Family:James Trotter and Elizabeth Mulberry (1)

Est 1845 Kentucky

James Trotter of Scott County

Est birth 1779 to early 1780's

Marriage after 1800

1800 census not found

1800 tax list single male age over 21

1806 land shown as heir of William Trotter with siblings

1808 estate estate settlement with mother & siblings

1810 census Scott County

1 male 0-10 George 1 female 0-10 Mary

1 male 0-10 John 1 female 0-10 Lucy

1 male 26-45 James 1 female 0-10 Margaret or Eliza

1 female 26-45 Elizabeth

2 others - free person's or slaves

1820 census Scott County

1820-1822 death

1822 land records show wife and children

Order Book C p. 387 Scott Co KYJames Trotter, deceased, on motion of GEORGE W. TROTTER, POLLY MCINTIRE, LUCY FUTELS (?), [MARGARET?] TROTTER, ELIZA TROTTER AND JOHN TROTTER, heirs at law of James Trotter, deceased, it is ordered that Rich. W. Park, etc., be appointed commissioners to convey for and on behalf of Joel Mulberry, Wm. Mulberry, John Mulberry, and Lucy Mulberry his wife, James Mulberry, Mary Neale, George Mallery and Elizabeth his wife, James Futels(?) and wife Catherine, Wm. Pigg and wife Nancy, heirs at law of Jacob Mulberry, deceased, to the heirs of James Trotter, deceased, a tract of land in Scott county, being the same the heirs of Jacob Mulberry signed a deed to, 50 acres, on waters of Big Eagle Creek. /Hattie Scott, researcher, 6 Sep 1932/JACOB MULBERRY ScottCounty, Kentucky Will Book C, Page 374 - Will Book F, Pages 187 and 188 "The foregoing executors bond was this day entered into by virtue whereof this sum is admitted to record. ATT: B.L. Chambers, Clk. In the Name of God, Amen, the twenty ninth day of June, eighteen hundred and twenty two, I, Jacob Mulberry of the County of Scott and State of Kentucky, calling to mind the mortality of the body and knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors as named in this will and as touching my worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life. I give devise and dispose of in the following manner and form..First I give to my son James one hundred acres of land whereon he now lives, also I give to my daughter Polly Neale, the land whereon she now lives it being fifty acres more or less also I give to my daughter Betsy Mallory one hundred acres of land whereon she now lives and it is my desire that executors out of my estate pay forty dollars to George Mallory as so much I have received of him. Also I give to Elizabeth Trotter fifty acres of land to include said Trotters improvement whereon she now lives during her life, and at her death to decend to her children equal. Also I give to my daughter Lucy Peck one hundred acres of land whereon she now lives. Also I give to my son Joel Mulberry one hundred and fifty acres of land to include the saw mill and the farm whereon I now live. Also I give to my son William Mulberry one hundred acres of land whereon he now lives to include his improvements and it is my will that my two sons William and Jowell own the saw mill jointly and equally between them and it is my will that my executors as named lay off said land at discretion. Also I give to my son John Mulberry one dollar to be paid out of my personal estate....also I give to my daughter Nancy Pigg one dollar to be made out of my personal estate also it is my will and desire the rest of my estate both real and personal equally divided among all my children. And it is my will that my friends Garrett Wall and John Mulberry be my executors and carry the same into effect; to this my last will and testament according to the law. Witness whereof I have hereunto at my hand and seal the day and year above written. Garrett Wall Benjamin (X) Pack Jacob (X) Mulberry.

US GENWEB SUBMISSION - SCOTT CO KY WILLS & ADMINASRTATIONS 21 Aug 1822 Order Book C p. 372 Scott Co KYJames Trotter, deceased, John Park granted admn. of estate.

1830 Scott Co KY Census, Elizabeth Trotter Household
1 male 15-20               1 female 10-15                                   1 female 15-20                                   1 female 20-30                                   1 female 50-601830 Scott Co KY Census, George W. Trotter Household1 male 20-30               1 female 0-10                                    1 female 20-301840 Madison Co IN Census George W. Trotter Household [? correct