Family:James Robinson and Jane Unknown (3)

b. abt. 1696 prob. Ireland
b. abt. 1700 prob. Ireland
m. Bef. 1716
Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef. 1716
bef. 16 October 1765 Augusta County, Virginia
bef. 15 November 1768 Augusta County, Virginia
bef. 20 Aug 1776 Augusta County, Virginia

Genealogy Report and Notes for James Robinson and Jane:

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Descendants of James Robinson

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES2 ROBINSON (JAMES1)1 was born Abt. 1700 in prob. Ireland1, and died 1776 in Augusta County, Virginia2. He married JANE ???3 Bef. 1716. She was born Abt. 1700 in prob. Ireland3, and died 17783.

Notes for JAMES ROBINSON: From Chalkley's Augusta County Court Judgements:

FEBRUARY 16, 1748. (76) James Robinson qualifies as admr. of his father, James Robinson, widow and the heir-at-law having refused.

Page 483 - - 11th December, 1770. James Robinson's will, yeoman - - To sons, George and David, plantation (bounded by widow Black's field); to wife, Jane; to oldest son, William; to son, James; to son, Joseph; to son, John; to daughter, Sarah McMullan. Executors, James Cowan, Samuel Hunter. Teste: John Black, John Wilson, Wm. Campbell. Proved, 20th August, 1776, by John Black, and on 18th March, 1777, by Wilson.

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

James ROBESON (AFN:NLB5-7T)    

Born:  About 1700  Place:  , Augusta, Virginia 
Died:  Before 20 1776 Aug  Place:   
Married:    Place:   

Father:  James ROBINSON (AFN:NLB5-4B)    
Mother:  Esther (AFN:NLB5-5H)   

Wife's Name 
Jane (AFN:NLB4-V0)    

Born:  About 1700  Place:  <, Augusta, Virginia> 
Died:  1778  Place:   
Married:    Place:   



1.  Sex  Name  
M  William ROBINSON (AFN:NLB4-W5)    

Born:  About 1716   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

2.  Sex  Name  

Born:  About 1717   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

3.  Sex  Name  
M  Joseph ROBINSON (AFN:NLB4-ZH)    

Born:  About 1718   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

4.  Sex  Name  
F  Sarah ROBINSON (AFN:NLB5-1S)    

Born:  About 1722   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

5. Sex Name

M  John ROBINSON (AFN:NLB5-0M)    

Born:  About 1720   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

6.  Sex  Name  
M  George ROBINSON (AFN:NLB5-20)    

Born:  About 1724   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

7.  Sex  Name  
M  David ROBINSON (AFN:NLB5-35)    

Born:  About 1726   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

Children of JAMES ROBINSON and JANE ??? are: i. WILLIAM3 ROBINSON, COL.3, b. Abt. 1716, Of, Augusta, Virginia3.

Notes for WILLIAM ROBINSON, COL.: From Augusta County, CA records:

FEBRUARY 23, 1762.

(196) Wm. Robinson appointed guardian ad litem for Elizabeth Robinson, orphan of John Robinson, at suit of David Robinson.

AUGUST 20, 1765. (440) New Commission. Francis Gardner and Thos. Bradshaw ask counter security of Rebecca Gardner, administratrix of husband, Thos. Gardner--summoned. Margaret Robinson qualified administratrix of husband, Wm. Robinson.

NOVEMBER 18, 1766. (338) Wm. Robinson built by contract a causeway at Vanse's and died.--Money ordered paid to Margaret, his widow.

NOVEMBER 28, 1771. (307 William Christian, secunty for Margaret Robinson (widow and admx. of husband, Wm Robinson, but since intermarried with Saml. Wood).

Col. William Robinson died 20 September 1742 "The Journal"

ii. JAMES ROBINSON3, b. Abt. 1717, Of Augusta County, Virginia3; m. HANNAH ROBINSON, Abt. 1741; b. Abt. 1724.

Notes for JAMES ROBINSON: From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 203.--18th August, 1767. James Robinson and Hanah ( ) (also written Esebello) to James Wallace (Wallis), £137, 216 acres on Hayes' Creek, part of Borden's tract; corner Walker's land; corner Joseph Culton's land. Teste: John Hays, Jr.; James Moore, Jr.; Andrew Hays, Jr.; James Culton, Jr, Arthur Graham. Delivered: H. (Hugh) Kelso (Kelsey, 30th August, 1758.

Page 152 - - 7th April, 1768. James robinson's will, weaver - - to son, James Robinson, Jr. ; to sons, John and David, 200 Acres on North River; to son, Samuel, 60 acres on North River; to daughters, Rachel, Hanna and Jane. "I give to my dearly beloved wife Hanna, Isabella, Margaret, each 1/3 of the remainder of my estate after the above is paid off." Executors, wife Hanna and James Edmiston Miller. Teste: Saml. Moore, Jas. Welsh, Wm. Napier. Proved, 15th November, 1768, by Moore and Welsh. Edmiston qualifies, with James Trimble and Robt. Thompson.

From post:

Re: John and James Robinson - Augusta Co. VA Posted by: vawimer Date: June 27, 2001 at 20:12:57 In Reply to: John and James Robinson - Augusta Co. VA by James A. Veregge of 9075

We are searching same families, James Robinson came to A 1736, attended Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church. Some of his children baptised by Rev. John Craig. Wife was Hannah. He a weaver. Son was James Robinson, wife,Hannah Robinson,dau John & Sarah.Their son, David Robinson m Elizabeth Kelly. Also Moses Edmondson in business with Henry Jones in Glade Spring, VA.

Notes for HANNAH ROBINSON: Clue to the identitiy of the husband of Hannah Robinson:

Subj: Re: Other Robinson family in Augusta County Date: 12/24/2004 2:11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time From: To: Sent from the Internet (Details)

HATCHER website: HATCHER DNA project: Researching: Cook, Hall, Hatcher, Miller, Shepherd, Timberman "Genealogy without Documentation is Nothing" - Paul Drake


It dawned on me (duh!) a few weeks ago that Rebecca Robinson Hay's sister, Hannah Robinson, married a Robinson (a cousin, perhaps?)

Upon reading your data on the two Hay families of Augusta, VA, it was obvious that my Charles Hay was not directly connected to those families, yet........lingering questions remained in my mind.

The Chalkley Chronicles referred to a James and Hannah Robinson dated 1769. And I have the record from GreenvilleCo, SC where in 1772 James and Hannah Robinson sell land to Jameston Hatcher, bro-in-law of Charles and Rebecca, who are also there in GreenvilleCo.

When I read your 2nd Robinson file, I was looking for a James who could have been Hannah's husband and there it was!!

4. JAMES3 ROBINSON (JAMES2, JAMES1)6 was born Abt. 1717 in Of Augusta County, Virginia6. He married HANNAH ???.

I'd bet the ranch this is Rebecca Robinson Hay's sister, Hannah.

I have no clue yet where Charles Hay met and married Rebecca, nor do I know where his sister, Sarah, married an unknown Bowling before she married Jameston Hatcher, but I really do believe Charles Hay/Rebecca, James Robinson/Hannah, and Sarah Hay/Bolding were in GreenvilleCo, SC in 1772. For many reasons, our research indicates that it was likely that Sarah Hay Bolding's husband died in SC c1775 and shortly thereafter she married Jameston. I believe Sarah and Jameston had not known each other earlier. By 1780 Charles and Jameston were in WashingtonCo, VA/TN. I don't know if James/Hannah returned with them.



iii. JOSEPH ROBINSON3, b. Abt. 1718, Of, Augusta, Virginia3. iv. JOHN ROBINSON3, b. Abt. 1720, Of Augusta County, Virginia3; m. ELIZABETH ???3; b. Abt. 1720, Of Augusta County, Virginia3; d. , Greene, Indiana3.

Notes for JOHN ROBINSON: Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name


Born:  About 1720  Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia 
Married:    Place:   

Father:  James ROBESON (AFN:NLB5-7T)    
Mother:  Jane (AFN:NLB4-V0)   

Wife's Name

Elizabeth (AFN:NLB4-P4)    

Born:  About 1720  Place:  <Of, Augusta, Virginia> 
Died:    Place:  , Greene, Indiana 
Married:    Place:   



1. Sex Name

M  John ROBINSON (AFN:CRD1-56)    

Born:  1760   Place:  , Surry, VA  
Died:  14 May 1823   Place:  , Huntington, Gallia, Ohia  

2. Sex Name

F  Elizabeth ROBINSON (AFN:NLCQ-FB)    

Born:  About 1741   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

3. Sex Name


Born:  About 1743   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

4. Sex Name

M  William ROBINSON (AFN:NLB4-SM)    

Born:  About 1745   Place:  Of, Augusta, Virginia  

v. SARAH ROBINSON3, b. Abt. 1722, Of, Augusta, Virginia3; m. MR. MCMULLAN. vi. GEORGE ROBINSON3, b. Abt. 1724, Of, Augusta, Virginia3.

Notes for GEORGE ROBINSON: From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 272 - - 19th March, 1763. George Robinson's will - - Wife Martha; eldest sons, James and Samuel, to clothe and school all the younger children; younger sons, George and William, infants, to be bound to trades; eldest daughter, Sarah/ daughters, Catherine, Priscilla, Martha, under 18. Executors, wife and sons James and Samuel. Teste: William Preston, Wm. Graham, Jos. Robinson, Jno.Robinson, Francis Graham. Proved 25th June, 1763, by Wm. Preston, Wm. Graham, Joseph Robinson. Executors qualify, with Joseph Robinson, Wm. Graham.

From Augusta County, VA query:

posted by Ralph Rodriguez on Thursday, March 6, 1997

Subject: ROBINSON, William; 1777 Rockbridge Co Marriage to Nancy MCALPINE I am researching my ancestor William ROBINSON born about 1740-50? VA. He married Nancy MCALPINE in Rockbridge 1777. They had a daughter named Rachel ROBINSON who married Judge Alexander LITTLE. Nancy MCALPINE, dau of Robert SR, is listed in my files as Ann Little MCCOPIN/MCALPINE. I wonder how that Little got there? Who was William Robinson? Was he the son of George Robinson and Martha McKay who had a William 1757? Please email ( Ralph Rodriguez 29603 NW 142nd Ave

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Volume I AUGUSTA COUNTY COURT RECORDS. ORDER BOOK No. XVI AUGUST 20, 1776. (114) Administration of estate of George Robinson granted to Jane Robinson

vii. DAVID ROBINSON, COL.3, b. Abt. 1726, Of, Augusta, Virginia3.

Notes for DAVID ROBINSON, COL.: From Augusta County, Va query:

posted by Kay Dorneman on Friday, August 15, 1997

ROBINSON, VAN LEAR, PRESTON, DRAPER BRECKENRIDGE. Searching for Col. David ROBINSON of Augusta Co. and Botetourt Co., VA and his relatives, including my gr-gr-g.f. William ROBINSON who descends from these mid 1700's Van Lear's (I believe Gertrude VanLear) and oral history he's cousins of the Breckenridge's and Preston's. David Robinson: Ltn/Capt./Col was very active in French Indian wars and later died in 1806 Lexington, Fayette County, KY. A relative appears to be Elizabeth Robinson Draper who was kidnapped with Mary Draper Ingles. I believe they are all related somehow to George Robinson, an early pioneer from PA. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


1., Date of Import: Jan 17, 1999. 2. Chalkley, - Augusta County, Virginia Court Abstracts. 3., Date of Import: Jan 17, 1999.