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What is the Recent changes page?

The Recent changes page is a page on which a WeRelate user can see the most recent changes made to WeRelate pages. This is useful for monitoring WeRelate for spam and other harmful edits. It also helps you to see what kind of edits others are making and learn from their techniques.

How do I access the Recent changes page?

Click on the Admin tab in the blue menu bar at the top of the page and then on Recent changes.

Can I choose to see only the edits that are relevant to my research?

Sometimes, the Recent changes page is filled with changes that others have made to person or family pages, or even their profiles or talk pages, while you might be wanting to see recent changes to place or source pages. You can filter the list of changes by namespace, in order to only see pages of a certain type. On the Recent changes page, click on the Namespace drop-down menu and select a namespace that you wish to view. Click Go to filter your list. You can also choose to see changes omitting a single namespace by selecting the namespace that you wish to remove from your list of changes and checking the box labeled Invert selection, before clicking Go. Other links above the drop-down menu allow you to hide certain types of edits, including minor edits and edits you have made.
Probably the easiest way to see only relevant recent changes is to check your watchlist. You choose which pages your watchlist monitors, eliminating the reams of insignificant edits.

Can I make my list larger?

You can change the number of changes shown by clicking on the links under the page title, choosing the number of results to show over the desired number of days.

Why are some entries on the Recent changes page bold?

The pages that show up in a bolder font are pages that you have added to your watchlist. Once you review the changes to those pages, they will no longer be highlighted.

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