Family:Patrick McCullough and Mary Hamilton (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt 1800 Ireland
28 Mar 1825 Monaghan, Ireland

Patrick and Mary are from County Monaghan, Ireland. Though Patrick may have originally come from Scotland (according to John K. Adams). They came to Canada in 1826 or 28. They may have come by way of Pennsylvania in 1826 and then moved on to Canada after a couple of years.

A note in the papers of Viola Hezler: " [Martha's] father was Patrick McCullough, an imminent surgeon." He was known as Doctor McCullough, but was a farmer and landowner. Present day McCulloughs carry a tradition that he was a doctor of Divinity, but a check of all colleges in the United Kingdom, both for Divinity and Medicine, failed to show any record of his attendance. It is held by some that the Doctor was simply a title of respect, since he was obviously educated to some degree and education among early settlers in North America was practically non-existent. [Leone Hinds]

All descendants, except Martha, stayed in Canada. There are many McCulloughs in Ontario today.

"..the McCulloughs left Argylshire, Scotland about 1660. They moved to Ireland near Castleblaney in the County of Monaghan close to the border of County Armagh. They were a farming family at the time they emigrated to Canada in 1816. The voyage took 11 weeks. Patrick 1765-1845 and his wife Mary Hamilton brought 6 sons and 2 daughters with them to Canada and settled in Eramosa Twp. Patrick brought enough money to buy 200 acres as well as send his oldest son Robert to study at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Robert returned later to practice medicine at Georgetown. Patrick organized and taught in the first school in Eramosa Twp. His wife has been described as a talented and handsome woman." [Mrs. Myrtle Reid, as quoted by Marie Viklund]

Patrick buys land on 17 October 1827 -- lot 15 W 1/2 concession 3 of Eramosa Two, from Timothy Loree [or Lorie]. 100 acres for the sum of 37 pounds and 10 shilling.

"In the middle 1820s, the back townships of the Gore District: Erin, Eramosa and Garafraxa, received a small number of immigrant families and individuals, mainly from England and Ireland, who traveled inland up the St. Lawrence River, through Lake Ontario, landing at York, then overland to the wild lands.

Among these families were the McCulloughs. Patrick and Mary, who were natives of County Monaghan, Ireland, together with six sons and two daughters of their family. Patrick, born 1769, died January 31, 1849, aged 80, was 56 years of age at the time he settled. He was a man of some education known to his friends as a quiet man of high principles.

He chose to live on the west half of lot 15, concession 3 in Eramosa, having purchased the Crown grant of Timothy Lorie, and this land remained in the McCullough family for more than three quarters of a century.

"The family of Patrick and Mary McCullough ranged from young adults down to a child about three years of age. The eldest, Robert, became a physician. He practiced at Dundas, and later opened an office in Georgetown, Ontario where he died December 26, 1895. His wife was the former Charlotte Standish."

Eramosa Township Census:
1828 Patrick McCullough, 10 acres cultivated; 100 acres uncultivated. William Alford, 22 acres cultivated; 100 acres uncultivated.

1832 Patrick, 30 acres cultivated; 70 uncultivated 5 males over 16, one under 16; 1 female over 16, 2 under 16. William Alford, 10 acres cultivated; 90 uncultivated 1 male over 16, one under; 1 female over 16, one under.

1833 Patrick, 5 males under 16, one over; 1 female over, one under William, 2 males over 16, one under; 1 female over, one under.

1837 McCulloughs: Patrick, Allan, Thomas, James. William: 1 male over 16, two under; one female over, 3 under.

1840 Patrick McCullough, Presbyterian, 3 males over age of 16 and 3 females over age of 16.

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