Family:Joseph Chatt and Hannah Coulson (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 14 Dec 1816 Allenheads, Northumberland
Residence[1] 1841 Spartylea, Northumberland, EnglandWhite Rigg
4 Sept 1817 Northumberland
16 Nov 1819 Northumberland
2 Mar 1881
3 Mar 1822 Northumberland
9 Jun 1889
10 Mar 1824 Northumberland
13 Oct 1850
21 Apr 1826 Northumberland
30 May 1826
14 Apr 1827 Northumberland
4 Aug 1829 Northumberland
8 Aug 1855
3 Feb 1832 Northumberland
29 Oct 1834 Northumberland
28 Dec 1859
17 Apr 1837 Northumberland

Emigrant Children

Three of Joseph and Maria's children emigrated to America. Around 1843, eldest son Thomas went with his wife Maria Ritson to Jo Daviess Co, Illinois, then to Iowa Co, Wisconsin, and ultimately to Bert Co, Nebraska; they had many descendants. Sometime between 1865 and 1873, youngest son James, a single man, settled in Fountain Co, Indiana, where he married Susan Rich, and had many descendants. Around the same time, eldest daughter Elizabeth Rowell, a widow, also moved to Fountain Co, Indiana, and was followed by her son and his family.

Issues to Resolve

Many of us in the Chatt family had believed that Joseph Chatt's wife was Hannah Maria Coulson. (This is in the records of Mark W. Chatt, and was believed to be true among the children of Thomas J. Chatt, perhaps due to her name appearing as Hannah Maria Coulson on a letter sent to her son James.) However, this appears to be a mistake. The IGI extract of the 1816 marriage of Joseph and Maria indicates the wife as Maria Marshall, not Maria Coulson. Moreover, an 1851 IGI marriage record extract shows in 1851 Maria Chatt married Thomas Coulson. The 1851 census shows this family with enough confirming factors to be sure that this is the same Maria. (We do not know when Joseph Chatt died, so presumably he died before 1851, and she remarried.) Thus, Coulson was not Maria's maiden name, but rather a surname from a second marriage. A further curiosity: the 1851 marriage extract lists her as "Maria Chatt or Robson", suggesting that her maiden name was Robson. So, was it Maria Marshall or Maria Robson? I have ordered films of the original parish registers, and hope they will provide more clues. --TomChatt 01:33, 29 August 2007 (EDT)

  1. General Register Office. The National Archives (TNA): Public Record Office (PRO) HO 107/1-1465 Census Returns: 1841 Census Schedules, 1841, Primary quality.

    The 1841 UK census for Northumberland, Parish of Allendale, High Forest, pp. 46-47 shows the family living at White Rigg.

    1841 census