Family:Rodham Kenner and Hannah Fox (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? abt. 1694 Lancaster,,Virginia,USA
aft. 1739

Capt. Rodham KENNER Sr. 22 Mar 1670 - 26 Jul 1706 ID Number: I75070

TITLE: Capt.

OCCUPATION: Burgesses, Sheriff, Justice, Tobacco Planter

RESIDENCE: St. Stephens, Northumberland Co. VA

BIRTH: 22 Mar 1670, St. Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia DEATH: 26 Jul 1706, St. Stephens, Northumberland, Virginia RESOURCES: See: [S3226] [S3414] Father: Richard KENNER Mother: Elizabeth RODHAM

Family 1 : Hannah FOX MARRIAGE: ABT 1694, Virginia

Hannah KENNER 

+Elizabeth KENNER

Richard KENNER 
Rodham KENNER Jr. 


17 Jun 1691 Sworn High Sheriff, p.553, Northumberland Co., VA 26 Jul 1706 Will, Northumberland Co., VA 21 Aug 1706 Will probated.

Will...Rodham Kenner...Parish of St Stevens, Co. of Northumberland... daughter, of Westmoreland... dau. in this Co near Yeocomoco 100 pounds sterling and 4,000 lbs of tobacco, each when they arrive at age of 18... Exors: bro., Capt. Francis Kenner, cousin, Capt Christopher each of them 3,000 lbs. of tobacco for 1st yr and for every year after the sum of 2,000 lbs of tobacco each... brother, John Kenner 1,000 pounds of tobacco... brother, Mathew Kenner 1,000 lbs, tobacco... All rest of estate to my son, Richard Kenner.. s/ 26 July 1706 Rodham Kenner (seal). Wit: Wm. Harcum, Danl McCarthy, Elizabeth Kenner, Hannah Neale. p. 21 Aug 1706, Northumberland Co., VA. 15 Aug 1711. Court approved the original (record being burnt).

The Kenner Family History, compiled by Lois Colleen Hindman Kenner.

CURRY DESCENDANTS by Judge Noble K. Littell pp27 ref#1704. The Wickenkamp-Thorn(e) Connection by Floyd W. Wickenkamp. A SEATON-ZENOR FAMILY HISTORY 2nd ed.1983 pp 116. The FOX Family Bible.

Col. Rodham served as a member of the House of Burgesses in the year 1697 from the County of Northumberland. The following letter shows that he was a Burgess early in the year 1697: The letter is dated 26 Apr 1697

Worthy Sir,

This Pms I take to inform you that I have had bread on the side of my neck a Verry grate impostn and it is lately break'd, so that now is a Hole in my Neck that a man may put in three of his fingers. The docter tells me that it will be verry daingerous to goe soe much as about the plantation, soe I am affraide I shall not be able to appeare on the day perfixt, at towne; I therefore humbly request that you will please to inform the house of Burgesses of the occasion of my absence from ye sd House, and that they may ashuredly Conclude that as soone as Ever shall please God to make me able, shall give my true attendance on the House, the Contrary I hope will neither by you nor them be supposed. Sr, ye ffavour herein will oblige Sr. yr Humble Svt, RODHAM KENNER

To Mr Robt Carter, Speaker of the House of Burgesses att James City, these.

He was Sheriff of County in 1692 and 1699 also Justice in 1699. He died in Aug 1706 (Another Death Date is 26 Jul 1706). His will was proved Aug 1706 and was as follows: In the name of God AMEN: I Rodham Kenner of the Parish of St. Stephens in the county of Northumberland. Gentl Being sick and weak in body but of perfect sense and memory praised be the almighty God therefore and calling to rememberance the uncertain Estase of this Transitory life and that all flesh must yeild undo death when it shall please God to call, do make Ordain and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner of form and following hereby revoking all other amd former will and wills testement and testements by me made this and only to be taken for mt last will and testement. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God my maker in sure and certaine hope of an ever blessed and immortal Salvation throught the merritts of my blessed Savior Christ Jesus, my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Exors here after named, and for what Estate God in his great Mercy hath been pleased to bestowe on me. I give and dispose there as the followeth. Imprimis, I give to my daughter Elizabeth all my land situated in the county of Westmoreland between lower Machodig River and Nomaine River in the neck commonly called Machodig neck, To her and the heirs of her body, lawfully begotten forever, and for want of such issue to the heirs att law of said Elizabeth forever. Item. I give and devise all my lands situated in this county near the head of the Yocomoco River to my daughter Hannah and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten and for want of such to the next heirs at law the said Hannah forever. Item. I give and devise to each of my said daughters Elizabeth and Hannah the sum of one hundred pounds of sterl money and four thousand pounds of tobacco. To be paid to each of the respectively upon demand after they and each of them arrive to the age of eighteen years (that is to say) so much to be paid to my daughter Elizabeth upon demand after she arrives to the aforesaid and so much to my daughter Hannah upon demand after she arrived to the foresaid. Item. I appoint and ordain my loving brother Capt. Francis Kenner amd my loving cozen Capt. Christopher Neale my whole and sole exors of this my last will and testement to recieve and pay my debts and to manage what Estate my children shall have to the best advantage for my said children and to see my children well educated end brought up. And in condideration of this care and trouble aforesaid.

From VA Genealogies (Hayden) H414, p118 b: per Wm & Mary Qtly, vol 18, p131 (1909-1910) Member, House of Burgesses from Northumberland Co. in 1697 He was also Justice & Sherrif of Northumberland Co. w: wp 21 Aug 1706; Genealogies of VA Families, vol III, He->M, (Wm & Mary Qtly), G326, p253, p262

Rodham was member of the House of Burgess in 1696. (Genealogies of Virginia Families", pge 256.

Rodham's will was probated 21 Aug 1706; Colonial Abstracts, Northumberland Collectanea, 1645-1720, A-L, pg 559. To dau Elizabeth land in Westmoreland, Co betw Lower Machotig River and Nomaine River in the Neck called Matchotig Neck. She under 18. To dau Hannah. She under 18. Brother Capt Francis Kenner and 'Couzen' Christopher Neale, exors. To Brother John Kenner. To Brother Matthew Kenner. To son Richd Kenner. Wit: Wm Harcum, Danl McCarty, Elizabeth Kenner, Hannah Neale. Proven by Capt Christopher Meale and Capt Francis Kenner, exeors, 15 Aug 1711.

Colonel Rodham Kenner (Richard2, Richard1) was born in St Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA 23 MAR 1671. Colonel died before 21 AUG 1706 in Northumberland, VA, at approximately 35 years of age.

He married Hannah Fox in Lancaster, VA, 1690. Hannah was born 25 JUL 1671. Hannah was the daughter of David Fox and Hannah Ball. Cottrell: cource for Family of Rodham and Hannah "Fox" Kenner is: T R Peterson, Houston, TX.

Colonel Rodham Kenner and Hannah Fox had the following children:

i. Richard4 Kenner I so Col Rodham & Hannah Fox was born CA 1691. ii. Elizabeth Kenner do Col Rodham & Hannah Fox was born CA 1693. She married three times. She married Richard Bushrod. Richard was born CA 1688. Richard was the son of Thomas Bushrod. She married Robert Vaulz. Robert was born CA 1688. She married Rev Lawrence De Butts. Lawrence was born CA 1688. iii. Hannah Kenner do Col Rodham & Hannah Fox was born 31 AUG 1695. She married four times. She married Richard Hull. Richard was born CA 1690. She married John Harris. John was born CA 1690. She married Thomas Cralle. Thomas was born CA 1690. She married John Cralle. John was born CA 1690.

Richard4 Kenner I so Col Rodham & Hannah Fox (Colonel Rodham3, Richard2, Richard1) was born CA 1691. Richard died 02 FEB 1725 in St Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, VA, at 33 years of age.

He married Elizabeth ?. Elizabeth was born CA 1696. Richard Kenner I so Col Rodham & Hannah Fox and Elizabeth ? had the following children: i. Hannah5 Kenner do Richard was born CA 1715. She married William Ball 10 JAN 1742. William was born CA 1710.

ii. Rodham Kenner so Richard I so Col Rodham was born 02 JAN 1717.

iii. Richard Kenner II gso Col Rodham & Hannah Fox was born CA 1719. Richard died 12 FEB 1729 at 9 years of age.