Family:Julius Dugger and Mary Hall (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 1779 Wilkes, North Carolina, United States


Julius Dugger and Mary Hall had nine children according to the list prepared by Mrs. W. M. Vaught (Elizabeth Carriger). Several of these died young. Further proof of this family is found in the Will of William Dugger (1784), son of Julius Dugger (1760). William (1784), who never married, left a Will in Johnson Co, TN in 1872, and left as his heirs his brothers and sisters or their heirs, his nieces and nephews. He named a great many people in the Will, so that helps to confirm Mrs. Vaught's records.

Mrs. Vaught also published birth dates for all of the children of Julius and Mary, and death dates and spouses for some. It can be assumed that she had access to family members who shared this knowledge with her, or access to family records, such as a family bible or something. I just don't know what sources she used. At the time of her data being published (1933), none of Julius' children were still living, though some grandchildren might have been:

Julius Dugger, Jr., born Sept. 9, 1760. His wife, Mary Hall, formerly of Rockbridge County, Va., married 1779. Mary Hall Dugger, died March, 1838. Julius Dugger died July, 1838.
Children of Julius Dugger, Jr., and Mary Hall Dugger:
John Dugger, Sr., born Oct. 1, 1780, Wilkes County, N.C., where Wilkesboro is located; died Aug. 2, 1869. His wife Mary Engle, born Dec 22, 1785; died Feb. 7, 1869.
Nancy Dugger, born Oct. 31, 1782; husband, James George.
William Dugger, born Sept. 7, 1784; died unmarried, Jan. 13, 1875.
Abel Dugger, born Dec. 29, 1786; wife, Jennie Jenkins.
Julius Dugger, born 1787; died 1792.
Elizabeth Dugger, born 1789, died Jan. 10, 1850; husband Elisha Rainbolt, married 1817.
Charlotte Dugger, born Nov. 6, 1791; husband, Thomas Anderson.
Margaret (Peggy) Dugger, born May 22, 1798; died April 20, 1876; unmarried.
Polly or Mary Dugger, born Aug. 18, 1800; died Sept. 13, 1875; husband, Michael Pierce, died March 4, 1876.
From: Tennessee Records Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts Historical and Biographical, compiled by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen (and others) for the DAR, 1933. p 292

These children are also proven in part by the Will of William Dugger, dated 5 Oct 1872 Johnson Co, TN. When he died, unmarried, he left everything to his siblings, or their surviving children.

One child, Julius Arnold Dugger, is apparently a child of Julius born out of wedlock with a Miss Arnold. This child was born in Wilkes Co, NC before Julius married Mary Hall. I don't know what, if any proof there is that Julius Arnold Dugger belongs to Julius Dugger (1760), but Robert Nave thinks so, and it does fit very well.