Family:Johann Fehr and Helena Sawatzky (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 14 Aug 1881 Manitoba, Canada
Residence[7] from 1882 to 1887 West Reserve, Manitoba, Canada
Residence[2][3][8] from 1888 to 1900 Cavalier County, North Dakota, United States
Residence[4][5][6] from 1901 West Reserve, Manitoba, Canada
6 Dec 1956 Paraguay
  1. Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society; Sommerfeld Mennonite Church; Henry Unger; Martha Martens; and Adolf Ens. Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch: Registers of the Church at West Lynne 1881-1935. (Winnipeg, Manitoba: Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, 2004), page 2B340.

    Johann Fehr, born 1859 Sep 22, baptized 1879 Jun 3, died 1923 Feb 15, [son of David Fehr and Maria Neufeld], ref. R292-1b
    married 1881 Aug 14:
    Helena Sawatzky, born 1863 Dec 9, baptized 1881 May 10, died 1921 Apr 12, [daughter of Jacob Sawatzky and Maria Harder], ref. 1A115
    Children of this marriage:
    David Fehr, born 1882 Sep 12, died 1882 Oct 17
    Maria, born 1884 Feb 15, baptized 1903 Jun 1, [died 1956 Dec 6], married Jakob Bergen, ref. 2B415
    Jakob, born 1886 Apr 10, baptized 1907 May 20, [married Helena Peters], ref. 2B568
    Johann, born 1888 May 25, baptized 1908 Jun 8, [married Helena Dueck], ref. 2B487
    David, born 1890 Apr 20, baptized 1910 May 16, [married Katharina Banman], ref. 3A392
    Helena, born 1892 Jul 20, died 1892 Jul 28
    Peter, born 1893 Jul 18, died 1893 Jul 26
    Helena, born 1894 Jun 23, baptized 1912 May 27, married Johann Schroeder, ref. 3A077
    Katharina, born 1897 Dec 25, baptized 1915 May 24 (Langdon ND), married Jakob A Braun, ref. 3A282

    "Ref." indicates a reference to a page in this or another church book. Information in square brackets [] was added by the editors, from other sources.
    Dates prior to immigration to Canada may be given according to the Julian ("old world") calendar, which was 12 days behind the Gregorian (modern) calendar in the 1800's.

  2. mini auto-biography, in Family records, page 2.

    'My father [Jacob Fehr, son of Johann Fehr and Helena Sawatzky] was born Aug. 20, 1886, in Manitoba, but grew up on a farm near Langdon, North Dakota.'

  3. Berlin, Cavalier, North Dakota, in United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication T624).

    John Fehr, born Apr 1855 (age 45) in Russia (both parents born in Russia), married for 19 years, immigrated to US in 1888, farmer
    wife: Helen Fehr, born Jan 1859 (age 40) in Russia (both parents born in Russia), mother of 9 children (6 living)
    daughter: Mary Fehr, born Feb 1883 (age 17) in Russia
    son: Jacob Fehr, born Aug 1885 (age 14) in Russia
    son: John Fehr, born May 1888 (age 12) in N Dak
    son: David Fehr, born April 1890 (age 10) in N Dak
    daughter: Helen Fehr, born Jan 1894 (age 6) in N Dak
    daughter: Katie Fehr, born Dec 1896 (age 3) in N Dak

  4. Manitoba, Lisgar, townships 2, 3 in range 2 west, in Canada. 1906 Census of Northwest Provinces. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada).

    John Vehr, age 46, born in Russia, immigrated in 1878
    wife: Helena Vehr, age 42, born in Russia, immigrated in 1875
    son: Jacob Vehr, age 19, born in Man
    son: John Vehr, age 18, born in Man
    son: David Vehr, age 16, born in Man
    daughter: Helena Vehr, age 12, born in Man
    daughter: Katarina Vehr, age 9, born in Man
    living on section 23, township 2, range 2, west of 1st meridian, post office address Altona

  5. Manitoba, Lisgar, in Canada. 1916 Census of Prairie Provinces.

    Johann D Fehr, age 57, immigrated to Canada in 1874, farmer
    wife: Helena Fehr, age 54, immigrated to Canada in 1875
    son: David Fehr, age 24, born in U.S.A., immigrated to Canada in 1901, farmer's son
    all Mennonite, living on township 2, range 1, west of 1st meridian, in RM of Rhineland

  6. Manitoba, Lisgar, 39 Township 2 in range 1 west of 1st M, in Canada. 1911 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), page 22.

    Johan Fehr, born October 1859 (age 51) in Russia, farmer
    wife: Helena Fehr, born December 1863 (age 47) in Russia
    son: David Fehr, born Aprill 1890 (age 21) in Man
    daughter: Helena Fehr, born June 1894 (age 16) in Man
    daughter: Tina Fehr, born December 1897 (age 13) in Man
    living on section 18, township 2, range 1, west of 1st meridian
    all Mennonite

  7. Their first 3 children were born between 1882 and 1886 in the West Reserve, and they emigrated to the U.S. in 1888.
  8. It is assumed that they lived in Cavalier County (Langdon township and/or the no longer existing Berlin township) from 1888, when they immigrated to the U.S., to 1901, when the family moved back to Canada.