Family:Nicholas Waln and Jane Turner (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 1 Dec 1673 West Riding of Yorkshire, EnglandAt the house of William Birket called “Chapelcroft”, Nicolas Walne of Chapelcroft and Jane, the daughter of William Turner of “Windeyeats”, were united in marriage.
14 JAN 1707/08

Family History

“Nicholas Walne, his wife, and three children” were included with several families in a certificate of removal into Pennsylvania from the Settle monthly meeting of 7 4mo. [June] 1682.[3][4] On 26 June 1682, Nicholas loaded items onto the Lamb at the port of Liverpool, Lancashire.[5] The Lamb arrived in Pennsylvania on 22 October 1682.[5]

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    “In the yeare 1673 on the first day of the 10th month Nicolas Walne of Chapellcroft did take to wife Jane ye daughter of William Turner of windeyeats & she did also take him to be her husband at the house of William Birket called Chapelcroft & amongest the assembly of the Church mett there that day”

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    Philadelphia MM:
    Ellin Walne, daughter of Nicholas & Jane, died 14 11mo. 1707.

    Children of Nicholas & Jane Waln: Elizabeth (born 27 1mo. 1697), Nicholas (24 1mo. 1699), and William (15 1mo. 1700/1).

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    The right side of the register page is ragged, and the text is therefore incomplete. See also the transcript from The Friend.

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    See the transcript.

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    See also note 91. The author cites, “For the loadings of the Lamb, see Liverpool port book E 190/1345/11, PRO.”