Family:John Fuller and Unknown (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? abt 1547

Marriage records at Redenhall start in 1558, and mothers are not listed in parish registers until 1599.

John's will is dated 4 Feb 1558/9 and proved 12 May 1559. It mentions son John (leaving him all his land and tenements in Redenhall and Wortwell), son Robert (left 10 pounds), daughter Ales (6 pounds, 8s, 4d). Son John is executor, Thomas Ward, John Barne, Thomas Fuller and William Norton.

There is another John who left a will in 1599, naming son Robert but also children Ralph and "youngest son" Roger, whose baptisms are recorded at Redenhall in 1565 and 1572. Since Edward, this John's grandson and son of Robert, was born in 1575, it appears that the other John was more likely the father of Robert, father of Edward. The John that died in 1599 has a line in his will referring to "the little house and garden which mother Collinge some time dwelt in, for her life, to be kept by my son Raffe." That John thus is probably the husband in this family.

Wills reprinted in Fuller, Francis H., "Fullers of Redenhall, England" (Part II of “Early New England Fullers”) NEHGR, Vol. 55:410-416.