Family:Jean Rodrigue and Catherine Tregue (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? 13 May 1817 Edgard, St John the Baptist, Louisiana, USA



Jean Baptiste Rodrigue

Jean Baptiste Rodrigue was born to Jean Charles Rodrigue (1764-1802) and Pelagie Helfer (1770-1845) in 1788 in St. John the Baptist Parish.

Catherine Treague

Catherine Treague was born to Andre Tregre (1754-1843) and Marie Eve Kerner (1766-1784) on 15 November 1787.


Jean Baptiste married Catherine Treague at St. John the Baptist Church in Edgard, Louisiana, on 13 May 1817.

Document Transcription
This is to certify that Jean Bte. Rodriguez and Catherine Tregre were lawfully married on the 13 day of May 1817. According to the Rite of the Roman Catholic Church and the laws of the State of Louisiana. [list of witnesses and priest]. As appears from the Marriage Register of this Church, Vol III, page 65. [signatures]


Known children of Jean Baptiste and Catherine were: Marie Honorine Rodrigue, Catherine Arsene Rodrigue, Jean Adolphe Rodrigue, Louis Dupreville Rodrigue and Thomassin Rodrigue.

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    Extract of the Baptism Register of Saint Jean Baptist Parish, state of Louisiana, for the year 1821, page 74, No 300: On Feb 11, 1821, appeared Jean Adolphe, born at 3 in the morning on 29th of December, of the legitimate marriage of Jean Baptiste Rodrigue and Catherine Tregre, the father and mother, the godfather Norbert Rodrigue and godmother Adelaide Tregre, all of this parish. Signed.

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    (Copy of record obtained from St. John the Baptist Church in 1976)

    Marriage Certificate