Family:Jacob Perkins and Elizabeth Unknown (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Bef 1649 First child born
4 Dec 1718

Source:Perkins, George Augustus. Family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Mass, Part III, p. 5, says that Jacob Perkins married Elizabeth --- and "we are left in ignorance of her surname ... In Part I of this book it was hinted that her father's name might have been Whipple [Part I, p. 18, footnote: "possibly the daughter of Matthew Whipple"], but further search shows it to be a mistake [no further elaboration given, presumably based on following] ... Thomas Lovell ... mentions in his will a 'daughter Elizabeth Perkins'".

The will of Thomas Lovell was dated 1707 and does mention a daughter Elizabeth Perkins apparently (Source:Crane, Ellery Bicknell. Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County Massachusetts, p. 2:251), but it cannot be the same Elizabeth Perkins. Thomas gave a deposition in 1695 where he said he was 74 (Source:TAG, p. 73:25), making his birth about 1621. Thus he could not be the father of a daughter who had a child by 1649.

Source:Jacobus, Donald Lines. Granberry Family and Allied Families, p. 127 and 293, says Jacob Perkins married Elizabeth Whipple, d/o Family:Matthew Whipple and Anne Hawkins (1). They married in 1622 and could be the parents of a daughter who had a child in 1649. However, Jacobus actually cites two sources that say Elizabeth Lovell, and the only source he cites that says Elizabeth Whipple, Source:Holman, Mary Lovering. Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury, p. 133, gives no evidence to support the assertion.

Source:Whipple, Henry Burdette. Partial List of the Descendants of Matthew Whipple, the Elder, of Bocking, Essex County, England, Vol. 2, p. 12, says that Elizabeth Whipple married Jacob Perkins "according to Mrs. Mary Lovering Holman". Matthew Whipple's will of 7 May 1645 simply mentions daughter Elizabeth, but it is possible she was not married at the time.

So, it seems there is no real evidence. It should be noted that Jacob and Elizabeth Perkins had a son named Matthew.