organization"Their blurb"What it doesRestrictions and comments
GeneBaseFree Family Tree Program. Create and Print Your Family Tree Easy and Free!Enter Genealogy DataTerms and Conditions
SmartDraw.comCreate Family Tree Charts Create Perfect Family Trees Fast See Examples. Free Download!Downloadable program that could be used for creating genealogy charts Search Family Genealogy. Search 100 Over Million Records & Reunite w/ Friends and Family Today"Find Old Friends, Family, and Classmates Today! Search, find, and keep in touch with the people who matter most. Living person search service
KinCafe Free Family Tree Collaborate with family to expand Family Tree and Calendar. Its Free!a private social network for your family
MyHeritageTrace your Ancestry. Discover your roots. World wide family tree. Find your ancestors
Geni.comFree, Fast, Fun Family Trees Connect with family & share photos. Geni is private and secure. Only the people in your family tree can see your tree and your profileCreates a passable family tree, but starts with living persons (you) [ttp:// Terms of Use]
BlurtitFree Printable Family. Find Answers & Useful Links On Free Printable Family Tree ChartsAsk a question siteno obvious genealogical content except incidentally
WetPaintFamily Tree Webpages. Create Webpages Where Your Family Can Collaborate & Share Photos FreeBuild your own Wiki. Basically a social networking tool, but could be used for anything.
AncestryWith more than 5 billion names and 23,000 searchable databases, is the #1 online source for family history information, including the web's largest collection of historical records.
Digital RootsA non-profit BYU research laboratory dedicated to simplifying family history through the creation of powerful and intuitive software tools.]For making REALLY large genealogy charts; Also has tool to find relationships to famous people. Not sure whether this is free or pay service.