Family:James Cooper and Lucinda Allen (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 25 APR 1833
Census[3] 1850 Harlem Township, Delaware, Ohio
Census[4] 1860 Cain Township, Hillsborough, Fountain, Indiana
Census[5] 1870 Cain Township, Hillsborough, Fountain, Indiana
Census[6] 1880 Cain Township, Fountain, Indiana
31 Mar 1834 Delaware, Ohio
30 Oct 1906
18 AUG 1835 Delaware, Ohio
07 SEP 1836
10 MAR 1837 Delaware, Ohio
10 AUG 1838 Delaware, Ohio
09 DEC 1900
05 JAN 1840 Delaware, Ohio
01 SEP 1935
21 NOV 1928
21 DEC 1842 Delaware, Ohio
09 APR 1863
07 JUL 1844 Delaware, Ohio
11 MAR 1846 Delaware, Ohio
16 OCT 1883
29 AUG 1907
11 FEB 1851 Delaware, Ohio
01 APR 1947
25 SEP 1852 Delaware, Ohio
12 OCT 1944
10 MAR 1856 Fountain, Indiana
06 OCT 1856
21 MAR 1942
1861 Indiana

Article from Our Cooper Family

James Cooper was the first of our ancestors to come to Indiana. This took place in 1854. He was born and grew up in Washington Co. Pa. the son of Moses III and Christiana Young. While there he married Lucinda Allen. Sometime after this they removed to Delaware Co. Ohio where most all of their family was born; in fact all but the last two of them were born there. The last two were born in Indiana. There were two stories of how they came to Indiana. The first, being that they came by covered wagon and the second one was that he came first with part of the family and she came at a later date with the rest of the family, by train to Crawfordsville and he came to Crawfordsville and picked them up and took them to their new home in Fountain Co.

They settled in Cain Twp. on what is now the Epperson Farm. There is a small clearing down the road from that farm where it is my understanding that a Cooper reunion was held for many years. I have never been there but I understand that it was very well attended. Now to get to the information on this family: As I stated before, James was born in Washington Co. Pa. on October 29, 1811. He and Lucinda were married April 25, 1833. She was born in Greene Co. Pa. December 16, 1815 the daughter of Ambrose I. and Elizabeth Syphers Allen. There will be more on them in Chapter 11. It will be a very short chapter, only their immediate family, Lucinda's brothers and sisters. James passed away August 2, 1893 and Lucinda passed away July 21, 1902 and they were laid to rest side by side in Spring Hill or the old Matthias Bever Cemetery, which is east of Hillsboro.

I visited this cemetery last summer to get some pictures of markers for my sister Eileen's book as her biological Father's ancestors are also buried there. The Davis Family; also fits into the Cooper family as they are the descendants of Elizabeth Cooper Peters, who was a sister to our Great Grandfather "Cary Cooper".

This family will all be completed in this chapter along with the rest of James and Lucinda's other fifteen children. This is why I stated before that this will be the longest chapter in this book. I just hope I can get it all done by Christmas.

The children of James and Lucinda
1. Lemuel Leroy Cooper was born March 31, 1834 in Delaware Co. Ohio and passed away October 30, 1906 on July 25, 1860 in Fountain Co. he married Nancy A. Bever. She was born September 9, 1831 and passed away January 29, 1916. They are buried in Waynetown Masonic.

2. Melissa Cooper was born August 18, 1835 in Del. Co. and passed away September 7, 1836 and it is my understanding that she died on a visit back to Pennsylvania and was buried there.

3. Elizabeth Cooper was born March 10, 1837 and died September 30, 1919 and on May 10, 1855 she married William Peters who was born August 4, 1833 and died January 14, 1914. They are buried in Narka, Kansas.

4. John Harrison Cooper was born August 10, 1838 and died December 9, 1900 and in 1865 he married Sarah Elizabeth Keller who was born January 6, 1845 and passed away August 14, 1927 He is one of the five children that served in the Civil War. They are buried in Olive Branch Cemetery, Lawrence Co, Ill.

5. Joel Allen Cooper was born January 5, 1840 and passed away September 1, 1935 on October 14, 1861 he married Mary Samantha Huffman and second he married Blanche M. Dye. Mary was born September 15, 1838 and passed away January 1, 1866 and was buried in Scotts Prairie Cemetery. He and Blanche were married February 21, 1890. She was born April 10, 1851 and died March 6, 1922. They are buried in Oakland, Ill.

6. David Frazee Cooper was born May 27, 1841 and died November 21, 1928. On February 25, 1869 he married Mary Ruth Ellis, who was born May 6, 1842 and passed away November 21, 1923 and they are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery at Hillsboro

7. Marion H. Cooper was born December 21, 1842 in Delaware Co, Ohio and died April 9, 1863 in the Civil War and was laid to rest in the National Cemetery at Murfreesboro, Tenn.

8. Joanna Cooper was born July 7, 1844 and died May 8, 1918 and on January 2, 1865 she married George W. Bever, who was born in 1837 and passed away in 1936. They are buried in Girard, Kansas

9. James Henry Cooper was born March 11, 1846 and passed away October 16, 1883 and on November 11, 1866 he married Nancy Jane "Etta" Shoemaker. She was born December 26, 1846 and died October 17, 1885. They are also buried in Girard, Kansas.

10. Cary Cooper was born September 11, 1847 and passed away March 26, 1929 and on January 27, 1868 he married Cynthia Ann Baily Cartwright. She was born November 10, 1846 and passed away April 3, 1929. As this is my Great Grandfather their family will be done separate in Chapter 11 of this book.

11. Austin Mann Cooper was born March 15, 1849 and passed away August 29, 1907 and on October 2, 1872 he married Mary Jane Glascock. She was born April 15, 1852 and died April 21, 1919. they are buried in Rockfield Cemetery near Veedersburg.

12. Miles Cooper was February 11, 1851 and passed away April 1 , 1947. 0n February 11, 1875 he married Lillie A. Nicholson, who was born February 28, 1851 and passed away October 22, 1923. They are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery at Hillsboro.

13. Nathan Bateson Cooper was born September 25, 1852 and passed away April 30, 1917 and on September 28, 1873 he married Mara Etta Kelley, who was born August 16, 1855 and passed away January 6, 1939. They are buried in Pawnee cemetery at Abeline, Kansas.

14. Jacob Preston Cooper was born March 25, 1854 and passed away October 12, 1944 and on December 24, 1879 he married Elizabeth Glascock. Jacob was but a baby when they came here and was the last of the children born in Ohio. Elizabeth was born May 18, 1860 and passed away October 3, 1945 and they are buried in Rose Hill also.

15. Benjamin Cooper was born in Fountain Co. In on March 10, 1856 and passed away October 6, 1856. I have never found his burial place, but I'm sure it was probably somewhere around their home and the records of the old cemeteries in Fountain Co. have never been kept too well.

16. Lucinda Rosetta Cooper was born July 20, 1860 and died March 21, 1942 and on September 28, 1942 she married James M. Donelson who was born February 24, 1854 and passed away September 24 in either 1940 or 1941. They are buried in Wesley Cemetery.

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