Family:Thomas Clark and Mary Knight (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3] Bef 1640 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
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    link William Knight's will dated 20 Mar 1629/30 of "St. Olave's, Southwark" wife Elizabeth, children William, John, Mary, Ursuly, son-in-law Irsrael Stoughton; The will of Isreal Stoughton, 1644 called Mr. William Knight, Mr. Thomas Stoughton, Mr. Thomas Clark, Mr. David Yale to see to the due deere brother Thomas Clarke

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    Thomas Clarke 22 Mar 1682/3 Will volume 6, part 2, page 404 (bu new pagination, p. 649).

    The will of THOMAS CLARK, dated 15 Aug 1679, proved 22 Mar 1682/3 to daughters MEHITABLE WARREN, ELIZABETH HUTCHESON; to my wife 80 pounds a year, and the use of my orchard at Dorchester; to my son WARREN; to the eldest son of daughter MEHITABLE; to son ELISHA HUTCHESON; to brother JOHN CLARKE of Welton; to sister ANN HARES; to Dorothy Muscote and to JANE Smith; to sister STOUGHTON; to cozen THOMAS SMITH; large sum of money given to build a good hospital; overseers: honored kinsman William Stoughton, Capt. John Richards, Cozen MR. WILLIAM TAILER, THOMAS SMITH; witnesses: Silvanus Davis, Jabez Salter, John Moore.

  4.   Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862)

    Clarke, Thomas, Boston, merchant, had first lived at dorchester, 1636, selectman there 1641 and 1642, artillery company 1638, freeman 14 Mar 1639, a captain in 1653, and after head of the Boston reg. rep. 1651 and many yrs. more, speaker in 1662 and several years later, chosen an Assistant 1673, and d. 28 July 1678. His first wife was Mary, by whom he had Mehitable, b. 18 Apr 1640; Elizabeth 22 May 1642; and Deborah, bp. 9 Jun 1644. Other children were Thomas, the only son, and Leah, perhaps both born in England, but his will, made shortly before his death, instructs us that she [Leah] was wife of Thomas Baker, Deborah w. of Nathaniel Byfield, and Elizabeth Stevens ... and his widow was Ann. [This source has errors]