Family:Robert Rogers and Margaret Thornton (1)

Robert Rogers (add)
Margaret Thornton (add)
1700 Ireland
BET 1750 AND 1754 Old Dominion
est. 1708-1720 Prob. Ireland
Est. 1708-1720 prob. Ireland
abt. 1709 Ireland
Abt. 1711 Ireland
Est. 1712-1725
bef. 1722
Feb. 1768

George went to Augusta Co, VA bought the 540 Betheny Manor and had son Robert Rogers m. Elizabeth White (maybe not sure yet on Elizabeth White-- Isaac White was near Betheny Manor!!!).* Then Robert went to Blount Co., TENN and MAYBE BIG MAYBE had son Robert m. Hannah Tipton. Gordon White was there in Blount Co. We also know that Robert who was the "heir" of George Rogers wrote a letter inquiring about what happened to the 540 acres of land that George had in Augusta Co. If he was the son of George not the grandson of George, he would have likely called himself the "son" of George, not the "heir" of George. Since this is where Robert m. Hannah Tipton in 1793, the Robert writing the letter could be the grandson of George. Robert m. Elizabeth just simply disappeared. The Robert that m. Hannah Tipton MIGHT BE as an alternative the youngest son of HAMILTON ROGERS, a Robert Rogers who was from VA and born in 1771. That would make him exactly the correct age to have married Hannah Tipton and therefore not directly descended from George Rogers.

George's father is likely the Robert from Antrim, Ulster, Ireland, or "on the Esturara" aka (Swatura) who arrived in Hanover, PA cerca 1733. Still looking for the tombstones and more evidence -- his wife is buried in Old Hanover Church cemetery.[1] Notes and Queries vol I, p 226. *

    • according to Notes and Queries Vol I, p.226 Robert Rogers who died in 1745 m. Elizabeth was son of this Robert of Esturara.
  • the Robert Rogers m. Margaret Thornton, source Spivey says those two were born c.1680 (Margaret possibly sister of Robert Thornton b. 1685 and Margaret b. 1686) and that would have Robert age 61 coming to Lancaster/Hanover and meaning that their kids would have been older... possibly explaining why Robert d. 1745 leaving widow Elizabeth would have been the son of this Robert from Ireland. That would mean Sarah Rogers could have m. John Patton in 1725 in Ireland because they were not in PA yet. Actually, John and Sarah went to Chester Co. first then to Lancaster because of John Patton's uncle. John came to colonies because of a brother-in-law that was forced exile to colonies. Transcription act was in 1717 so that would fit, too. This uncle lured everyone to Philadelphia / Lancaster area and another reason Robert might have come to colonies. Could any of Robert's son's have come to colonies before him?

The Thorntons appeared to have been Methodist Episcopal is it possible Rogers started out Methodist Episcopal, too, and not Presbyterian. Unsure but if Robert Thornton was in fact Margaret Thornton's brother than she would have been the same as him? Whereas Robert Thornton's wife Sarah Taylor was known to be a Quaker.

  • Coincidentally, the second place George bought (Betheny Manor SW 170 acres in 1758?) was located very near two pieces of land owned by James Pattons' and James Patton was a brother of Cptn. John J. Patton, Sr. the "immigrant" from Ireland who married Sarah Rogers. John Patton, Sr. m. Sarah Rogers and one of their kids was also James Patton ... they perhaps lived close to family in Augusta when they all started moving from Lancaster/ Hanover to Augusta Cty, VA.