Family:John Fuller and Ann Collinge (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? abt 1560 Redenhall, Norfolk, England

John Fuller of Rednall, co. Norfolk, left a will in 1599 which names wife Ann and has a line referring to "the little house and garden which mother Collinge some time dwelt in, for her life, to be kept by my son Raffe." The will names a son Robert but also children Ralph and "youngest son" Roger, whose baptisms are recorded at Redenhall in 1565 and 1572. Since Edward Fuller of the Mayflower, son of Robert, was born in 1575, it appears that these are not the parents of Robert, father of Edward. That was a different John. (Fuller, Francis H., “Fullers of Redenhall, England,” NEHGR, Vol. 55:410.)