Family:Unknown and Margaret Burkhard (1)

d. Bet 8 Apr - 8 May 1854
m. Before 1820
Facts and Events
Marriage[1] Before 1820
  1. Octa Scott Whiteley, in Scott Family Letters.

    My Great Grandfather Scott lived in Pa. had 2 wifes. His first wife died and left him with 5 children. He then married a woman that was a widow with 5 children and then they had 5 children of this union. The first set was where my Grandfather belonged. The Widow’s set of 5 would not be blood related, to the first set only step. Cousin Margaret & Chas. Were from the last 3rd set; and of course would be half brothers and sisters to both sets. (1st and 2nd) (All Scotts name were 1st and 3rd sets the 2nd set would not have (Scot) name. He had 15 children 10 of his own and 5 stepchildren. (Quite a mixed up Bunch.)