Family:James Wallace and Amelia Bradner (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt 1750 Fort Duquesne, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

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Husband's Name

James WALLACE (AFN:4H6T-K5)  Pedigree  

Born:  1719  Place:  Northern Ireland   
Died:  3 Feb 1795  Place:  , Cabarrus, Nc   
Married:  Abt 1750  Place:  Ft. Duquesne, Allegheny, Pa   

Father:  Peter WALLACE (AFN:CPHV-60)  Family  
Mother:  Mrs. Peter WALLACE (AFN:14X6-M3W)   

Wife's Name

Amelia BRADNER (AFN:4H6T-LB)  Pedigree  

Born:  1720  Place:  , Of Allegheny, Pa   
Died:  1790  Place:  Tn   
Married:  Abt 1750  Place:  Ft. Duquesne, Allegheny, Pa   

Father:  Mr. BRADNER (AFN:19PX-4R4)  Family  
Mother:  (Miss) (AFN:19PX-4SB)   


1.  Sex  Name    
 F Rachel WALLACE (AFN:19PW-VGW)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt 1755   Place:  , Mecklenberg, Nc   

2.  Sex  Name    
 F Mary WALLACE (AFN:19PW-VH4)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt 1758   Place:  , Mecklenberg, Nc   

3.  Sex  Name    
 M John WALLACE (AFN:19PW-VJB)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt 1761   Place:  , Mecklenberg, Nc   

4.  Sex  Name    
 F Sarah WALLACE (AFN:19PW-VKJ)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt 1764   Place:  , Mecklenberg, North Carolina   

5.  Sex  Name    
 M William WALLACE (AFN:19PW-VLQ)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt 1767   Place:  , Mecklenburg, Nc   

6.  Sex  Name    
 F Jane WALLACE (AFN:19PW-VMX)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt 1769   Place:  , Mecklenburg, Nc   

7.  Sex  Name    
 F Elizabeth WALLACE (AFN:19PW-VN5)  Pedigree  

   Born:  Abt 1771   Place:  , Mecklenburg, Nc   

8.  Sex  Name    
 M Joseph WALLACE (AFN:4H6T-HS)  Pedigree  

   Born:  6 Aug 1751   Place:  Fort Duquesne, Allghn, Pennsylvania   
   Died:  13 Oct 1820   Place:  Gallatin, Summer Co., Tennessee   
   Buried:  Oct 1820   Place:  Gallatin, Sumner, Tn