Family:Jesse Beal and Caroline Miller (1)

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Marriage? 23 Dec 1858 Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States

Small family photograph [I10.] below shows: Jesse Lichty Beal and Caroline Miller Beal with three of their first five children. Their oldest daughter, Mary born in 1860 died 1863 and their first son William Henry born in 1863 died in 1863. Naomi Miller Beal was born in 1861, Harvey Miller Beal was born in 1864, and Marcellus Miller Beal was born in 1866 all in Fayette County, PA. They had two more sons and two more daughters born in Black Hawk County, IA.

Jesse was the son of Daniel Beal and Mary Lichty. Caroline the daughter of William Miller and Mary Walker of Somerset County.

Daniel and Mary had ten children, eight survived to maturity and had families:

Catherine Beal b. 1827 married Samuel Baldwin Jr. (lived in Jefferson, Allamakee Co., IA and Victoria, Rice Co., KS)

Mary Beal b. 1829 married ( ) Coughenour (lived in Saltlick Twp., Fayette Co., PA)

Rachel Beal b. 1834 married a cousin, Hiram Beal (lived in Greenville Twp. and Larimer Twp., Somerset Co., PA)

Jesse Lichty Beal b. 1836 married 1st Caroline Miller md 2nd Harriet Kelso (moved to Black Hawk Twp. and Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA)

William Lichty Beal b. 1839 married Sarah Miller (lived in Saltlick Twp. Fayette Co., PA)

Sarah Ann Beal b. 1841 married 1st Jacob R. Berg md 2nd Peter Martin (lived in Connellsville, Fayette Co., PA)

John Lichty Beal b. 1847 married Lydia Smith (moved to Jeanette, Westmoreland Co., PA)

Malinda Beal b.1848 married Joseph R. Berg (Bullskin Twp., Fayette Co., PA)

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  1.   Jesse was raised on a farm and always followed agricultural pursuits. After his marriage to Caroline they continued to farm and run a dairy operation until March of 1867 when they came to Black Hawk County, Iowa and lived the first year on a rented farm in Orange Township. In September of 1868 they settled on a farm in Section 1 in Black Hawk Township buying 140 acres of land, of which eighty acres were cultivated. They built a small house on that property. Jesse brought with him to Black Hawk county $3,000.00 and was counted as one of the most substantial farmers in the community. Jesse and Caroline were members of the German Baptist Church. In politics Jesse was affiliated with the Republican party. He maintained an active interest in education matters and much of his time was served as the director of schools in Black Hawk county.