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Flint in Caldwell County, Kentucky
John FLINT 1762/1763 - 1819

RootsWeb Databases look for

  • Richard and Frances (SIMMS) FLINT [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • John FLINT born 9 Aug 1765 died 5 Feb 1817 [5]
  • John James and Fada [McFarlan(d)]FLINT [6]
  • William and Elizabeth (PITCHER) FLINT [7] [8]
  • Archibald and Mary (FLINT)WIGGINS [9] [10] [11] [12]
    Mary is listed as born in Hampshire County (now West Virginia). The last database and this page list her as the daughter of Joseph and Charity (unknown) FLINT, who moved to Washington County, Maryland. The 1790 census lists Charity Flint and 1800 Widow Flint. Also in Washington County, Maryland 1790 & 1800 is John Flint who is 45+.This page states Mary FLINT is the daughter of John. By 1800 Charity doesn't have children in the household, but John has many children in his household. By the 1810 census, no FLINTs are listed. Being that a Benoni Swearingen lived and died in Washington County, Maryland, could he be the one that was granted 4 land grants for Revolutionary War Servicemen who served in the Navy? One of the grants originally was granted to a John FLINT. The land granted to Benoni is in present day Barren County, Kentucky. He appears on a tax list in that county, but not on census.

Flint marriages in Kentucky

Boone County

  • Rosey Flint to Wiley Worrel 22 Oct 1812
    Bond: Wiley Worrel, Henry Stephens
  • Sally Flynt to Nathan Underwood 2 Jan 1814
    Bond: Nathan Underwood, Sims Flint
  • Franky Flint to Benjamin Johnson 1 Oct 1814
    Bond: Ben Johnson, Ben Cave
  • Sims Flint to Ismena Hews 23 Jan 1817
    Bond: Sims Flynt, Ben Johnson
  • William Flint to Betsey Pitcher 16 Sept 1820
    Bond: Wm Flint, Thos Massie

Caldwell County

(Formed in 1809 from Livingston, please see that counties marriage)

  • Hannah Flint to John Thomas 16 Mar 1813
  • John Flint to Elizabeth Hamilton 5 Jan 1815
  • Benjamin W Flint to Nancy Ford 6 Mar 1817
  • Thomas Flint to Nancey Statten 6 Jul 1820

Christian County

  • Nancy Flint to Amos Marney/Morney 21 Nov 1816
  • Sally Flint to Francis Boyd 3 Mar 1818
  • Nancy Flint to Henry Jones May 1820

Lincoln County

  • Stephen Flint to Nancy Darnell 15 Jan 1814
  • Susanna Flint to John Cox Oct 1823


  • John Flint to Nancy Anderson 4 Apr 1808
    In Caldwell County Reuben Campbell to Polly Anderson 15 Oct 1809
    Polly's mother Nancy Flint gives consent

Mason County

Mercer County

Nelson County

  • Margaret Flint to Charles Ewing 3 Feb 1807
    Henrietta Ewing divorced Charles Ewing in Nelson County for adultery. This was also recorded in four books called Littell's Laws by John Mercer, who served in the legislature of Kentucky, from Caldwell County, Kentucky from 1808-1819.
  • James P Flint to Fanny M Young 1 Apr 1838

Washington County

  • Susan R Flint to Alexander Duncan 5 Jul 1826


All of the Boone County marriages are listed in the Early Tanner and Allied Family Marriages, plus

  • Agnes Flint to William Brown 1822
    Bond: William Brown, Geo C Terrill
  • Rhoda Flint to Thomas Rouse 1820
    Bond: Thomas Rouse, Samuel Rouse
  • Julia Flint to Frederick Tanner
  • Lucy Flint to John McIntosh 8 Apr 1813
    Bond: John McIntosh, Sims Flynt
    Permission by Frances Flynt for daughter Lucy


John Flint who died 1819 was married to

  1. unknown
  2. Nancy (unknown) Anderson
  3. Elizabeth (Hubbard) Thomas-Hamilton