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Marriage? 8 Oct 1845 Bridford, Devon, EnglandSt Thomas Church
7 Jan 1913

William Morey and Sarah Setter were assisted immigrants from England on the "Earl Grey" to Victoria Australia during May 1853 Book Number nine page 106.

WILLIAM MOREY & SARAH SETTER Great Great Grandparents

The town of Morton Hampstead in Devon England is located slightly to the southwest of the port of Exeter and members of the Morey family have been living there for more than four hundred years. At the end of the 1500's the name was usually spelt “Maury” or “mawrye' and during the next four centuries there have been more than half a dozen variations on the spelling even including the name “Murray”. Two centuries later during the 1700's the church of England parish records of the area reflect that depending upon the incumbent Rector at the time the name was spelled maurey, Morey, Mawry, Morry or the most often Mory. These popular names for the male members of the family.

Morton Hampstead and the surrounding district was a farming area and Exeter, in addition to being a port city, was also a major rail centre and the largest market town in the South West England at this time. Thus many members of the Morey family, both men and women worked on the land as agricultural labourers Effective in Sep 1783 an act of Parliament decreed that a stamp duty would be payable to his Majesty for the registration of births, baptisms and burials. As many members of the parish including the Morey family were poor, the payment could not be afforded and thus registration of these significant events did not take place leaving us with gaps in the family history.

However there is an entry in the Morton Hampstead parish records showing that a William Morry and Jane Kibble of the neighbouring parish of North Bovey apparently married on 20 Jul 1809 but an additional note by the minister states “this couple did not sign nor are there any witnesses to the marriage” hence the ceremony would not of been valid. Thus it appears that four months later on 26 Nov 1809 now with two witnesses in attendance, the couple repeated their vows and the marriage was duly sanctioned. Although to be the same person the record also reflects that at this time William Morry was a “husbandman” or farmer. During the next eighteen years as their fortunes seemed to have declined and William became a labourer, this couple raised eight children, two of whom were sons. It is to their son William, obviously named after his father, that we trace our heritage. William Morry born 1788 in North Bovey was buried 09 Jan 1856 in Mortonhamstead. Jane Morry nee Kimble born 01 Jul 1787 in Nth Bovey was buried 08 May 1870 in St. Sidwells Exeter. At the time of her death she was living with her daughter Emmeline and husband Francis Bennett at 5 Exeter Place Exeter.

The children of William Mory and Jane kimble all of whom were baptised at Morton Hampstead were:

1810-Mary Morry baptised 17 Oct 1810. Mary was a servant who gave birth to two illegitimate children Samuel Morry baptised at Morton Hampstead on 26 Jan 1834 and John Morry baptised on 17 Apr 1836 in the same town. When she was in her 30's Mary with her younger sister Jane as one of the witnesses married 12 Nov 1844 to a labourer named Gilbert Frost, the son of a shoemaker (Nalathiel Frost). It appears the couple had no children.

1811-Ann Morry baptised 28 Feb 1813. At the age of 22 in 1835 Ann married at Morton Hampstead to a farmer from North Bovey named Emanuel Brock and her older sister Mary was witness to the nuptials. Ann gave birth to 2 children, John Brock 24 Jan 1836 and Elizabeth Jane Brock 22 Dec 1839,Prior to her death at the age 29 years. Ann Brock was buried at Morton Hampstead on 10 July1842 and shortly thereafter her husband remarried and had another 2 sons, James and Emanuel Brock.

1812-Susannah Morry Baptised 18 Jun 1818. Married John Please and immigrated to Australia. Their family was Anna Maria died age 3yrs. Mary Jane born Tasmania 1841, Elizabeth born 1842, Emily born 1843, John born 1843 he died aged 3 months, Susannah died just after his birth. Please married again in 1847 to Mary Moore.

1817- Elizabeth Morry, baptised 04 Jan 1818. William Morry her father but more likely her brother as a witness to her marriage to a labourer named John Wills on 12 Oct 1834 when she was about 17 yrs old. The couple had a family of at least 7 children all of whom were baptised as shown at Morton Hampstead. Mary Jane Wills 03 May 1835 John Wills 10 Sep 1837 William Wills 01 Mar 1840 Anna Maria Wills 17 Mar 1844 Emmaline Wills 05 Jul 1846 and Francis Wills 22 October 1848.

1821-John Morry baptised 06 May 1821 Died at the age of 17 and was buried at Morton Hampstead on 05 Feb 1839.

1823-William Morry baptised 25 Jan 1824. Married Sarah Setter B 1823 Christow Devon in 1845. Children John born 1847 Bridford, George born 1848 Bridford, Emily born 1850 died 1850, Emily born 1853 at sea, Sarah born 1857 Australia, Frank born 1859 Australia, Harry born 1861 Australia.

1826-Emmeline Morry baptised 18 Jun 1826. Married Francis Bennett. Emmeline & Francis ended their days at Attwill's Almshouses in Exeter.

1828-Jane Morry baptised 02 Nov 1828. this daughter was also a servant who found work at Mill Brook. However Jane returned to Morton Hampstead possibly for the birth and certainly the christening of her son Walter Morry on 05 Dec 1847. She remained there for her marriage a little over 3 weeks later on 31 Dec 1847. Her husband was a labourer from Mill Brook named Walter Hutching(s) and it is probably safe to assume that he was the father of her child born prior to their wedding. Son William Morey Hutchings and Matilda his wife inherited Emmeline and Francis Bennetts house at 5 Brunswick place Exeter.

Following the early death of his elder brother John in 1839 William Morry Jr was the sole male descendant of William and Jane Morry and it is to this son we trace our ancestry. William Jr who was most likely born towards the end of 1823 became an agricultural labourer who could read but not write and who therefore signed all documents with his mark. Shortly before his 22nd birthday William was married at the Anglican Church in the neighbouring parish of Bridford Devon on 08 Oct 1845 to 22 yr old Sarah Setter who like himself could read but not write.

Williams's bride had been born in July 1823 in the small town of Dunsford Devon which is located about midway between Morton Hampstead and Exeter. In all likelihood Sarah's father Richard Setter had been born at Cheriton Bishop Devon in the latter part of the 1790 and it is believed that he had a brother named James Setter also born at Cheriton Bishop in 1788. On 05 May 1816 Richard Setter who was a farm labourer married Grace Gidley at Saint Thomas the Apostle church of England in Exeter.

It was at this same church that Grace Gidley's maternal grandparents Thomas Westcott and Grace Boutcher had been married on 2 April 1757. Thomas and Grace had a family of at least 8 children all of whom were baptised at Stoke Damerel Devon and three of whom died in infancy. Their youngest child was a daughter named Mary whose christening took place 16 October 1772. Less than 19 yrs later Mary Westcott was married on 22 August 1971 to Nathaniel Gidley with the service taking place at Whitestone. It was here that this couples 9 children one of whom died in infancy were baptised. It was Nathaniel and Mary's 2nd eldest child Grace christened 15 December 1793 who married Richard Setter. Grace and Richard Setter had a family of at least 4 children and probably more of whom we have no knowledge at this time. Their known children were Mary B1819 Dunsford Married 1846 to Thomas Mock, Sarah B1823 Dunsford to William Morry 1845. George B Devon 1826 married Martha Rowe and Francis B Devon 1854 married Martha Creswill.

At the age of 30 Richards Brother James Setter who also worked as a labourer was married at Crediton Devon 5th November 1818 to 23 yr old Elizabeth Forward the youngest of 10 children born to John Forward and Agnes Harper who had wed at Crediton on 7 June 1775 Elizabeth's birth in 1795 had taken place at Newton St Cyes which is where she was baptised 21 June 1799 at the age of 4. Following their marriage James and Elizabeth lived at Tedburn st St Mary, where they raised 6 children 4 sons and 2 daughters.

After exchanging their wedding vows at Budford (Bridford) this are where William and Sarah Morry lived and where their first 3 children were born. The birth of the eldest so John took place in early 1847 (before the end of March) about 16 months following his parent's marriage and a second boy George was born in the latter half of the following year. At the end of 1850 Sarah gave birth to the couple's first daughter whom they named Emily. The census which was carried out in the first quarter of 1851 records the family living at 41 higher Lowton in the parish of Bridford. William the head of the household was working as an agricultural labourer and the record reflects that he and Sarah were both 27 years of age. Their son John was 4 George 2 and Emily just 4 mths old. Sadly however sometime before reaching her 2nd birthday their infant daughter died.

In the year following her own wedding Sarah's older sister Mary Setter was married at the age of 27 to a 29 yr old farm labourer named Thomas Mock who had been born at south Taunton Devon in 1817. Less than 2 years after they had exchanged their vows Mary gave birth at Dunsford in the early 1848 to this couples only child a son called George Mock. The 1851 census tells that Mary and Thomas and their baby were residing at 26 Little Silver Dunsford and hence were neighbours of William and Sarah Morry. Sarah's 20 yr old single brother Francis was also nearby working as a house servant for a farmer named John Snow who had a wife and 3 teenage children. Additionally Sarah's uncle and Aunt James and Elizabeth Setter were resident at 11 village House in the parish of Tedburn St Mary whilst their 23yr old single son George who was working as a labourer was a lodger at 154 New Rd Christow.

By the end of 1852 following the loss of their infant daughter Emily and presumably seeking a better life for themselves and their family William and Sarah decided to immigrate to the colony at Port Philip. The Christmas season must have been one of mixed excitement and sadness as they said their farewells to friends and family. Early in the New Year William and Sarah now pregnant with their 4th child together with their 2 sons now aged 5 & 4 travelled about 30 miles south to Plymouth and became assisted immigrants for Australia. On 14 Jan 1853 they set sail on the “Earl Grey” but neither of them ever forgot their much-loved Devon and many years later they called their home in Melbourne “Devonshire Cottage”

The ships records reflect that William and Sarah could both read but not write and that the family were members of the Church of England faith. Their surname is Spelt “Morey”- the version which has survived in Australia to this day. All of the 296 passengers aboard the 571 ton vessel were government assisted immigrants chiefly from England and Wales and included amongst them were several other families from Devonshire. The majority of the passengers however were single young men and women. Most of the latter were domestic servants and 53 of the young men were travelling to join the police force in Melbourne. The long and arduous sea voyage which carried the passengers to there new homeland took 109 days with the Earl Gray reaching her designation on 02 May 1853. It was a journey which brought more sadness to William and Sarah.

During the voyage Sarah bore another daughter who was again named Emily in memory of the child left behind in an English grave. But sadly just one week prior to their arrival at Port Philip the infant died of general decline on 25 Apr 1853 and presumably was buried at sea.

Initially William his wife and their 2 sons settled in South Yarra area where William had been engaged as a gardener by a Mr William Smith for a guaranteed 3 month term commencing 5 days after their arrival on May 7th, at a wage of 104 Pounds per annum together with rations. Williams work must have proved satisfactory as Mr Smith appears to have continued his employment for a number of years. In fact it was here at South Yarra 18months after their arrival that Sarah gave birth on 04 Nov 1854 to their 5th child a 3rd daughter who once again was given the name Emily. This child would become the mother of Lillian Beatrice Bennett..

It was probably earlier in this same year when there must have been a joyful reunion in Melbourne when Sarah's sister Mary Mock her husband Thomas and 6 yr old George arrived at Port Philip. Perhaps they had been encouraged to emigrate by Sarah and William who now had family members with whom to share their lives. It appears that after their arrival in the colony the Mock family lived at Brighton where Thomas worked as a gardener.

A little over two months following the birth of their daughter Emily, in the late January of 1885, the Morey and Mock families were probably on hand to greet the arrival at Port Phillip of Sarah and Mary's younger brother, 24 year old Francis Setter. Francis was accompanied by his 19 year old bride Martha Creswill who was the daughter of a labourer James Creswill and his wife Martha. The young couple quite possibly stayed with William and Sarah Morey at South Yarra but having been in the colony for only a fortnight, Martha contracted Hepatitis and following six weeks illness she died at South Yarra on 20 Mar 1855. Her death certificate was signed by her husband of less than a year but does not reflect where Martha was buried. No further Victorian records have been located for Francis Setter so after such a tragic beginning in Australia, it is possible he may have returned to England.

It was also in late 1854 or early 1855 when Sarah and Mary's cousin George Setter (son of James Setter and Elizabeth Forward) also immigrated to the colony. In the latter part of 1851 when George was about 23 years old, he had been married in England to 28 year old Anne Hayden and this couple had three offspring born in England prior to immigrating to Victoria. Upon their arrival in the colony George, Anne and their children settled in the Geelong area where George found work as a labourer. But in April 1855, 32 year old Anne Setter (nee Hayden) and her son James both died at Geelong, probably in childbirth. On 14 Sep of the following year George Setter, now aged 28, remarried. His second wife Elizabeth Lucy Cambridge was a widow who had lost her 24 year old husband Henry Cambridge in the June of the previous and who had a two year old daughter Sarah Cambridge, born at Geelong in 1854. As Elizabeth's birth at Barley, Hertfordshire, to a builder named James Parker and his wife Mary Chuck had taken place in 1828, this meant that she was the same age as her now husband. George and Elizabeth Setter in addition to having a total of four children by their previous marriage's, had at least another five offspring together one of whom died in infancy. As this couple appear to have spent their lives on the Bellarine Peninsula, Sarah Morey and Mary Mock probably did not see a great deal of their cousin and his family. Over a period of years it should be noted that the spelling of the surname in this branch of the family seemed to have become Sitter.

Meanwhile, back in England, Mary and Sarah's younger brother George Setter had been married in 1853 at the age of 27 to 32 year old Martha Rowe Buffett who had been baptised at Dunchildeock, Devon, on 14 Oct 1821 the daughter of Richard and Rebecca Buffett.

Two years later the first of this couples three children - a daughter, Mary Anne Setter, was born at Exeter and the following year the family sailed to Port Phillip where surely they were warmly welcomed. George apparently worked as a miner and as a result the family seem to have lived in various locations.

It was 08 Feb 1857 when William and Sarah Morey and their Family were living at Cliff Street, South Yarra that Sarah gave birth to a fourth daughter who was named Sarah Jane Morey and in this same year her brother George and his wife Martha had a son Francis Richard Setter who was born at Parhran.

Another two years passed and whilst William and Sarah were still living at Cliff Street, a third son Frank was delivered by a Doctor Thompson of Punt Road on 28 Apr 1859. The following year George and Martha Setter produced their third and last offspring - a son named William Rowe Setter who was born at Woodend. But sadly just four years later Sarah's sister in-law Martha Setter ( nee Buffett) died in 1864 at the age of 43. Although her husband George was left to raise three children under the age of ten, he did not remarry.

The Morey family were still living at South Yarra when once again they too suffered a major loss. Their three and a half year old daughter Sarah had been staying at Moorabbin for a week with her aunt Mary Mock, when she died suddenly in the early morning of 04 Sep 1880. The child inexplicable demise was subject to a Coroners inquest. The day after her death, Sarah Jane Morey was buried in a Church of England public grave at the Brighton General Cemetery following a service be Reverend W R Lewis, who was a Congregational rather than Anglican minister.

Within the next twelve months, the Morey family moved from South Yarra to Moorabbin and it was here that their youngest child, a fourth son whom the named Harry, was born at Red Bluff in 29 Jul 1861. Thus Sarah and William had produced eight offspring but only five survived to adulthood and Emily, their first Australian born child and only surviving daughter, had two older brothers born in Devon and two younger brothers born in Victoria.

At Moorabbin, William continued to work as a gardener probably with his two younger sons John and George now toiling alongside him and for the next decade, the family resided in this market garden area not far fro the Mock Family. In 1871 Mary and Thomas Mock's 23 year old soon George married 19 year old Agnes Thompson McCallum, the Daughter of John McCallum and Mary White. This couple's first child was born at Moorabbin in the year following their wedding ad they then moved to Cheltenham where they lived for the ext twelve years. Here Agnes Mock bore another eight children before the family relocated to Burwood. But sadly, no sooner had they moved, than George Mock died in 1885 when he was only 37 years old. His widow did not remarry and was left to raise their three sons and six daughters on her own. It would be seven years later when Agnes Mock, (nee McCallum) would also die at Burwood at the age of 70 in 1924.

In 1871 or 1872 William, his wife Sarah and their children moved further South to Weatherall Road, Cheltenham where they purchased market gardening property of their own.</b> Cheltenham at this time was a large food producing settlement and no doubt William and his Sons worked hard to make their land productive and profitable. This property was destined to be passed on to the eldest son <b>John Morey who like his father was a market gardener and who lived here for the remainder of his life exhibiting both initiative and skill in successfully managing the land which stayed in the family for more than forty years. Henceforth the lives of many members of the Morey family would be intertwined with those other early settlers in the Cheltenham area.

The year 1873 brought the first marriage of one of the Sarah and William's children. Their second eldest son George wed a girl Jessie Elizabeth Allan from Brighton and shortly thereafter he went to work for the Victoria Railways. Less than a year later John, their eldest son, married the daughter of a neighbouring gardener Elizabeth Forrest. This couple who likely lived with William and Sarah at Weatherall Road following their wedding, raised a family of nine children all of whom were born at Cheltenham .

The next wedding in the family was that of Sarah's niece Mary Anne Setter, daughter of Sarah and Mary's brother George. In 1879 at the age of 24, Mary Ann married 34 year old Yorkshire born Frederick Hudson, the son of John Hudson and Mary Harrison. This couple raised at least eight children one of whom died at the age of seven months leaving one son and six daughters. It was at Quambatook that Frederick Hudson died in 1913 aged 68 and Mary Ann lived until she was 84 years old, also dying at Quambatook in 1940.

1882 was a year which produced three further weddings. William and Sarah Morey's son Frank married 24 May 1882 to Sarah Ann Spear B 1856 a girl from Hawthorn and for several years he and his wife lived at Cheltenham before moving to Hawthorn.

Sarah's Parent's Frederick and Ann Spear Nee Savage (from Somerset) also travelled to Australia on the “Earl Grey” the exact time as William and Sarah Morey. They are listed as assisted immigrants on the next page log for the EARL GREY. I believe that for their children two of married… William, Sarah, Frederick, and Ann Spear must of became friends on that long voyage from England and remained friends.

Frank became a tobacconist in Hawthorn. In this same year both of George Setters sons also remarried. Francis Richard Setter wed 19 year old Elizabeth Jane Edwards who delivered a son, George before dying the following year when she was only twenty years old. Three years later Francis remarried to Catherine Rowlett and this couple raised a family of more than three children. George Setter's youngest child William Rowe Setter was 22 years old when he wed Catherine Elizabeth Evans and this couple had a son whom they named George Francis Setter. William died at Bendigo in 1892 when he was only 32 years old.

Two years later Sarah and William's youngest child Harry Percival Morey who had become a brick maker, was living at Hawthorn when he married first a girl (Susan Martin (Morey Forum)) from Cheltenham. (It is here KLN Susan Martin merges with KLN Sarah Setter (a sub set of the KLN Howe Moreys))

The Morey's daughter Emily who had been a witness at the marriage of both her younger brothers, was the last of their children to marry at the somewhat advanced age of 31 in March of 1886. Her husband was a boot maker and named James Reid Bennett and this couple became the parents of Lillian Beatrice Bennett. Thus Emily's brothers were Lil's uncles and their children , her cousins.

The year 1887 started badly when on January 32 at Black Rock, Thomas Mock who was now 70 years old, died from chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The following day he was buried at the Cheltenham Cemetery after a Wesleyan service led by Reverend Charles Lancaster. One of the burial witnesses was George Tilley, a member of another early pioneering family of the Cheltenham district. The informant for the Thomas death certificate was his brother-in-law George Setter who was also resident at Black Rock at this time. Sarah Morey's sister Mary had now lost both her only child and her husband of more than forty years and the all likelihood it was at this time that she apparently moved to Burwood where she probably resided with her widowed daughter-in-law.

It was also in 1887 approximately 12 months following his daughter Emily's wedding when William Morey suffered a stroke which left him Paralysed. Hence it was probably shortly thereafter that he and Sarah left Cheltenham and moved to Balaclava where they purchased a house at 37 Marlborough st which they named “Devonshire Cottage” in remembrance of their roots.

Two years later on 04 Aug 1889 Sarah Morey's Brother George Setter who was now a resident at Denby Road Middle Brighton died as a result of chronic asthma and bronchitis from which he had been suffering for approximately 3 years. Following a Wesleyan service by reverend C H Ingernells George was buried at the Brighton Cemetery 2 days later. He has outlived his wife by 25 years and was survived by 2 of his 3 children and at least 11 grandchildren. It was just 18months later when Sarah lost her husband on 14 Mar 1890 having been paralysed for 3 years William Morey died at his home at the age of 66 and the following day was buried in the St Kilda Cemetery. The informant for his death certificate was his second eldest son George also now living at Balaclava and the document stated that Williams's parentage was “unknown”. There is also no mention of William and Sarah's eldest daughter Emily who was born and died in Devon.

Following the loss of her husband Sarah continued to live at Devonshire Cottage and 14 years later this is where Sarah died on 30 Jul 1904 from and intestinal obstruction when she was 80 years old. She had spent more than half a century in Australia and was survived by her remaining 5 children and their spouses 30 of her 33 grandchildren (including 14 yr old Lillian Bennett) and 5 Great grandchildren. The informant for her death certificate was her 2nd eldest son George and the document incorrectly reflects Sarah's mother's maiden name as Browning Two days after her demise Sarah was buried with her husband and 1 of her grandchildren in St Kilda Cemetery. Her only daughter 1 of her sons and a daughter-in-law would later be interred in this same grave.

There is an impressive headstone on this family plot which reads as follows.

Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM MOREY Who died 14th March 1890 Aged 66 years

And his wife SARAH MOREY Who died July 30th 1904 Aged 80 years

Also REUBEEN MOREY Grandson of the above Accidentally drowned at Sandhurst December 16th 1890 Aged 16 years and 6 months Be ye also ready\also

EMILY BENNET Daughter of the above Who died January 7th 1913 Aged 58 years Beloved by all

Also GEORGE MOREY Died 20th July 1915 aged 66 years

Also his beloved wife JESSIE ELIZABETH MOREY Died 8th November 1929 aged 77 years


Following Sarah's demise “Devonshire Cottage”</b> was apparently left to her only daughter Emily Bennett who together with her family took up residence there. Thus the property stayed in the <b>Morey/Bennett family for at least 25 years before being sold sometime between 1913 and 1918.

It was 5 yrs after Sarah's death when at the age of 89 her sister Mary Mock (nee Setter) died at Burwood. She had out lived her brother George Setter, her sister Sarah Morey, her husband Thomas and her only Child George who had died nearly a quarter century before her. Mary was survived however by 9 grandchildren and more than 12 great grandchildren. Thus more than 50 yrs after their arrival in Australia the last of the original Morey, Setter and Mock family immigrants was gone.

The Children Of William Morey And Sarah Setter</b>:

B1847 John Bridford Devon England D 1914 Issue 9 1 Male 8 Female M Elizabeth Forrest

B1848 George Bridford Devon England D 1915 Issue 8 4 Male 4 Female M Jessie Allan

B1850 Emily Bridford Devon England D1853 Pre January

B1853 Emily At Sea Aboard The “Earl Grey” D 1853 At Sea Aboard The “Earl Grey”

B1854 Emily South Yarra Victoria D 1913 Issue 5 2male 3 Female M James Reid Bennett

B1857 Sarah Jane South Yarra Victoria D 1860

B1859 Frank South Yarra Victoria D Issue 4 Male M Sarah Ann Spear

B1861 Harry Red Bluff Moorabbin D 1938 Issue 7 3male 4 Female M 1884 Susan Martin M 1931 Amy Amelia Vine <b> Thomas Westcott & Grace Boutcher

</b>Married at St Thomas the Apostle church Exeter Devon 26 Apr 1757 8 Children born between 1758 and 1772 including:

MARY WESTCOTT Christened 16/101772 Stoke Darrerel Devon Married 22/08/1791 at Whitestone to NATHANIEL GIDLEY 9 Children born Whitestone Devon including as follows:

Grace Gidley Christened 15/12/1793 Whitestone Devon Married 5/05/1816 St Thomas Apostle Exeter to RICHARD SETTER. Minimum 4 Children born Dunsford. Devon including as Follows:

<b>SARAH SETTER Born July 1822 Dunsford Devon Married WILLIAM MORRY christened 25 Jan 1824 - Morton Hampstead Devon son of WILLIAM MORRY & JANE CIMBLE. 8 Children 3 born Bridford Devon 1 born at sea 4 born Victoria Australia including AS FOLLOWS.

EMILY MOREY Born 4/11/1854 South Yarra Victoria married 23/03/1885 Cheltenham Victoria to JAMES REID BENNETT B 4/02/1855 Incented Head Victoria son of JAMES BENNETT & MARY COLLINS 5 children between 1887 and 1895 including following

Lillian Beatrice Bennett B 14/07/1890 St Kilda Victoria Married 6/10/1913 to JAMES JOSEPH ASPER JR B 16/11/1891 Brighton Victoria son of JAMES JOSEPH ASPER & ANN NEEDS.

One child

BERYL LAVINIA ASPER B 5/11/1913 Elsternwick Victoria married 22/3/1941 Toorak Victoria to EWAN LEYTON WILLIAM CHANDLER B 14/07/1912 Elsternwick Victoria son of EDGAR AINGE CHANDLER & ISABELLA JANE WIGNELL..3 Children.

There is still to be other descendants to be put onto this storey. I believe that the magnolia tree in front of the cottage is still there and that it is a golf course now. Frank Morey disappeared and left his wife and son Frank who was in Yarrah Bend Mental home. They both died the same year. 1912. To this day I don't know where Frank went…His sons Arthur and Albert both came to New Zealand so its possible he to came to New Zealand.