Family:John Robinson and Sarah Unknown (1)

b. Bef. 1707 prob. Ireland
m. Abt. 1724
Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt. 1724
abt. 1724
Bet. 1725 - 1740
Aft. 1792
Abt. 1725
Bet. 1725 - 1745
Bef. 1797

Genealogy Report and Notes for John Robinson and Sarah:

Descendants of John Robinson, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 ROBINSON, SR. was born 1705 in Prob. Ireland1, and died 1789 in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He married SARAH ??? Abt. 1724. She was born Bef. 1707.


Will of John Robinson, Rockbridge County, VA., 7 April 1789. Sarah (wife); Children, John; David; Mary; Rebecca; Sarah; Jean; Hannah and Isabelle Kerr and grandson, David Edmison.

Rockbridge County, Virginia , Deed Book A, Page 575

Submitted by: Laurie Tomlinson Daugherty, 1997

2 September 1786

THIS INDENTURE made this Second Day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty sic Between John and Sarah Robertson of the County of Rockbridge and Commonwealth of Virginia of the one Part and John Gorden of the County and Commonwealth aforesaid of the other Part Witnesseth that the said John and Sarah Robertson for and in Consideration of the Sum of Fifty Pounds Current Money of Virginia to them in hand payed by the said John Gorden the Receipt there of they the said John and Sarah Robertson doth hereby Acknowledge and of every Part and parcel there of doth clearly aquit exonareat and Discharge the said John Gorden Hath granted bargained and sold alined and Confirmed and by these Present doth grant Bargain and sell aline and Confirm unto the said John Gorden and his Heirs one certain Tract or parcel of Land containing fifty Acres or more lying and being in the County of Rockbridge upon the south side of the great Hill near to Walkers Creek Bounded as followith. Viz. Beginning the Conditional line at a white Oake on Danil Harvey's Line. Running nigh a an east or Noreast Cours to a Chestnut Oake then to a black Oack then to another Black Oak at the Corner of the Old Field from thence to a white Oak and then to three Chestnuts on the other Line between Mr. Boyars Land and said Robertson then Running up the said Line to William Reaghs Corner upon the Hill then a Cross the Head Line to Said Harveys Line and thence Down said Line to the Beginning Tree and now in the Possession of the said John Gorden with all Houses Ways Easements and Advantages to the said Land and Premises belonging or in any way appertaining and also all Estate Right Title Interest Claim and Demand whatsoever of them the said John and Sarah Robertson of in and to the same. To have and to hold the said Land and Premises with the appurtenances unto the said John Gorden his Heirs and Asigns for ever and said John and Sarah Robertson and there Heirs the said Land and Premises above mentioned with the appurtenances to the said John Gorden his Heirs and Assigns against them the said John and Sarah Robertson and there, Heirs and all other Persons whatsoever will Warrant and for ever defend by these present In witness whereof the said John and Sarah Robertson hath hereto set there hands and seals the day and year first above Written --------- Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Henry Campbell (mark) Samuel Campbell (mark)William Caldwell (mark)Andrew McElvain(mark). John Robinson (Seal)(mark) Sarah Robinson (Seal)(mark) At a court held for Rockbridge County September 5th 1786. This indenture of Bargain and Sale from John Robertson and Sarah Robertson his Wife to John Gorden was proved by the Oaths of Henry Campbell, Samuel Campbell, William Caldwell Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be Recorded Teste

The Washington County VA Surveyors Record 1781-1797 © by Rhonda Robertson, 1998; presented by permission. Many Thanks!

Page 12 - Bardatt Talbott & William Robinson...assignee of Jacob Crabtree...300 ac...the waters of the north fork of Holstein between the Big Lick and the river, includes his improvements by actual settlement made in 1777...September 5, 1781

Page 22 - Thomas Stuart...360 ac...Commissioners Certificate...1 certificate granted to John Robinson for 150 ac and assigned to Stuart, the other for 250 ac granted to Stuart...on the waters of Little Holstein, branch of the middle fork of Holstein River...Beginning corner to John Beatys patent land...April 25, 1792 - Thomas Stuart, assignee of John Robinson...250 actual settlement made in 1773, near the headwaters of Little Holstein adjoining francis Beaty, John Beaty, Hugh Johnston, the heirs of Robert Buchanan...August 9, 1781

Page 138 - Thomas Edmondson, Jr., heir of William Edmondson, decd...359 ac...commissioners certificate...on a branch of the south fork of Holstein River and on the north side of said river...Beginning corner to Samuel Robinsons land...corner to Adam Morrows land in a valley and leaving Robinsons land...on Samuel Kithearts line...on Thomas Edmondson, Sr's line...January 2, 1783 - Thomas Edmondson, heir of William Edmondson, decd...400 ac on the head of the long branch running into the south fork of Holstein River, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1776...August 17, 1781

Page 185 - Richard Moore, assignee of John Robinson...250 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on both sides of Abrams Creek, south branch of the north fork of Holston River...Beginning corner to Thomas Brights land...corner to Thomas Sprouls land that he now lives on...December 16, 1782 - John Robinson...250 ac...includes improvements, in the Rich Valley on the waters of the north fork of Holston...180 ac surveyed on December 3, 1774, actual settlement made in 1770...August 16, 1781

Page 212 - Samuel Steel...360 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the north side of the Middle Fork of Holstein River...Beginning corner to John Scotts land & Samuel Edmonsons land...on James Snodgrass lane...June 30, 1783 - Samuel Steel, assignee of Samuel Edmonstone, assignee of John Foster, assignee of John Robinson...400 ac on the north side of the Middle Fork, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772...August 23, 1781

Page 229 - James Robinson...180 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the south side of the Middle Fork of Holston River...Beginning corner to patrick Watsons land...crossing the branch at the mouth...on Col. William Edmonsons line...on Moses Edmonsons line...March 14, 1783 - James Robinson, assignee of William Edmondson...300 ac...on the south side of the Middle Fork bounded by Major Edmonson, Thomas Edmonson, Patrick Watson, & Moses Edmonson...actual settlement made in 1776...August 17, 1781

Page 249 - Samuel Robinson...387 ac...on both sides of the Valley Creek between Clinch and the Piny Mountain by certificate granted to Joseph Bates, James Fullen & John Gibson and assigned to Samuel Robinson...Beginning on the side of a spur of Clinch Mountain with a line of Abraham Hayters...under the cliffs of the Piny Mountain...across the valley on the side of a spur of Clinch Mountain...June 12, 1784 - Joseph Bates, James Fullin & John Gibson, assignee of James Shaver, assignee of Abraham Crabtree, assignee of John Simmons...400 the Poor Valley, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1770...August 29, 1781

Page 251 - Samuel Robinson...200 the Poor Valley between Clinch and the Piny Mountain...Preemption Warrant...granted Joseph Bates, James Fullin & John Gibson, assigned to Robinson...Beginning near the Valley Creek...on the spur of Clinch Mountain...June 12, 1784

Page 259 - James Robinson...215 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the south side of the Middle Fork of Holstein River...Beginning corner to Patrick Watsons line...on Moses Edmondsons line...March 14, 1783 - James Robinson, assignee of William Edmondson...300 ac...on the south side of the Middle Fork bounded by major Edmondson, Thomas Edmondson, Patrick Watson, Moses Edmondson, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1776...August 17, 1781

Page 275 - David & Samuel Robinson...230 ac...Treasury Warrant...on both sides of the south fork of Holston River...Beginning on the bank of the river corner to John Bowles land and down the river...corner to John Edmistons land...corner to Adam Morrows land...April 24, 1785

Page 336 - David Robinson, assignee of James Perry, assignee of Peter Anderson, assignee of William Wilkinson, assignee of Aaron Lewis - 125 ac - treasury warrant #1960 dated December 20, 1781 - in the New Garden on Whitesides fork of Thompsons Creek, the waters of Clinch River - on the east side of the gap of a ridge - September,

Page 381 - John Robinson - 121 ac - treasury warrant #8185 - on a branch of the south fork of Holstein River - by the wagon road - September 23, 1790

Page 458 - John Robinson, assignee of Moses Edmondson - 50 ac - treasury warrant #8184 dated February 2, 1782 - on a branch of the Middle Fork of Holstein River - corner in Samuel Edmondson's land - June 27, 1796

Page 458 - James Robinson, assignee of Moses Edmondson - 100 ac - treasury warrant #8184 dated February 2, 1782 - on a branch of the middle fork of Holstein River - line of Thomas Edmondson, Sr.'s land - corner to David Snodgrass - line of James Robinson's land - corner to David Martins land - corner to John Kelley's land - corner to Andrew McKee's land - June 27, 1796

Notes for SARAH ???: Perhaps Sarah's name was Kerr??

Children of JOHN ROBINSON and SARAH ??? are: i. HANNAH2 ROBINSON, b. Bet. 1724 - 1735; m. JAMES ROBINSON2; b. Abt. 1717, Of Augusta County, Virginia2.

Notes for HANNAH ROBINSON: Clue to the identitiy of the husband of Hannah Robinson:

Subj: Re: Other Robinson family in Augusta County Date: 12/24/2004 2:11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details)

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It dawned on me (duh!) a few weeks ago that Rebecca Robinson Hay's sister, Hannah Robinson, married a Robinson (a cousin, perhaps?)

Upon reading your data on the two Hay families of Augusta, VA, it was obvious that my Charles Hay was not directly connected to those families, yet........lingering questions remained in my mind.

The Chalkley Chronicles referred to a James and Hannah Robinson dated 1769. And I have the record from GreenvilleCo, SC where in 1772 James and Hannah Robinson sell land to Jameston Hatcher, bro-in-law of Charles and Rebecca, who are also there in GreenvilleCo.

When I read your 2nd Robinson file, I was looking for a James who could have been Hannah's husband and there it was!!

4. JAMES3 ROBINSON (JAMES2, JAMES1)6 was born Abt. 1717 in Of Augusta County, Virginia6. He married HANNAH ???.

I'd bet the ranch this is Rebecca Robinson Hay's sister, Hannah.

I have no clue yet where Charles Hay met and married Rebecca, nor do I know where his sister, Sarah, married an unknown Bowling before she married Jameston Hatcher, but I really do believe Charles Hay/Rebecca, James Robinson/Hannah, and Sarah Hay/Bolding were in GreenvilleCo, SC in 1772. For many reasons, our research indicates that it was likely that Sarah Hay Bolding's husband died in SC c1775 and shortly thereafter she married Jameston. I believe Sarah and Jameston had not known each other earlier. By 1780 Charles and Jameston were in WashingtonCo, VA/TN. I don't know if James/Hannah returned with them.



Notes for JAMES ROBINSON: From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 203.--18th August, 1767. James Robinson and Hanah ( ) (also written Esebello) to James Wallace (Wallis), £137, 216 acres on Hayes' Creek, part of Borden's tract; corner Walker's land; corner Joseph Culton's land. Teste: John Hays, Jr.; James Moore, Jr.; Andrew Hays, Jr.; James Culton, Jr, Arthur Graham. Delivered: H. (Hugh) Kelso (Kelsey, 30th August, 1758.

Page 152 - - 7th April, 1768. James robinson's will, weaver - - to son, James Robinson, Jr. ; to sons, John and David, 200 Acres on North River; to son, Samuel, 60 acres on North River; to daughters, Rachel, Hanna and Jane. "I give to my dearly beloved wife Hanna, Isabella, Margaret, each 1/3 of the remainder of my estate after the above is paid off." Executors, wife Hanna and James Edmiston Miller. Teste: Saml. Moore, Jas. Welsh, Wm. Napier. Proved, 15th November, 1768, by Moore and Welsh. Edmiston qualifies, with James Trimble and Robt. Thompson.

From post:

Re: John and James Robinson - Augusta Co. VA Posted by: vawimer Date: June 27, 2001 at 20:12:57 In Reply to: John and James Robinson - Augusta Co. VA by James A. Veregge of 9075

We are searching same families, James Robinson came to A 1736, attended Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church. Some of his children baptised by Rev. John Craig. Wife was Hannah. He a weaver. Son was James Robinson, wife,Hannah Robinson,dau John & Sarah.Their son, David Robinson m Elizabeth Kelly. Also Moses Edmondson in business with Henry Jones in Glade Spring, VA.

ii. DAVID ROBINSON, b. Abt. 17253; d. 1800, Washington County, Virginia3; m. ISABELLA ???4.

Notes for DAVID ROBINSON: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Volume I AUGUSTA COUNTY COURT RECORDS. ORDER BOOK No. XI MARCH 17, 1768 (509) Commission for priv. examination of Annabella, wife of David Robinson, to deed to Francis Smith.

Notes for ISABELLA ???: One source lists her possible surname as McChesney, but this appears doubtful.

iii. SARAH ROBINSON, b. Bet. 1725 - 1740; d. Aft. 1792; m. MR. EDMISTON; b. WFT Est. 1725-1740. iv. REBECCA ROBINSON, b. Bet. 1725 - 1745; d. 1797, Greene County, Tennessee; m. CHARLES HAYS; b. Bet. 1725 - 1745; d. Abt. 1792, Washington County, Tennessee.

Notes for REBECCA ROBINSON: Will of Rebecca Hay, 13 March, 1797 - Greene County, Tennessee Brother, John Robinson; John's oldest son, Alexander and second son, John Children of sister Jennet Wilson, dec'd, second son, David and fourth son, John. Sister Hannah Robinson, Hannah's eldest daughter Sarah, and second eldest, Hannah Sister Mary Huston Rachel Kerr, d/o James Kerr, my brother in law (note: Rebecca's sister, Isabella that married James Kerr, must have died before her will was written) Dear Friend Hannah Kerr, tin kettle (note: this was Hannah Edmondson, daughter of Moses, m. James Kerr) Dear Sister Sarah Robinson Sarah Kerr, eldest daughter to James Kerr, furn and chest Rebecca Robinson, eldest daughter of my brother John, clothes Sarah Robinson, second daughter to my Brother John Sarah Kerr, aforementioned Reuben Hay Nelson, son of Jennet David and Mitchell Robinson, brother John's youngest sons Rebecca Hay - Nelson and Sarah - Robinson Nelson, youngest daughters of my sister Jennet John Robinson, my sister Hannah's second son Isabel Kerr, third daughter to James Kerr Executors: James Kerr, Samuel Robinson

Notes for CHARLES HAYS: Subj: Rebecca Robinson(?) Hay Date: 2/14/99 10:42:12 AM Pacific Standard Time From: (Elizabeth Edwards) To:

Mr. Veregge: I think we have a match to your post at Greene Co. TN queries. Re: Robinson, Hay et al. Re: Rebecca Robinson md. a Mr. Hay. I have the will of Charles Hay, wife Rebecca, last name unk. Such will being made Dec. 23, 1792 in Washington Co. TN (parts became Greene Co.) The will names his wife's sisters as Sarah Robison(Robinson), an unnamed sister who married a Nelson and had a son Charles H. Nelson. See will of Charles Hay below.

Elizabeth Edwards Transcript of photocopy of Charles Hay Will from Washington County, TN Deeds & Wills at TN State Archives p. 27-29 Done 1990 by C. E. Edwards at Nashville, TN

Source: Washington Co. Tennessee Deeds, 1775-1800 by Loraine Rae. TN State Library and Archives. pg. 41- 10/24/1782 on pg. 480-4: NC to Shedrick/Shererick Morris/Moris: (1) #217299 acs. on a branch of Lick Creek "including Morrisses improvement and joining Bonds old claim." Adjoining CHARLES HAYS, Henery Cross.


In the name of God, Amen. The 23rd day of December 1792.

I CHARLES HAY of Washington County in the ceded Territory South West of the Ohio River, being weak and infirm in body, calling to mind the mortality of my body, being sound in my understanding mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament in writing. that is to say, principally and first of all, I commit my soul to the hand of the almighty God who gave it. looking for the pardon of my sins and acceptance of Jesus Christ my Redeemer and a resurrection to eternal life by his grace and power and my body I commit to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the desecreation of my executors hereafter named and as for such worldly estate and goods as the Lord has given me in this world and as are now at my decease, disposal. I give bequeath and dispose of the whole in the following manner.

First my will and desire is that all my just and lawful debts be justly and lawfully paid and discharged. next I give and bequeath to my loving wife REBECCA HAY the feather bed on which I and she usually lies with cover or quilt which we lie under and one patched quilt or cover for summer covering with the sheets and bolster belonging to the said bed with her saddle and the following books; Viz. her Bible, Boston fourfold State of man, Erskins Gospel Sonnets, a book entitled a dead faith anatomized with all her wearing clothing of every kind, all which aforesaid articles. She shall not be obliged to bring to appraisement or render as there is sufficient besides to pay just debts and particular legacies. Item --- I give and bequeath to my nephew CHARLES GREEN my Dictionary with an old book of Arithmetic. Item---I give and bequeath to my nephew DAVID GREEN my bible. Item - -- I give and bequeath to my nephew CHARLES HATCHER the second volume of Baxter Philosophical enquiry into the Nature of the human soul. Item --- I give and bequeath to my sister HULDA GREER. the fourth column of Dr. Doddridge family expository. Item --- I give and bequeath to my sister SARAH HATCHER, daughter ANNA HATCHER the second column of Dr. Doddridge's family Expositor after my wife's decease. Item --- I give and bequeath to CHARLES H. NELSON, my wife's sisters son to the full value of or Ten Dollars to be laid out on learning him to read and write and the like and not to be put to any other use while he is in his minority. Item --- I give and bequeath to my brother REUBEN HAY my wearing clothes, Viz.---all the coats, jackets and breeches that are now made up with my cloak and wollen stockings with one surtoit coat of homemade cloth or the cloth to make, if it is not made up before my decease as also what saddle tools I have with my howel for making of saddle trees. Item --- I give to my wifes sister SARAH ROBISON one new bible or money to buy her one. Item---as far as the rest and remainder of my goods and chattels. I give and bequeath and dispose of them in manner following, that is to say I give and bequeath one third part thereof to my wife for ever also the second volume of Doddridges family expositor during her life and after her decease it shall belong to ANNA HATCHER aforesaid. Item---I give and bequeath the remainder of all my moveable goods and chattels as well as some part of the price of my land under such reserves and restrictions as shall be laid down and mentioned hereafter. After my wife third I give and bequeath one fifth part of the remainder to my sister HULDA GREER, daughter SARAH GREER all the remainder of the goods and chattels to be equally divided between my sister HULDA GREER'S youngest daughter MARY GREER and JAMESTON HATCHER the youngest daughters, two SARAH and REBECCA HATCHER. As for the plantation or tract of land containing one hundred and seventy three acres on which I now dwell. My wife shall have and keep possession of the whole of it with all the rents and proffits of the same during her life without molestation. In consideration for which she shall keep the fences in as good repair as she gets them and shall take care that the fruit trees are not destroyed. after my wifes decease the whole of the land and plantation of one hundred and seventy three acres shall be set to public vender and sold by one or more of my executors giving one year credit upon good sufficient Bond and Bail given by the Buyers.

If required can being taken to give timely notice before the day of the sale and the money P sales or price of P. land after lawful expenses and discharged shall be divided as follows Viz. one fifth part thereof to CHARLES GREER aforesaid mentioned and one third part of the remainder to DAVID GREER afore mentioned. My sisters sons and one half of the remainder to HARRIS HATCHER, JAMESTON HATCHER son and the remainder to be equally divided between CHARLES HATCHER and JAMES HATCHER sons to JAMESTON HATCHER as to the reserve mentioned above. As then was about one hundred and ninety five Dollars of the estate of JAMES GREEER Dec'd part out to interest about the 18th of May one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine, not without the approtation of the widow of the dec's and when I was in to take up the money then was acts of assembly made from time to time that sheltered Debtors from paying old Debts, which with my bodily infirmities has put and kept it out of my power to reserve it at all now if she refuses to take a power to lift it for themselves which has been offered to some of my children, but insists to have it paid out of my estate, the whole of it shall be deducted out of the respective legacies left to her four children. I do hereby constitute make and ordain my wife REBECCA HAY with Capt. JAMES SCOTT and NATHANIEL DAVIS Sr. Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke disanul and make void all former wills, testaments, Legacies or bequeaths heretofore made or bequeathed, asknowledging and ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the day and year above written. Charles Hay (seal) Witnesses: Henry M. Mullen


Agnes X Davis


Mary X M. Mullen


E-mail communication from Nov. 2004:

Subj: Charles Hay......... Date: 11/29/2004 10:41:31 AM Pacific Standard Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details)

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Hi Jim,

Found your msg on Charles on Genforum from 12-2003 and am impressed that great minds think alike. I, too, suspect that Charles came out of AugustaCo, VA but with not much more than bits and pieces from the "Chalkley's Chronicles." See Charles on our site at

But my interest in the family of Charles goes to Jameston Hatcher/Sarah Hay and recent serious problems concerning the "children" of Jameston and Sarah. Their oldest child was believed to be John Hatcher bn c1767 (md Eve Morris). When younger brother Charles Hatcher (who had no kids) died in AR, several of John's descendants inherited. So far, so good.

Then we got the DNA results back from 4 descendants of John/Eve and they did not match the other results from other descendants of the Hatcher family. So John Hatcher wasn't a Hatcher by birth and wasn't the son of Jameston. With no direction to guide us, this poor family lay in limbo until just recently when we rec'd word that John matched the results of a descendant of Obediah Bolding out of GreenvilleCo, SC. Now that got my attention since I know both Charles Hay and Jameston were in the Long Cane/Greenville area in 1772 when both were involved in a land transaction (see Jameston Hatcher's page on WC) with James and Hannah Robinson. There was a ref in Chalkley's to a James and Hannah Robinson being in AugustaCo 1769 and I'd be quite sure they were the same couple found in SC in 1772.

But to shorten up this tale of woe, we now believe that Sarah Hay was first married to an unknown Bolling/Bolding or Bourland (and that at least John and perhaps 2 other kids took the Hatcher name of step-daddy Jameston). And there were Bourlands coming out of the woodwork in AugustaCo.

The biggest problem, though, is with the god-awful misspellings of these names and the DNA results for these B families. There are 15 email lists for the various spellings, at least 6 different "families" identified in the "Bolling" DNA results and nobody knows for sure who they are - a Bolling, Bolding, Bourland, etc. And that holds true for Obediah Bolding and his alleged descendants who all seem to believe (but can't prove) that his family came out of HenryCo, VA. Then toss in the book written by a Bolding who claims descent from Pocahontas and the fun really begins with the wannabes trying to hook up, taking DNA tests, being disappointed, and now back to the drawing board trying to figure out who they really are............ :-(

I do think that Charles had another brother, Henry, who we found in the following record:

Ninety Six District, South Carolina Journal of the Court of Ordinary Inventory Book, Will Book 1781-1896 By Brent H. Holcomb, G.R.S., 1978. Page 36.

Page 56-7. A List & Acct of the Sales of the Estate of John Montgomery, Deceased, made on or about the 25th of February 1777 and Certified & returned to this office the 12th of March 1783 by James Finley Executor, in old Currency.

Purchasers: Andrew English, Wm Bob [Babb?], Wm Strain, HENERY HAY, CHARLES HAY, John Jonston, Hugh Reed, John McCalpin, Robert Selfrige, John Miller, John Pickens, Wm. Bell, Demsey Tyner, Thos. Bell, Joseph Pickins, Robt Young, Andrew Pickens, Shedrak Stevens, THOS. HATCHER, Aron Steel, Henry Peycock, George Alexander, John Strain, Thos Cannon, Joel Theaker, JOAB [Jameston] HATCHER, Thos Coil, Joseph Pickins, Agness Mountgomery, Jas Filespey, Wm Lislly, George Willison, John McComb, Andrew Moat, Doctor Russell, Doctor Martin, James Seawright, Andrew Miller. Total L 634 17 6. Examined & Certified by Pat: Calhoun, Surrogate.

I have a bit more info on Henry Hay on his WC page where I've attached him (with reservations) as a brother of Charles.

If any of this makes sense to you or compares favorably to your current picture of this Hay family, would love to hear from you.

Actually your name seems to be familiar and it may be that we've talked before sometime in the distant past.

Oops! One question - did Jennet Robinson (from Rebecca's will) marry a Nelson or Wilson? Did Mary marry a Hutson or a Huston? My abstract shows Nelson and Hutson. (Note: I show she married Nelson)

Cheers, Nel Hatcher

v. JOHN ROBINSON, JR.5, b. 17306; d. 1817, Rockbridge County, Virginia7; m. (1) UNKNOWN SPOUSE, 06 May 1763, Augusta County, Virginia8; b. Bef. 1746; d. Bef. 1786; m. (2) ELEANOR HODGE, 18 Apr 1786, Rockbridge County, Virginia9,10; b. WFT Est. 1745-1760; d. Abt. 1824, Rockbridge County, Virginia. vi. ISABELLA ROBINSON, b. 1736, Rockbridge County, Virginia11; d. Bef. 1797, Prob. Washington or Greene County, Tennessee; m. JAMES KERR, 25 Feb 1764, Augusta County, Virginia12; b. Abt. 1734, Prob. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; d. Aft. 1797, Prob. Washington or Greene County, Tennessee.

Notes for ISABELLA ROBINSON: Named in will of Rebecca (Robinson) Hay in will of 1797 in Greene County, Tennessee.

Notes for JAMES KERR: James Kerr that married Isabella Robinson has not been proven to be a son of John Kerr and Lucy Pickens, although this researcher believes it to be a very strong possibility. Little is known of this James Kerr. It was thought that James Kerr, son of John Kerr and Lucy Pickens was the James Kerr that married Jane Robertson in 1762 in Augusta County, Virginia, but based on other evidence, that James appears to be a younger BROTHER of John Kerr. There is a James Kerr that married two years later in 1764 in Augusta County, Virginia records, with an unnamed wife. This is most likely this James Kerr, since other James Kerr's in early Augusta County, Virginia researched were not of marrying age in 1764. James Kerr's wife, Isabella Robinson was a daughter of John Robinson (1705-1789), of Rockbridge County, Virginia. According to Robinson family history, much of this family migrated to nearby Greene County, Tennessee around 1790, shortly after John Robinson died. This seems to mirror the migration of James Kerr, who was thought to be from the Augusta/Rockbridge County, Virginia area. Also, several other Augusta County, VA families migrated to the Greene County, TN area around the same time. The residence(s) and location/dates of this James Kerr's death are unknown at this time, although he probably died in Washington or Greene County, Tennessee, (Greene County was created from Washington County in 1783) where most of the records of his family exist. There is also a James KING Kerr listed in Greene County, Tennessee records, born in October 1739, but this appears to be a different person, since James King Kerr/Carr married a Hannah Hobbs (according to some researchers) . Not sure where the "King" comes from, but thought it might be worth mentioning. Much Additional research is necessary to conclusively prove this James Kerr's ancestry.

From the Washington County, Tennessee Court Minutes:

p 1192 Aug 18, 1784 Andrew Cowan plaintiff vs ELISHA OGELSBY, Hannah Kerr, James Kerr & Richard Kerr defendants. To be arbitrated by a committee appointed with the approval of the parties.

A James Kerr appears on the list of Tennessee Land Grants in 1788, most likely for Revolutionary War Service. Shortly thereafter, this James Kerr appeared on the Tax List of Greene County, Tennessee in 1791 and 1792 in the "Taxables of Robert Campbell's Company" with 150 acres, one white person (head of household) and no negroes. He appeared again on the Tax List of Greene County, Tennessee of 1797 in the "Taxables of Captain John Gibson's Company" with 150 acres, located at Holly's Creek, with one white poll, no black polls and no stud horses.

Kerr Marriages in Greene County, Tennessee Possible grandchildren?:

David Kerr m. Betsey Robinson 3/22/1809 George Kerr m. Susanna Roberts 4/28/1800 James Kerr, Jr. m. Polly Bell 3/27/1810 Robert Kerr, Jr. m. Amy George 12/12/1786 Robert Kerr, Sr. m. Agnes Wagoner 6/13/1786 Martha Kerr m. Robert Allen 3/19/1791 Elizabeth Kerr m. Hezekiah Ashmore 12/8/1786

possible grandchildren:

John R. Kerr m. Mary Green 8/13/1831 William Kerr m. Peggy Williams 9/1/1831 Isabel Kerr m. David Alexander 1/25/1827 Louisa Vine Kerr m. Amaziah Morgan 5/25/1832 Rebecka Kerr m. William Morgan 1/17/1834 Milly Kerr m. John Peterson 7/16/1839 Margaret Kerr m. Silas Marler 7/14/1842 Matilda Kerr m. Grant Jones 10/31/1848

Kerr Marriages in Washington County, Virginia:

John Kerr m. Elizabeth Robinson 1/1/1805 Phillip m. Nancy Comer 9/28/1790

Kerr Marriage in Washington County, Tennessee:

Mary Kerr m. Raleigh Travers 7/7/1794

Listings of James Kerr in Washington County, Virginia court, April Court session: "Ordered that James Kerr be fined two hundred pounds for insulting Joseph Scott in open court" "Ordered that William Robinson be fined two hundred pounds for insulting Joseph Scott" "Ordered that Joseph Scott be fined two hundred pounds for flashing a pistol at James Kerr in the court yard" "Ordered that James Kerr be fined twenty pounds for insulting James Montgomery"

From post:

Posted by Joyce Kerr on November 03, 1998 at 21:00:28:

Did James Kerr b abt 1755 marry Hannah Robinson? Was it their daughter, Rachel, that married William Edmiston? Another dau married David Edmiston? Sarah Robinson married Moses Edmiston? I need help sorting out this family. They were living in Greene Co TN late 1700's. May have come to TN from Augusta Co VA. Please help! Thanks Jo

Records of a James Kerr in Washington County, VA (same James?):

Subj: James King Carr (Kerr) Date: 04/14/2001 3:56:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: (jerry carr) To: (Jim Veregge)


    Have you ever heard of James Kerr who was one of the men in James Harrod's company who founded Harrodstown,KY.....March 1774, he began enlisting a company to claim land & establish a settlement in KY  32 men from the Monongahela Valley of Penn gathered at the mouth of Grave Creek in VA & departed for KY.....on June 16,1774 began laying out a town.
    I  found this James King Carr b: Oct 1739.....he was in Robert Doak's Militia Company on Jun 2 1774 in Washington Co.,VA.......was living from 1775 to 1782 in Washington Co....was granted land described as 200 acres on Moccasin Creek on Aug 20 1781....185 acres on Moccasin Ck Apr 28 1782.......died before  Aug 12 1782 in Houstons's Fort, Washington Co.,VA.
  ?  do you know where  fort was would it be today's Washington Co.
  His oldest son James b: Oct 6 1764 in Craven Co., SC.....he served in military from Oct 1 1776 to Apr 1 1777 in Wash. Co.,VA.....from Apr 1777 to Aug 77....from Sep78 to Mar 79....from Jun 81 to Oct 81...Dec81- Feb 82...........recieved US Veterans Pension from May 21 1833 to Aug 25 1840.
   Jim these are all I have found out any help to link  backwards .

Thanks for information you sent Feb 3 jerry carr

Greene County, Tennessee Tax List

Taxables of Captain Robert Campbell's Company 1791 and 1792

                                               1791                                                          1792                                                    Name                 Land               White             Negroes          Land            White            Negroes
                                                   Persons                                                    Persons

David Edmonson 300 1 300 1 John Hayes 150 1 150 1 James Hays 300 1 1 300 1 Nichlos Hays 380 380 James Kerr 150 1 150 1 David Rankin 900 1 900 1 David Robinson 150 1 150 1 James Robinson 100 1 100 1 Samuel Robinson 200 1 200 1

Greene County, Tennessee Tax List Taxables of Captain John Gibson's Company for the year 1797


Name Land Situation of White Black Stud

                                                                    each Tract                 Polls      Polls          Horse

James Kerr 150 Hollys Creek 1

vii. JEAN (JENNET) ROBINSON, b. Abt. 1746, Tinkling Springs, Augusta County, Virginia13; d. Bef. 1797; m. JOHN NELSON, Abt. 1777, Rockbridge County, Virginia13; b. 15 Mar 1750/51, London, England.

Notes for JOHN NELSON: From Greene County, Tennessee query:

NELSON/ROBINSON I am looking for information on John NELSON and his 1st wife Jane (Jennet)ROBINSON, daughter of John ROBINSON, in Rockbridge Co., Va. John was born 3-15-1751 in London England. Sons of John and Jane include Matthew NELSON, John NELSON, and David Nelson, father of T.A.R. Nelson. The NELSON and ROBINSON families moved to Greene Co. in the 1790's. Bob Cannon -- 10611 Kinross Ct., Louisville, KY 40243 Submitted on Sun Jan 25 19:14:15 EST 1998

Subj: Re: Robinson/Nelson family of Greene County, Tennessee Date: 1/20/99 5:50:44 PM Pacific Standard Time From: (Robert Cannon) Reply-to: To: wrote: > > Hi Bob, I am searching for information on the same Robinson family that you > have. Most of my information on this family is from the will of Rebecca > (Robinson) Hay, who died in 1797 in Greene County. She listed several sisters > and brothers in her will. I just received a copy of the will last week. > > I'd appreciate any information on your line, especially on the Robinson line. > The Robinson's married into my Kerr and Edmondson families. > > Thanks for any information, > > Regards, > > Jim Veregge > La Palma, CA Jim, it is great to hear from you. Here is what I know: - I know Rebecca made a will and had a sister Jennet (Janet, I suppose) who was married to John Nelson. John and Janet are my direct line. -A deed in Rockbridge Co., Va. dated 2-24-1791 states that John Nelson of Rockbridge Co. and Jean his wife for one part and Torans Falls of Augusta County for the other part. For 102 pounds paid by Falls for 100 acres of land adjoining John Robsons. -A deed in Rockbridge Co. dated 8-4-1783 to John Nelson and wife Jeffent Nelson to Philip Ried for 5sh; 100 acres next to Daniel Harvey, crossing a small Branch of Back Creek below Sd. Reid's hourse. Witnessed by Daniel Robinson. -John married Jane Nelson around 1777 in Rockbridge Co. -a reference to W.B. , p. 331 shows John Robinson with wife Sarah made a will on March 10, 1787 which was probated Aprill 7m, 1789. He had two sons, John and David and 6 daughters, Isabella Kerr, Mary, Rebecca, Sarah, Jean, and Hannah. I'm confident that my Jane (Janet/Jennet) is a sister to your Rebecca and that John Robinson was here father and that they lived in Rockbridge Co., Va. I believe they were members of the Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church in Augusta Co. around 1740. Jennet was christined in Nov., 1746. What information do you have? Please stay in touch and we will work on this together. Bob Cannon 10611 Kinross Ct. Louisville, KY, 40243 502-244-1346

Also from Bob Cannon:

You have everything I have except the lineage of John Nelson and Jane. There children were very distinguished and I have volumes of informaton on them if you want it. There son Matthew was the 1st treasurer of the state of Tennessee and a member of the Tennessee house of representatives as was his brother John Robinson Nelson. Their son David had a son Thomas Amis Rogers Nelson who was one of the most popular Civil War politicians in Tennessee and was Andrew Johnson's opposition in the state. In the end, he was Johnson's chosen attorney in his impeachment trials. He was really more popular than Johnson until the Civil War. There are books published on his brilliant career. If you have anything else on John Robinson's ancestors or want any of this information, please let me know.

Subj: Re: Robinson/Nelson family of Greene County, Tennessee Date: 1/25/99 5:53:55 PM Pacific Standard Time From: (Robert Cannon) Reply-to: To: wrote: > > Bob, if you could just send me the vitals (birth/death/marriage dates and > spouses) on the children of John Nelson and Jennett, I'd like to add it to my > file. > > Regards, > > Jim Children of John and Jane Robinson Nelson: 1. Matthew born 10-17-1778 in Rockbridge Co., Va. and died 12-1-1854 in Philadelphia, Tn. m. Martha Cannon; 2. David born 2-11-1780 and died 9-2-1850 in Elizabethon, Tn. m. to Phoebe White; 3. Rebecca m. W.G.Z. Williams; 4. Sallie m. Truman Hardin; 5. John R. m. Elizabeth; 6. Peggy m. Andrew Jones. John had 3 other children by a 2nd married after Jane died. If you get any more information on John Robinson, please let me know. I will do the same.

Subj: Robinson's of Greene Co TN Date: 7/29/99 6:07:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time From: (Nick Stewart) Reply-to: To:


I couldn't help but notice your 2 query's on the Greene Co., WebPage. I descend from John Nelson and Sarah McGee, 2nd wife of John, 1st wife being Jean (Jeanette) Robinson or Jane (Jennett) Robinson. I have a transcription of Rebecca (Robinson) Hay's Will, dated March 1797 from Greene Co., which has been very helpful. I will gladly forward to you, if you don't already have it. My interest in the Robinson's is minimal but I hope it will shed light on my line.

I'm very familiar with your neck of the woods. I now live in Texas but I retired from Rockwell (Boeing and now its gone) in Downey in 1996, after 30 years (sidebar: I now have time for this genealogy). I know several families from LaPalma. I would enjoy hearing from you.

Diane Nelson Stewart Frisco, Texas

viii. MARY ROBINSON, b. Abt. 1748, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia14; m. MR. HUTSON/HUSTON.


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