Family:Jesse Hendricks and Mattie Croxton (1)

5 Jul 1935 Milport, Ky
5 Jul 1935 Millport, Ky
26 Jul 1935 Millport, Ky

In Memory of Jesse and Mattie Croxton Hendricks

  • Jesse Herman Hendricks St. 1898-1982
  • Mattie Lee Croxton Hendricks 1905-1980

.....Pap (Jesse Sr.) was a kind, good hearted, caring, and honest man, who loved his family and fellow man. He work hard along with his wife Mattie Lee Croxton Hendricks(a great Christian Lady), to raise 12 Children to be grown, they lost two children as babies. Their doors were always open to welcome who ever came by, it was never us and no more, if you came to their home you were welcomed with open arms of warm love and plenty of food to go around to all, their table was always spread for all who enter.

The Holidays were always special....Christmas you had to have Green Ham(fresh Ham) Turkey and dressing, I learn right off it just was not Christmas to Pap without green ham and chocolate drope candy ( he had a special name for the candy)...Easter all the children had to come home for a Country Ham Breakfast at 5-6 AM...4th July it was lots of freezers of homemade Ice Cream all kinds of flavors, pies, and cakes...and I will never forget the fish fries they would never went to their home that you did not feel a warm welcome..their love was real and from the heart (not just empty words) they were just who they were...they did not try to impress you, they did not need to, they were real...they gave their children riches that very few people will ever know...not money, nor fine clothes, but love that you did not have to question, and if you had the privilege to know them, you was made richer for life....

Heaven' s Gates swung open on 13 Dec 1980 for Mattie.... and on 16 of March 1982 for Jesse...Earths lost is Heaven's gain.... a son-in-law Donald Lloyd Bradley

Jesse and Mattie Hendrick

Jesse and Mattie Hendricks was born and live their whole lives in Western a area 8-15 miles east of Madisonville, They were highly respected and loved by all who knew them...they had 14 children, 7 boys, and 7 girls, 2 of the girls died as babies but they raised 12, I asked my mother-in-law (Mattie) how did you manage to spoil 12 kids?, her answer was I just loved them....and that is exactly what you felt any time you entered their home...they were great people... Image:Jesse and Mattie header.png


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