Family:Unknown McCune and Unknown (1)

McCune (add)
Facts and Events
Marriage? bef. 1710 Poss. Scotland or Ireland
Abt. 1710 Ireland
Bef. 18 Nov 1761 Augusta County, Virginia
Bef. 1712
ABT 1721
Bef. 1724
Bef. 1725
BEF 1730 prob. Ireland
BET 1781 AND 1786 York County, South Carolina

Note: some sources claim that the father of some of the McCune's listed below was Francis McCune, but there appears to be no proof to substantiate this claim. It is likely that several of the McCune's listed with this family may have been siblings, but additional research is necessary to prove any such relationship. More research necessary on this family.

The following records in Augusta County link both Thomas McCune and James McCune to Salisbury Township in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania prior to 1744, and they mention "members of the McCune family that also came to Augusta County", many of which are possibly the others attached to this family. The third the fourth records list James McCune, John McCune and Francis McCune (possible but not proven siblings).

  • Vol. 1 - Samuel Gay and Robert Turk, probably resided In Lancaster, Pa., on December 4, 1744. They gave their bond to James McCune, of Salisbury Township in that county. The obligors of this bond removed to Augusta County, Va., prior to 1750, and members of the McCune family also came to Augusta. The bond also appears in the papers. (C. P. No. 1.)
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY, 1745, To MARCH, 1746. - Thomas McCune vs. Samuel Gay and Robert Turk.--Plaintiff of Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, Pa. Defendants of Augusta County. Bond dated 4th December, 1744.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 18, 1746. - (48) James and John McCune, on testimony of John Risk and James Lockhart, committed for having spoken treasonable words.
  • Vol. 1 - August 20, 1746 - (74) James McCune to be overseer vice Francis McCune. (Note: both James and Francis McCune acquired land in the Borden Tract).