Family:Unknown Carothers and Unknown (1)

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b. bef. 1695 prob. Ireland
m. bef. 1715 prob. Ireland
Facts and Events
Marriage? bef. 1715 prob. Ireland
ABT 1715 prob. Ireland
abt. 21 July 1782 Mecklenburg, North Carolina
est 1718 Prob. Ireland
ABT 1720 prob. Ireland
abt. 1722 Prob. Ireland

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The Steele Creek Historical and Genealogical Society Of the Old Steele Creek Township Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Families of Steele Creek: Carothers

Information from Carothers family website on John Carothers, son of Unknown Carothers DNA research:

John Carothers,

1725 - 1783

John was one of five brothers and two sisters, all but one of whom emigrated to America about 1740. John himself emigrated by way of Northern Ireland in 1745. He was born in Dumfries, but died in Cumberland Cty., Pennsylvania, where he is buried near Silver Springs Presbyterian Church. He was a veteran of Pontiac's Rebellion, and was a Mason. His father is thought to have been Robert Carothers. After he died, his wife, the former Sarah Neely, moved to Mecklenburg Cty., North Carolina, along with three of their sons. John's twin brother Hugh had already settled in that area.