Family:William Ballard and Elizabeth Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Alt Marriage? ABT 1630 Warwick, Eng
Marriage[1] EST 1632
Other[1][3] 1635 Lynn, Middlesex County, MassachusettsMigration
Abt 1630 England


On 13 July 1635, "W[illia]m Ballard," aged 32, husbandman, "Elizabeth Ballard," aged 26, "Hester Ballard," aged 2 and "Jo[hn] Ballard," aged 1, were enrolled at London as passengers for New England on the James [Hotten 107].S1, S2

Family Structure Theories

Speculation that this couple had a son William is based on scattered records in Lynn that do not on close inspection support the idea. A jury record alleged from 1665 does not in the original record contain a William Ballard, and thus was probably an incorrect transcription. A birth of Rebecca in 1669 fits better as the son of William's son Nathaniael, as there iare no other births to a William, but a gap in births for Nathaniel's children. A marriage record of Elizabeth Ballard in 1684 refers most likely to William's widow. Finally, a 1695 estate record referring to son John lists properties that match those William would have received as a first generation immigrant. As Elizabeth had a life estate, and was still alive in the 1680s, the final administration of the elder William's estate needed to occur at some later point. [Analysis by Great Migration Project, S1 & S2]

Placement of William of Andover, who would have had to have been born when this William was 14, as this man's son makes no sense and is also rejected by the Great Migration Project.

Placement of Thomas of Virginia as a son is apparently based on wild claims made in a 1935 Richmond newspaper article, which has the Massachusetts man specnding some time in Virginia, leaving a son there, and then making his way to Lynn and then to Andover.

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    married by about 1633 Elizabeth ________.

  3. aboard the James

James (1635)
Two ships called the James sailed from England to New England in 1635, the first in April, this one in July.
Sailed: Jul 1635 from Unspecified port, England under John May
Arrived: Sept 1635 at Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

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