Family:John Rugg and Hannah Prescott (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 4 May 1660 Lancaster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Nourse, Henry Stedman. Birth, Marriage, and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1643-1850. (Clinton, Massachusetts: W.J. Coulter, 1890), 13.

    John Rug & Hannah [Precott] his wife were maryed May. 4. 1660.

  2.   A note in Source:The American Genealogist, p. 34:181, casts serious doubt on whether John Rugg's second wife was actually Hannah Prescott, although sources seem to state this explicitly. The primary objection of the TAG note seems to be that John Prescott does not name a daughter Hannah in his will. The surname of Prescott in John Rugg's marriage record to Hannah cited in #S1 was inserted by the compiler, and does not exist in the original. There were laws in England against marrying the sister of your wife, which were "very strictly observed" in New England.

    Presumably, the reason for thinking Hannah was a Prescott is mention by John Prescott of a granddaughter Martha Rugg. If Martha m. John Rugg on 4 Nov 1654 as Family:John Rugg and Martha Prescott (1) says, then there is not time enough to account for her having a daughter Martha before the two twins that were born and died in Jan 1655/56. However, the evidence for Martha's wedding seems a little flaky too, since the town records only give the year 1654 with no date. It is not clear where Cutter and others came up with Nov. 4? Given his other errors on this family, could this be another error? And could Martha Rugg be a daughter of Martha (Prescott) Rugg born in, say, 1654? Then, presumably, there would not be any grounds for thinking that John Rugg's second wife was a daughter of John Prescott.