Family:William Black and Agnes Cunningham (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][4] 18 OCT 1894 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick
Census[3][5] 1901 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandPartick
12 MAY 1971

WILLIAM BLACK, son of MATTHEW BLACK and MARGARET (MARY) HAGERTY, married AGNES CUNNINGHAM, daughter of CHARLES CUNNINGHAM and MARY MILROY, on 18 Oct 1894 at Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. William 26, Agnes was 21. William and Agnes were married at Masons Hall, Douglas Street, Partick, Lanark, Glasgow, Scotland. "After publications according to the ? of the United Presbyterian Church."

When they married William lived at 13 Clarendon Street, Partick, Glasgow and Agnes at 73 Finnieston Street, Townshead, Glasgow. Townshead is in the center of Glasgow near Central Station (railroad). Partick is a mile or two west, both on the north bank of the Clyde.

They lived in Glasgow their entire lives and raised a large family of six boys and two girls. They lived long lives, Agnes dying first in 1957, aged 84 and William died a year to the day later, in 1958 at the age of 89.

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