Help:In case of vandalism or spam

  1. If you notice that a user has apparently intentionally vandalized a page, then "Roll Back" the vandalized page and go to the suspected vandal's "User Talk" page (link available from the recent changes page) and warn them to stop by entering either {{Block-linkspam}} or {{Inappropriate material}} at the end of their user talk page.
  2. If you recognize that this is the second time that the same user has misused WeRelate, then click on Recent Changes from the Admin menu bar. Locate the offending user in the log. Click on the "block" link next to the offending username, and block that user for one month.
  3. If you detect a “robot” at work by noticing that several different users have vandalized pages in the same day, and observing in the "New User log" that these users all share the same IP address, then “block” that IP address instead of each of the User names.

Either one of the above blocking actions (i.e., blocking a user for a month, or blocking an IP address) is an action that require admin privileges and should use very carefully. Therefore, please be sure to send a message to User talk:Dallan whenever you do this. Nevertheless, this policing action will help to promote pleasant experiences for responsible users of