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"The memories we give may a lifetime live in the heart of those we hold so close." Unknown

Brenda R. Leyndyke nee Glover

I started researching my family history in December 2006. I would consider myself an advanced beginner in research. I have been researching my family history (Glover and Fredrick) and my husband's family history (Leyndyke and Corcoran). I am so impressed with all the acts of kindness I have found as I conduct my research. I truly believe genealogists are some of the most giving people I have come in contact with. I have corresponded with people from all over the United States and in The Netherlands. I only hope that I can pay it forward someday. Currently my interest has been centered around researching my colonial ancestors.


Battle Creek, MI

Brenda's Paternal Surnames:

Glover: Harry, Frank H, Samuel Stillman Jr, Samuel Stillman, Alexander, Thomas, Henry III, Henry II, Henry, Thomas?; Fenn: Hattie, Daniel C., Daniel; Watt: Sarah L, David, John, John; Poore: Elizabeth, Samuel, Moses Augustus, Moses, Enoch, Daniel III, Daniel II, Daniel

Brenda's Maternal Surnames:

Fredrick: Audrey, Otto August, Johann August; Graf: Daisy, Valentine, Casper, Johann Philipp, Johann Caspar, Johann Philipp, Johann Caspar, Johann Nickel; Zastrow: Louise Fredrike,; Mast: Nancy, David Samuel, Samuel, Joseph, Jacob, Hans, Uli, Peter, Hans Benedict

Kirk's Paternal Surnames:

Leyndyke, Luyendyk, Luijendijk; VanOeveren; VanDenBos; Kosten

Kirk's Maternal Surnames

Corcoran; Dollaway; Schmitt; Denny; Schump

My Brickwalls and Research Goals:

Adaline L. Dyer: Born March 1838 in New York City.

Daniel Fenn: Born about 1785 in Pittsford, Vermont; died 8 March 1836 in Chelsea, Michigan.

Vinera Eglantine Powers: Born 18 July 1802 in Vermont.

Johann August Fredrick: Born 8 January 1845 in Germany.

Louise Fredrike Zastrow: Born 9 April 1856 in Germany.