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Where abouts of son John between 1620 and his arrival at Plymouth [21 May 2010]

Do you know or could you point me to sources of information about the Separatists who were left behind when the Speedwell and then the Mayflower came to Plymouth, New England?

I'm doing research on John Bradford, the son of William and his first wife, Dorothy. He was "left behind" in 1620, but did ultimately make it to Plymouth. I'm trying to find out what happened to him in between. As such, I'm trying to research two groups of people:

1. Those who stayed behind in Leyden. 2. Those 20 who were left behind in Southampton or Plymouth, England when the *some* of the Speedwell's passengers were transferred to the Mayflower.

I'm also trying to find the best evidence on when John came over.


Jillaine 12:38, 21 May 2010 (EDT)